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What? No Dead Rabbit??

If you loved the original Fatal Attraction, Amy Fisher, or a good thriller with your porn, you will like this. It definitely was not what I was expecting, it was not terrible.
No annoying moaning, Scene 4
Some scenes seemed forced, poor acting and lack of chemistry
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If you are a fan of Fatal Attraction, you won’t be sorry with this rendition. This is a Sweet Sinema production written and directed by Nica Noelle and has a running time of 140 minutes.

Front Cover:
The front cover features Evan Stone hugging Amy Fisher from behind and cupping a bra-covered breast.

Back Cover:
Features 11 snapshots from the movie and a plot summary.

Disc Menu:
-Scene Selection

Movie Introduction:
The movie begins with Katsuni and Evan Stone, in their bedroom, with Katsuni packing for a business trip. Evan heads off to work (he designs highrises) where journalist Amy Fisher is waiting to interview him for an article she is writing. The two go out for drinks at a bar to discuss the article.

Scene 1. (Anna) Amy Fisher (yes, the real Joey Buttafuoco, Long Island Lolita, Amy Fisher!) and Evan Stone
Things get steamy and the two leave the bar and engage in oral in a stairwell. They move to a bed and have modified missionary (ankles on his shoulders), cowgirl and more regular missionary. He cums on her pussy, then pins her knees back and fucks her some more, before he falls asleep.

Poor Evan! She looked so bored, uninterested, or maybe it was nervousness; nevertheless, it was a difficult scene to watch.

The scene transitions to Evan returning home to his wife’s phone call and settles into a bit of work, before Amy calls and insists he needs a dinner break. After the dinner scene, you see Amy and Even lying spent on the bed again. He tells her there is no way their one or two night stand will go anywhere, since he is married. She tells him to, “Get the fuck out” and then proceeds to freak out in Glenn Close fashion and fakes swallowing a bottle of pills to get his attention. Realizing the true error of his ways, he goes home and he attempts to make it look as though he’s been there every night before his wife comes home.

Amy Fisher is waiting for Evan when he gets to work the next day. She tells him the attraction to him is intense and she asks for a last hug, before he shows her out the door. Again, he is beginning to see how wacked-out she really is. Once she leaves, he tells his secretary to never let her in again.

Scene 2. Amy Fisher & Xander Corvus
Amy tosses her birth control in the trash just before Xander arrives. She tells him she wants to feel him come deep inside of her and not to worry because she is on the pill. He goes down on her and fingers her while he sucks her clit. You will see missionary PIV sex, spooning, about 20 seconds of a hand/blowjob (pathetic attempt really), cowgirl, more missionary and he finally comes in her.

The scene transitions to Amy back in Evan’s office. She tells him that she is pregnant and she won’t have an abortion. Amy tells him that she wants him in the child’s life and she’ll be in touch as she is walking out the door. He goes home to find his wife chatting it up with Amy in their living room. Amy returns the next day to talk to Katsuni and take photos to accompany her article.

Scene 3. Katsuni & (Anna) Amy Fisher
The two lose their inhibitions over a bottle of wine. Amy tells her she can ease her tension, that she was a masseuse before she became a journalist. She begins massaging her neck and the two end up kissing and move things to the bedroom. The two undress each other and Amy goes down on Katsuni. (The entire time Amy was sucking her clit, I was worried she was going to finger her too. Amy fingernails had to be 2” long. Thank goodness for Katsuni, she did not!) Katsuni returns to favor and finger bangs her sucks her off until she cums.

Every time Amy kisses, she looks as though she might swallow Katsuni’s entire face – again difficult to watch.

The scene transitions to Katsuni receiving a bouquet of roses from Amy.

Evan calls Amy to his office where she tells him she had the abortion and is seeing someone new. He is relieved and goes home to screw his wife.
Continued from above

Scene 4. Evan Stone & Katsuni
Evan gives her a good rimming before giving it to her in via spooning, and doggy. She gives him a fabulous blowjob/handjob, before climbing on top of him for a bit of cowgirl action. He tosses her on her back for some missionary, before coming all over her belly. He ends the scene by giving her oral while finger fucking her and finds a second wind and fucks her some more before telling her he loves her.

The scene transitions to Evan in the shower overhearing a phone conversation between his wife and Amy. Katsuni tells her she can’t talk now and hangs up, but clearly feels guilty. Evan joins his wife in the bed and the phone rings again. Both have startled looks on their faces.

…and the credits roll.

My Take:
I really appreciated the Fatal Attraction-gone-porn perspective. Amy Fisher does a nice job of pulling off the Glenn Close crazy act. This is only her 6th movie, I believe. Her acting certainly improved as the movie went along, but the first scene seemed extremely forced. The rest of the cast was incredible. I usually do not care for girl-on-girl scenes; this one was not terrible. Scene 4 was my favorite. I loved the positioning and they mixed it up a lot. Some of it could have been a scene straight from our bedroom on occasion. The typical porn moaning and annoying dialog was not found in this film and that was refreshing! I was surprised I liked this movie as much as I did, but I am not sure I am a fan of Amy Fisher(she seemed bored in the first 2 scenes). The jury is still out on that one, maybe I need to see more. Not a bad flick overall; I’d have given it 4 stars if not for the first 2 scenes.
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  • Contributor: Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
    That scene where Anna and Don meet was kinda creepy and cheesy, eh? Haha. I'm sorry this one didn't strike your fancy as much as it did mine.
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    Thanks for the great review.
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    Great review. Thanks.
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    Great review!
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