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Perhaps "Not-So-Magic Stamina Spray" would be a more fitting title...

Hey, you! Are you looking for a liquid that will make pretty much any surface on your body go entirely numb? Numb, as in no feeling at all? Then, have I got something for you!
Small, easy to carry and conceal, good for beginners to anal.
A new numbing solution would be nice, so it doesn't remove all feeling.
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So, after coming back to this site after a 9-month hiatus, I tried to find a product to review that would be pleasing to both sides of the couple involved in sexual acts. After spending quite a bit of time looking for products, I finally chose this one.

The Magic Stamina Spray comes in a simple spray bottle, with instructions printed on the side. After looking through the ingredients to make sure everything was alright, we finally settled in for a nice, long session. However, although I will admit that any session with this spray administered beforehand will certainly be longer, that doesn't necessarily mean it will be more enjoyable.

I will recommend one point of advice to get the most pleasure possible out of this spray. There is a recommended "waiting time" between applying the spray to the male penis and when said penis should be inserted. The "recommended" waiting time is about two minutes short of how long it really takes. During the first experience with this spray, we applied it, waited the recommended amount of time, then began sexual intercourse, only to discover that it hadn't dried all the way beforehand, and began desensitizing the interior of the vagina. (And, for those looking for a substance that will do that, it appears that there are no exceptionally harmful chemicals in this, just a little alcohol to make it numb, so it seems safe enough for vaginal use.)

But, during the consecutive times using this spray, we waited a bit longer for it to set in completely on the penis before intercourse. I will say that, after four or five uses of this stamina spray, I do not believe I will ever properly adjust to the sensation of knowing that I'm inside someone, but not being able to feel it. Literally, this spray will knock ALL the sensation out of the penis. If this is what you're looking for, you'll be very satisfied with this product. If not, there is only one other use that I would say might be worth purchasing this product for.

Trying to test out this spray in as many ways as possible, I decided that it should probably be tested anally, but not for the purpose of making it last longer. Cassie is very hesitant about anal sex, since she finds it very painful and uncomfortable. However, she was able to be convinced to try out an administration of the stamina spray to the interior of the anus, along with some healthy lubrication, before insertion. Apparently, this causes the interior walls of the anus to go completely numb, but has no effect on the vaginal walls, so it turns anal sex from a slightly uncomfortable experience into a slightly pleasurable one -- because of the pressure put through the anal wall into the vagina, which can clearly feel it.
Overall, my experience with the Stamina Spray was lackluster. It's a liquid that can make any surface of skin go numb for a period of one hour. Although I can see how some people might like to use this to prolong the act of sexual intercourse, I will warn them once again, that it eliminates almost all sensation from the act itself.
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  • Victoria
    Yikes...I would not suggest using this - or anything - to numb the anus. If anal penetration is painful, your body is letting you know that it is not ready. Numbing agents are dangerous, they mask warnings like discomfort and pain. Always use them with caution. Thanks for the review.
  • Epiphora
    Ugh, this sounds horrible. Why have sex if you can't feel it?
  • Bulma
    Benzocaine USP is what creates the numbing effect. You didn't say how liberally you were applying this either, that makes a HUGE difference in how strong the numbing effect is. It's already been said, but numbing for anal sex is dangerous and shouldn't even be done.
    "Cassie is very hesitant about anal sex, since she finds it very painful and uncomfortable. However, she was able to be convinced to try out an administration of the stamina spray to the interior of the anus, along with some healthy lubrication, before insertion." I'm sorry, but this really gives me a bad feeling in my stomach when I read it.
  • Free
    Great review!
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • fletchy
    Epiphora, you are absolutely right!
  • angel142stx
    Thanks for the review
  • reysgirl83
    nice review!
  • Jon S
    ty for reviewing
  • ichwillwaffels
    Thanks for the review!
  • Kdlips
    Thanks for the review!
  • Undead
    I agree, I wouldn't use this anally....
  • ViVix
    It's hard to write a great review for a bad product, but I think you did a good job!
  • Cat E.
    Very nice review.
  • Blooddragon
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