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Fatal seduction should be an edge of your seat type film staring the gorgeous Katsuni, Amy Fisher, Evan Stone and Xander Corvus. Instead, it is more likely to send you off to sleep. *Spoiler Alert*
Katsuni is hot.
Scenes are long, bad kissing, bad acting, no variety in scenes.
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Fatal Seduction should be, according to the cover and trailer, an eerie tale of lust, love, and possibly someone being shot and living to tell the tale.. oh wait. That was Amy Fisher's real life story. My bad.

This movie features Katsuni, Amy Fisher, Evan Stone and Xander Corvus. Brought to us by Sweet Sinema and directed by Nica Noelle. There are no special features to the film at all. The menus are only Play, Scene Selection, and Slideshow.

The film starts with Renee (Katsuni) and Don (Evan Stone), a married couple. Renee is packing to go on tour for a week. She has left her husband a weeks worth of meals like any lovely wife would. While packing, Don gets a phone call about having someone come to his office the next day to interview him for an article.

After seeing his wife off with a quick kiss at the door, Don goes to work where he meets the woman that will be doing the interview, Anna (Amy Fisher). (Funny enough, Amy Fisher was a columnist for a short period of time after her incident with the Buttafuoco’s.) After a bizarre and almost awkward gaze, the 2 go to his office. They talk too long and she suggests finishing this at a bar over a drink. The 2 flirt and drink, then decide it would be a good idea to take this back to Anna's place to release the sexual tension they both have. This first sex scene is long and features a lot of really bad kissing, a quick oral scene in a staircase, various vaginal sex in a bed, and for once, no cum shot.

They cuddle for a moment and Don gets up to leave. This is where Anna's obsession starts. She asks him to stay or at least call her. He says he will try and leaves. He comes home to a message on the machine from his wife. She assumes he was at work late and wants him to call back. After giving Renee a call, Don gets some work done. As he works away,(somewhere in here it has turned to the next day) the phone rings. It is Anna. She somehow has his home number. She entices him with homemade spaghetti sauce and her as desert, after all, his wife is gone.

Pan to Don and Anna basking in the afterglow, and this is where her true colors are revealed. She likes him a lot, she wants more of him, and she feels used. He explains that he is married and this cannot be a regular thing and she tells him to get out. She quickly goes from raging mad to a sniffling mess begging him not to leave. She fakes ODing on some pills to make him stay.

By morning she is fine, of course because the pills are under her pillow, and Don heads home. He tosses 2 days worth of meals in the garbage, messes up the bed, making it look like he has been home. (Yes, 2 days. I guess that a week is 2 days in pornland.) In walks Renee and he is thrilled to have her home. I guess he thinks that means this mess he has gotten himself into is over.

Anna shows up at the office some time later to apologize and after she leaves, Don tells his secretary not to let her back in. Pan to a dinner party at Don and Renee's home. Everyone is enjoying their meal and talking when Don's phone keeps ringing. He ignores it, knowing it is Anna, so she tries the house line. Renee answers it but there is dead air on the other side. Anna did not get what she wanted, so she is on to plan B and she tosses out her birth control pills.

Anna calls over her friend with benefits, Xander, now I think that his name is John. I found it funny that it sounds so close to Don and I wondered if maybe that was what she was saying. Nevertheless, he had sex with her, without a condom, without being mad about being called another name, so John it is. This scene showed a decent amount of cunnilingus, vaginal penetration in various positions, a quick flash of a blow job and of course, he came in her as she requested because he thinks she is on the pill.

Sometime in the near future, Anna is pregnant, of course, but her plan is to tell Don it is his. She goes to his office to tell him and her plan backfires. He tells her to abort and tells her he will give her whatever money she wants for her 'pain and suffering'. Not the response she was looking for so she storms out.
(Continued from above)

Don comes home to Anna talking to Renee, and he is mad. He blames his being mad on his hatred for the press. Anna claimed to be there to ask her a few questions for the article she is writing on Don. Anna comes back the next day when Don is at work, claiming she had a few more things to ask. They end up talking over wine and off the record about Don and Renee's relationship and how she is so tense from playing (piano). Luckily, Anna was a masseuse before she started writing and she starts to work the knots out of Renee's back. The massage leads to more bad kissing, rubbing, touching, taking turns pleasing each other, and grinding.

“Ding Dong” someone is at the door! Is it a woman with a gun? No, it is just flowers for Renee from Anna. She tells Don they are from someone else to celebrate their 7 year anniversary. Anna shows up at Don office to talk about the abortion, how it is done and that she is seeing someone else. Little does he know, it is his wife.

Don heads home to Renee where he wants to make love. This long scene features oral sex for both, various vaginal penetration, he shoots his load mid scene on her belly and keeps on going. After they finish, Don heads to the shower. The phone rings and Renee answers telling Anna it is not a good time. She hangs up and it rings again and… Fade to black.


Personally, this movie was a bore. I was left wanting more. More sex, more crazy in the story line, something, anything. These softer, couples type films are just not my bag. That is not to say that some people might like them, just for me, its a no go. The sound was a bit low I found, I had to turn my TV way up in order to hear what they were saying. Although the picture was pretty good, the camera work was lacking in some areas where the scene was blocked by a head, too much hair, or a leg.
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  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the great review, I think I will pass. But at least they avoided one cum shot!
  • Airen Wolf
    This one was a snore fest....not terribly sexy at all. It's a shame really, the premise of the movie could have made for a sizzling porn!
  • Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
  • Chris15461
    ty for the review
  • tinadice
    Thanks for the review
  • tinadice
    Thanks for the review
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