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Fatal Seduction Killed My Libido

Fatal Seduction had such great potential with both the plot and the actors, but several missteps simply doom the film. Although the story is captivating and includes three established, exciting porn actors, it also stars Amy Fisher, an obvious amateur who desperately needs some coaching and more experience. The dramatic storyline and the performances from the more seasoned actors are the only saving grace.
Suspenseful plot,
Evan Stone,
Xander Corvus
Poor chemistry between actors,
Sex scenes lack variety,
Amy Fisher
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What do you do when you’re a successful architect and your beautiful wife goes out of town? Let your dick do the thinking and have an affair of course, after all this is porn. Not everything goes as planned and your one night stand decides to stalk you and make your life miserable. Fatal Seduction, a film inspired by the classic movie Fatal Attraction, offers an interesting and captivating storyline, although the same cannot be said for the porn scenes. This film is both written and directed by Nica Noelle, and it is the story that held our interest while viewing, not the sex. This movie features only four actors: Amy Fisher (yes, of Joey Buttafuoco infamy), Katsuni, Evan Stone, and Xander Corvus. The characters they play are multifaceted and the acting is decent if unremarkable, except when it comes to the sex scenes.

Renee (Katsuni), a concert pianist, leaves town to perform in NY. While away, her husband Don (Evan Stone) is interviewed for a magazine article by Anna (Amy Fisher). Anna suggests they finish the interview over drinks and while at the bar flirts and comes onto him. Being that he has a penis, Don simply cannot help himself and they conclude the “interview” at her place. The scene initially has some variety with each performing oral, PIV from behind and while on their sides (you can actually see his ass), cowgirl and missionary. For the second half of the scene, he is on top and stays there. After twenty minutes, he comes on her pussy, but then re-enters her and keeps thrusting. The scene ends tenderly with lots of kissing.

In the morning Don awakens in her bed and heads home to call his wife, obviously feeling guilty. While working at home that evening, a call from Anna easily persuades him to join her for dinner. The dinner scene fades and we see the two back in bed. Don tells her “this” can’t be a regular thing. This angers Anna who first asks him to leave, then suddenly changes her mood and clings to him. He attempts to leave but is pulled back into her web of deceit as she fakes an overdose of pills.

The following day, Anna stops by Don’s office to apologize for her behavior before saying goodbye. As she leaves, Don instructs his secretary to never let her in again. Cut to his home where he and Renee are hosting a dinner party. Anna calls his cell phone repeatedly, which he ignores, then calls the home phone. Renee answers the phone but is met only with silence. The scene shifts to Anna’s bedroom with her eying an empty panel of birth control pills. Her boyfriend (Xander Corvus) enters the room. We are almost an hour into the movie, and this is the second sex scene. He begins with oral and finger fucking, and then moves to missionary. She performs oral and then enters him while on top briefly. He returns to missionary for the remainder of the scene and comes inside of her after seventeen minutes of sex. Xander Corvus fans will enjoy this scene as you get to see a lot of his ass, something not often scene in mainstream porn.

The story continues with Anna returning to Don’s office who is clearly not happy to see her. She informs him she is pregnant, and he is definitely not happy and tells her to take care of it. He wants her out of his life but she isn’t having any of it and storms out. Upon returning home from work, Don is horrified to find Renee and Anna talking. Anna has stopped by to interview his wife for her article. While they engage in girl talk over wine, Don disappears and Anna offers to massage Renee’s tense shoulders. She kisses her neck, then her lips, and they move upstairs to the bedroom. The scene begins with a lot of kissing and Anna giving Renee oral. Basically it’s twenty-three minutes of girl on girl, and Katsuni is a very fine actress. Fortunately, she is doing most of the work here so the scene is bearable to watch.
The scene changes back to the home when the doorbell rings. Renee answers it and receives flowers, with a note from Anna telling her she can’t stop thinking about her. Renee is obviously uncomfortable as she lies to her husband about the flowers. Back at Don’s office, Anna stops by per his request and tells him the abortion is done. Relieved, he returns home in a great mood and frisky. And so begins foreplay to the final, and best, sex scene. Katsuni and Evan Stone are very believable as husband and wife and have great chemistry. This scene feels intimate and sensual as the two engage in oral and PIV. After a long period in missionary, Don comes on Renee’s belly, but the scene is not over. For a few more minutes, Don kisses his wife’s belly and lips, playing with his come, and gives her oral again. For a total of twenty minutes, the sex is inspiring.

The three sex scenes featuring Amy Fisher were difficult to watch. She comes across as an amateur and her performance is a lesson in what not to do in porn. She is awkward in each of her scenes and clearly relies on the professionals to take the lead in each one. In her first scene, she barely utters a sound word and might as well have been an inflatable sex doll. In her next scene, she clearly takes a different approach and doesn’t stop talking. Perhaps she got some coaching tips? She goes so far as to give Xander some commands, although she does not come across as a convincing dome. In her third scene, which is girl on girl, she seems uncomfortable and the scene is again awkward to watch. There is a lack of chemistry between Amy and the other actors, as well as a lack of flow between scenes. The sex scenes are vanilla and lack variety. The majority of scenes prominently feature missionary where little is visible except for the man's back and ass. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but some variety of angles would have improved the quality.

Fatal Seduction might be recommended if you’re interested in an okay story with decent acting, and are a fan of the classic movie Fatal Attraction. Because this movie contains a lot of dialogue, it results in many scene changes that don’t always flow well from one to the other. Watching Amy Fisher doing porn is just painful, and unfortunately the acting, the story, and final sex scene are not strong enough to make up for the uninspiring, vanilla sex in the first three scenes. Overall, as a regular movie it’s decent but as porn it fails on many levels. It may be bearable if you fast forward past the scenes with Amy Fisher, or better yet, just rent the original Fatal Attraction.
Follow-up commentary
This has to be one of my least favorite selections for Porn Club. So much went wrong with this production that I can't honestly imagine I'd ever watch it again except for a "What NOT to do in porn" lesson.
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    Glad I did not get this one, not sure if I could have wrote the review. lol
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    This was a hard one to watch and write the review for.
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  • leatherlover
    This seems to be a common theme with this movie. Not disappointed that I missed this one.
  • Ansley
    The scene with Katsuni was exceptionally painful to watch. Thanks for taking one for the team!
  • Kindred
    You're welcome!
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    Great review!
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