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While the dangerous idea of having sex with a "hot" coworker while your "hot" wife is away is an exciting one, in a porno plot, it's just cheesy and overrated. Especially if neither your wife nor your coworker actually are hot...nor you, for that matter. This might be some sort of fantasy according to guys, but in the movie, it's portrayed terribly and I can't say I recommend this DVD to anyone.

I think this is a good porn flick for a couple new to porn who aren't turned off by a soap opera-ish storyline.

This is an overall average production, everything is not great but it's ok. There is a part during the movie where you hear a helicopter in the background; and I personally don't think it belongs there. Other then that the sex is rather vanilla and plain, there's not much variety, and seems forced in some spots. I'd give it 4 stars but because of the helicopter it gets 3 from me.

Fatal Seduction is a passable adaptation of Fatal Attraction but lacks the punch of the original. The sex is ho hum and the plot is weak. So much could have been done with this movie it is just a shame it just seems to miss the mark.

Fatal Seduction is a porn version of Fatal Attraction. The story line is all there, though nothing can match the original. The sex scenes are ok, nothing special, no kink of any kind other than the taboo of adultery.

Fatal Seduction had such great potential with both the plot and the actors, but several missteps simply doom the film. Although the story is captivating and includes three established, exciting porn actors, it also stars Amy Fisher, an obvious amateur who desperately needs some coaching and more experience. The dramatic storyline and the performances from the more seasoned actors are the only saving grace.

There are several good things to bring up when discussing this film, you can talk about the good acting, or the great story, or how it is like watching a mainstream film. As with almost everything there are downsides that can be argued, with this film you have bad angles during the sex scenes, and lack of ANY bonus materials. Even with the negatives you may find yourself coming back for more Fatal Attraction!

In my own personal experience, this movie gets put into the "maybe its better when I'm drunk" pile. I did not like it. I like to think that I don't have high expectations when it comes to porn, but starting to think that maybe I do. I just did not like how the lighting was not up to par, and the camera angles were awkward sometimes.

This movie was just meh for me. I thought there was too much acting for my porn taste. I missed the moaning of porn and I couldn't believe some of the sex scenes were really "doing it" for all parties involved. Bad lighting and low sound quality just made it worse. I just want more sex in my porn so this movie was a disappointment.

The plot isn't bad for porn and the dialog is well written. Acting is hit-or-miss, but they're all clearly excited to be having sex with each other.

If you are looking for a soft core porn that is more like a movie then you will like this DVD. It has a great plot, good actors, and good acting. Though the sex scenes could use some spicing up, the DVD overall was interesting to watch.

Fatal Seduction falls a little flat in our book. If you are new to porn or want to watch natural, intimate, real sex, this is for you. If you want a little fantasys and some hotness for you viewing pleasure....this film leaves a bit to be desired.

Overall I believe that this is a good addition to your collection. Not outstanding but for the price it offers enough to make it a good buy, plus it has Evan Stone naked.

This isn't the worst porn I have ever seen. But I can't say that it's the best either. The acting is okay, it needs a little bit of work. I don't like how it's more story than actually porn.

If you like stalker porn than Fatal Attraction is for you. Jump into the world of Anna as she chases Don. When she fails she goes after the most important thing in his life, his wife.

It's not the best, but it's certainly not the worst porno I've ever seen. I enjoyed how nothing was contrived and I did want to move things to the bedroom once I overlooked the casting choice. It's a little over 2 hours long with 4 distinct sex scenes and is mostly hetero with no anal scenes, spitting or ass to mouth so in regards to that it's almost worth watching regardless of how long or repetitive it may seem at times.

Fatal seduction should be an edge of your seat type film staring the gorgeous Katsuni, Amy Fisher, Evan Stone and Xander Corvus. Instead, it is more likely to send you off to sleep. *Spoiler Alert*

All and all a pretty decent porn. If your wife/girlfriend likes drama and/or daytime television, but is hesitant to watch porn with you, I would give this one a try.

This takeoff of the movie Fatal Attraction has one excellent sex scene, but only one. The male star, Evan, is quite hot in this movie. Even though the sex after the first scene isn't as good, the violence and craziness that was not enjoyable in Fatal Attraction, is thankfully missing in this movie.

Fatal Seduction is one of the better produced DVDs of late. The audio and video seem well balanced, although some of the camera angles are odd. Easily one of the more viewable of the DVDs that I have seen lately, both all the way through and from a chapter perspective.

This movie has concreted the fact that I will never purchase a movie from the makers of this porn, the sound, the angles, and the unattractive cast are something that I do NOT want to see again.

If you're unconvinced by other pornos that true passionate sex between porn stars exists, you'll be pleasantly surprised by Fatal Seduction. Much better acting and real, romantic sex highlights this film. A true story develops here and has you biting your nails, wondering what the crazy mistress stalker will do next to get back at the married man who's turned her down after one night of porking.

If you enjoy real sex instead of porno-style sex scenes, you'll love this movie. If you like psychological thrillers that leave you on the edge of your seat, you may enjoy this one, as well. The amazing acting and great story are executed really well considering that this is actually a porn. However, if you like reall hardcore porn, you might want to keep looking. Overall, this is a worthwhile watch.

If you loved the original Fatal Attraction, Amy Fisher, or a good thriller with your porn, you will like this. It definitely was not what I was expecting, it was not terrible.

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