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Like a night at the movies!

There are several good things to bring up when discussing this film, you can talk about the good acting, or the great story, or how it is like watching a mainstream film. As with almost everything there are downsides that can be argued, with this film you have bad angles during the sex scenes, and lack of ANY bonus materials. Even with the negatives you may find yourself coming back for more Fatal Attraction!
Good Story and very theatrical!
Bad sex angles!
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover features Evan Stone and Amy Fisher in a passionate embrace behind what appears to be a broken car window. The films title stands out and fits the suspenseful theme of the film.

The back cover features a nice summary of the film as well as several pornographic pictures.

The design of both sides was good and fit the theme very well.

The menus are very simple to navigate; there are no clutter or bonus features to get in the way.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film opens up with Katsuni packing up for a trip, while Evan talks on a phone. The two get into slight argument about Evan not picking up the dry cleaning. Katsuni needs the black dress that Evan was supposed to pick up for her piano concert. The two settle the argument and she continues to prepare. After Evan kisses his wife goodbye he finishes getting ready for his interview and departs to his office.

At Evan’s office, Mark (Wood) introduces him to Amy (Fisher). Amy conducts an interview where she mostly strokes Evan’s ego. After Evan tells his rags to riches story the two head out for a drink. While drinking the two flirt with each other and to get more acquainted the two by kissing and rubbing up against each other in a hotel room, this quickly turns into a blow job, before the two awkwardly stumble to the bed. Here the two have vaginal sex before Evan blows his load over Amy’s exposed vagina. Maybe Evan’s character does not realize that in real life this is a good way to get a chick pregnant, and he probably would not want that.

Back at his awesome home, Evan sees that he has a message. The message is from his wife Katsuni. Evan calls her back and she answers on the first ring, she must have jumped on the phone like it was a grenade. The two have a normal conversation which leads them to talk about anniversaries (Yeah the conversation you want after you have an affair).

While working on a project at home, Evan’s phone rings, he gets up and answers it. On the other end is Amy, and Evan is surprised that she has his home phone number. Amy invites Evan over for dinner and a little “snack” (that’s sex to those of you who may be lost!). Evan goes over, eats, screws then the two lay in bed and talk like schoolgirls. The schoolgirl after sex chatter evaporates when Evan discovers that Amy wants more than he. After she kicks him out, she begins crying and begs him not to leave. Evan is a little freaked out. Evan goes into the wash room and when he returns he finds an empty bottle of pills, he calls the ambulance. After Evan leaves she leans up revealing the missing pills (apparently the ambulance never came…).

Back at his house, Evan begins throwing away the pre-made meals his wife had made for him. Evan attempts to make it look as if he ate the meals and slept in his bed. Then we get to see Evan shower! (I am a little sarcastic here, but I am sure some will love to see it.)

The next day when Evan goes into work he finds Amy waiting for him. She apologizes and asks him again if they can be together, Evan says no, and the two hug before she departs. Once she is gone, Evan calls his secretary and tells her to not allow Amy back in the office.

Later Evan and Katsuni share a dinner with friends. The friends seem to enjoy themselves. The party is interrupted when Evan’s cell phone begins ringing, Evan ignores the call, and the phone rings again shortly after. Both calls are coming from Amy. Moments later the home phone rings and Katsuni answers, the person quickly hangs up.

The next scene shows Amy throwing away her birth control pills. Days later a man arrives at her house with the intentions of having sex. Amy tells the guy that she does not want to use a condom. The guy ( who must not be the brightest bulb) is stoked. The two have oral and vaginal sex with the guy cuming inside of her.

Days later Amy sits out side of Evan’s office. The secretary tells her that Evan is in a meeting and he will be in a meeting all day. Amy tells her that she will wait. Evan walks out of his office and finds her. Evan allows her into the office where she tells Evan that she is pregnant. Evan tells her that he will pay for the abortion, and she tells him she is not interested.

When Evan returns home he finds Amy interviewing Katsuni. Amy is obviously trying to get on Evan’s nerves. Katsuni seems to think highly of Amy.

The next day Amy arrives at Katsuni’s home when Evan is out. Katsuni answers the door, and the two share some wine and conversation. Katsuni feels that Evan is too stressed lately. She says she gets so tense after her piano sessions, and the super nice Amy offers here a massage. The massage turns intimate and the two get down on a bed in another room. This scene features oral, fingering, as well as tribbing.

Later Katsuni receives a dozen roses. Attached to the card says “Can’t stop thinking about you”.

Evan calls Amy into his office, there he tells her he wants to resolve the situation, but she cuts him off and tells him that she has already had an abortion. Her affections have shifted from even to Katsuni.

With the threat of Amy no longer looming, Evan goes home and has an intimate encounter of his own with his wife Katsuni. The two have oral and vaginal sex. After they finish, Evan takes a shower. The phone rings and Katsuni answers it and hangs up. Evan enters the room and the phone rings again, the caller keeps hanging up and calling again. The credits roll to end the film.

Camera/Picture Quality & Sound:
The camera quality was stellar; the camera angles were equally good in the dialogue/theatrical parts of the film. The angles in the sex scenes were less than stellar, the director shows to keep the theatrical angles during sex which gave the scenes more of a theatrical softcore feeling, however made the scenes feel more organic.

Personal Comments:
The story was very good, with some decent acting, with a few exceptions here and there. The plot was well thought out and a very good adaptation of the original “Fatal Attraction” to an adult film. That being said I am not digging these sex scene camera angles. They succeeded in making the sex more theatrical and feel more organic and natural but it lacked in a hardcore aspect (which may be good for some).

Evan was great, Evan is always great. The guy gets up in the morning and drinks greatness. In this film Evan proved that he could play a serious role (so to speak) rather than the funny guy. I won’t lie I wish they would have put less of a lesh on Evan, because this guy is a comedic genius.

Amy Fisher did a great job; I would say that she did great. I hated her, or rather her character, and that means she succeeded in her role.

Something to me seemed off with Katsuni (who I like a lot). She did alright with the spoken dialogue (love her French accent), but something seemed off, even with her sexual scenes. I can’t put my finger on any specific thing, I just think this was not her best performance. Katsuni is a doll and awesome so I think her next film will be great. It is possible that I am being overcritical of her since I dig her so much.

All in all I am giving this film a four star rating.
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