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Fatally Flawed

Fatal Seduction is a passable adaptation of Fatal Attraction but lacks the punch of the original. The sex is ho hum and the plot is weak. So much could have been done with this movie it is just a shame it just seems to miss the mark.
Lovely ladies, Evan Stone is Evan Stone!
Acting is off center, sex feels soft core
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The opportunity to see the real Amy Fisher in action, so to speak? I had to check it out! The packaging was the best part of the movie for me. It promised a suspenseful, heart gripping ride into fatal seduction. In reality it played out like a cheap story in any porn rag. There was zero chemistry between Evan Stone and any of the women. I am at a loss to say where the failure lies but it was clear that it was all as fake as could be.

Anyhow here's the plot synopsis, such as it is: The beautiful Katsuni is packing for a trip. She is a musician and is going to be gone for a week or so. Evan Stone is there hovering around and the conversation is stilted and odd. It seems Evan has forgotten a dress Katsuni needs for her concert. They patch things up and after a dutiful embrace she leaves and Evan goes to work.

At the office Mark Wood introduces Evan to Amy Fisher who is there to interview him. She butters him up, down and sideways and he tells her a sob story of how he worked his way up from nothing. A drink is suggested and they both head out. There is an awkward attempt at some flirting that is actually painful to watch. I got the feeling Ms. Fisher kept forgetting her lines or was going for a dramatic pause that didn't work for her. Halfway through the 'seduction' Evan looked bored or puzzled just before he realized the camera was on him. At any rate he is seduced and they have painful to watch awkward sex. I kept noticing Amy was looking over in the distance like she was looking for instruction...

Evan returns home to a message from Katsuni and he calls her back. They have a normal married folk conversation about anniversaries and he hides his 'guilt' over cheating very well. The scene fades to Evan working at home. He gets a phone call from Amy and is surprised to learn she has his home phone number. He begins to have a small bit of fear at this point but she soothes him by saying she knows he's home alone and was wondering if he would like to come over for some dinner. He accepts and bounces over to her house where he fucks her every which way he can think of before they settle down in her bed to talk. He gets upset when she admits she wants more than a fling and the conversation gets intense....or should have gotten intense but Any Fisher is no Glen Close and the 'anger' comes across as petulant temper tantrum rather than psychotic rage. She cries and begs forgiveness but Even is properly freaked out. When he returns from washing up she has apparently downed a bottle of pills. Evan calls for an ambulance but leaves before it arrives. Amy reveals that she never took the pills.

Evan returns home and sets things to look as though he has been at home eating the carefully prepared meals left by Katsuni...he messes up the bed and jumps into the shower. Kind of a departure from the norm of porn that the GUY is in the shower scene but welcome at least by this reviewer.

Amy tries one more tactic by showing up in Evan's office and asking for another chance. Evan refuses and they hug before she leaves. She returns some time later, possibly days later but the movie is unclear about the time line. Apparently she is pregnant but Evan is uninterested in being a daddy. He offers to pay for an abortion!

Evan comes home to find Amy talking to Katsuni. Amy returns to the house while Evan is at work and seduces Katsuni into a tryst. Evan tries one more time to resolve the issue with Amy but she drops a bomb on him by telling him she is no longer hooked on him and has had an abortion. He returns home to his loving wife and they have a vanilla encounter made special by Katsuni's loveliness. The end of the movie is weird and jarring as the phone keeps ringing and the caller keeps hanging up...

The sex scenes in this movie came across as less than hardcore and looked like the director was going for cinematic value. Otherwise, the camera work was pretty damn good when all is said and sifted. I am critical of the acting but that could be because I love the original Fatal Attraction. Evan was believable but the other ladies were not so much. This is a passable adaptation in my book and worth a look see.
Follow-up commentary
Ok so I tried to be nice and see the hard work (pun not intended) that went into making this movie. Heck I tried to see what Mr. Buttafuoco actually saw in Amy Fisher. In the end all I can say is UGH this is a really bad movie. It doesn't even have star quality to give it a shove into mediocrity. This is one real turkey of a movie.
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