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On the edge of my seat! And turned on!

If you enjoy real sex instead of porno-style sex scenes, you'll love this movie. If you like psychological thrillers that leave you on the edge of your seat, you may enjoy this one, as well. The amazing acting and great story are executed really well considering that this is actually a porn. However, if you like reall hardcore porn, you might want to keep looking. Overall, this is a worthwhile watch.
Great story line, amazing acting for a porn, keeps you on your toes, "real" sex scenes.
Ending seemed a little hurried, sex scenes are lacking in originality.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

The DVD comes in a case with a cardboard sleeve around it. When I first got a good look at it, I wasn't too impressed. It looks like a cheap, cheesy porno movie with a "story line", but I was surprised that it wasn't.

Title Menu:

You'll be greeted with some suspenseful music. It really sets the tone for the entire movie.

The title menu has a couple of different things to select from. You can choose "Play", which will play the entire movie. "Scenes" will take you to a list of the different sexy scenes in the movie. Each has a little preview so you can easily find "that scene where the girl and the other girl were doing that thing." The last option is for a slideshow. The slideshow will show you stills of the sexy scenes in the movie. I enjoy these features quite a bit because I don't have to skip through the movie to get straight to the good parts.

Plot: ★★★★☆

Don (Evan Stone) is a successful man. He is married to Renee (Katsuni) who is a very talented pianist (even though the package summary says she's a violinist). She leaves for the weekend to play a concert. That's when Don meets Anna (Amy Fisher). She comes to inverview him for a magazine, but it's apparent that the two of them have some chemistry. With his wife gone, he falls victim to Anna's devastatingly good looks and charm. Anna knows how to get what she wants and she's willing to do whatever it takes to get it. She and Don have a one night stand, but it doesn't end there. Anna becomes obsessed with him and won't let him ignore her. She pulls some outrageous stunts like faking a pregnancy (or actually getting pregnant by her lover played by Xander Corvus) to make sure he doesn't blow her off. Anna decides to shift her affection from Don to his wife and ends up doing something very similar to her.

Acting: ★★★★☆

Amy Fisher did a great job portraying Anna's character. You could really get a feel for her personality and how manipulative she could be. Like in the movie Fatal Attraction, Amy seems to have Borderline Personality Disorder characteristics which can be hard to portray so that they come off as something other than insanity. She uses wonderful body language and shifts in her tone of voice. At times, she acts very feminine and helpless, at others, she's a manipulative seductress, and at others, she's very professional. Considering she's a porn actress and not a "real actress", she did an amazing job. Evan Stone pulled off the creeped out business man very well. Katsuni portrays Renee as a fairly quiet and shy type. Xander Corvus doesn't have a pretty big part, but I was impressed with his acting, as well (and his hotness, too).

Scenes: ★★★☆☆

I was surpised by how basic the scenes were in this movie. They all follow the standard "cunnilingus, fellatio, vaginal sex in ordinary positions" format for about 30 minutes each. There's no ejaculation scenes, no anal, and nothing too exciting to even note. On the other hand, there's no overly exaggerated moaning like most non-story porn (except for the scene where Amy Fisher is faking it for the story line). It's pretty much X-rated soft-core. Here's what you get:

Evan Stone and Amy Fisher
Amy Fisher and Xander Corvus (my favorite)
Evan Stone and Katsuni
Amy Fisher and Katsuni

I would normally sit here and describe each one, but they're all pretty much the same. I wasn't impressed by them. The only one that's a little different and that's the scene between Amy Fisher and Katsuni. Basically, it follows the same format as the above mentioned one, but the lesbian variation, "fingering, cunnilingus, switch, scissoring." There's no frills, no toys, nothing worth noting. I did, however, enjoy how natural the scenes looked. The way that they're shot does imply that this is real sex with real chemistry. The camera angles don't put everything all in your face and leave you feeling that they're truly genuine. There are scenes that show a lot of closeness. There's lots of passionate kissing and close missionary in all but the girl-girl scene. I really like how they each matched the mood of what was going on instead of being straight normal porn. They skip the money shots, but show you the cuddling afterwards. It looks a lot more like real people having sex than it does porn.
I was really glad that this movie took some time to actually set up a story before it jumped right into the sex scenes. It really helped to give it a lot of a foundation and put it on a different level from all those other pornos that have a "story line". It seemed really solid and I enjoyed watching it. Each scene is about 30 minutes long with the entire movie being 2 hours and 20 minutes long.

There are a couple of scenes in the movie that aren't sexual (like the one where Don is going through the fridge) that are a little weird, but I really enjoyed it overall. It really helped to bring out the character's personalities. I was honestly really impressed with this movie. It surpassed all of my expectations and kept my attention. Even though the ending seems hurried and kinda leaves you hanging, it's still a worthwhile experience.
Follow-up commentary
I might watch this one day if I'm in the mood for story porn. I actually did enjoy it, but not as much as I enjoy normal porn. I haven't watched it since the review, actually, and it's been collecting dust in my closet. It is one of the better stories I've seen in porn, though.
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  • Contributor: Redboxbaby
    I totally agree with your "real sex" take on this flick. I said the same things myself...it doesn't really feel like porn at all.
  • Contributor: Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
    I like this a whole lot more than the other one and I really loved how genuine it was. The production company seems to be all about real sex. I like that.
  • Contributor: leatherlover
    No money shots? Well that's a change for once. Thanks for the great review.
  • Contributor: Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    Sounds interesting! I really get tired of how choreographed most porn looks today. Great review!
  • Contributor: Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
    Thanks for the great feedback, everyone! I was nervous about my first porn review.
  • Contributor: indiglo
    This actually sounds like one I would like. I prefer real looking sex, so I sometimes have trouble finding porn that does anything for me. A decent storyline/plot to boot? This actually sounds like a winner! Thanks for the great review! You were able to explain it well with no spoilers.
  • Contributor: travelnurse
    Thanks for the info
  • Contributor: LadyDarknezz
    Thanks for this review! I usually hate porn because I can never find anything that does anything for me. I like porn to appear real and I hate the blatant money shots, etc. This definitely sounds like MY kind of porn! I will definitely add this to the wishlist! Thank you so much for helping find a porn video that may just work for me!
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