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Edit: Merely Creepy Seduction

If you're unconvinced by other pornos that true passionate sex between porn stars exists, you'll be pleasantly surprised by Fatal Seduction. Much better acting and real, romantic sex highlights this film. A true story develops here and has you biting your nails, wondering what the crazy mistress stalker will do next to get back at the married man who's turned her down after one night of porking.
More plot, better acting, and more passionate sex than any porn I've seen
Acting still needs work, bad lighting, production quality of a low-end soap opera
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Sweet Sinema pops out a unique film with Fatal Seduction. Acting is more convincing than most porns I've seen, although still not top quality. Sex is engaging, romantic and passionate. And get this - there's actually a full blown plot! It's almost like watching a regular movie, but instead of skipping the sex scenes or showing the PG-13 version, you get the real deal, no holds barred.

Katsuni and Evan Stone open up this piece, whose intro is reminiscent of soap operas. They're having the usual working husband/working wife bored business-like conversation. She's leaving town for the weekend, he's on the phone with clients while she's trying to say goodbye. Her acting is great, and she's hot to boot. Her thick accent (is it French?) makes it even hotter. Really, she's the best actress in adult films that I've ever seen.

At the office, Amy Fisher shows up looking to interview the handsome, successful architect, Evan. She keeps saying how interesting he is, and how she has 'done her homework,' meaning she's been researching to get her hands on all the information about his life that she can. This reporter is serious about her job.

The chemistry between the two is like wildfire, one could even say they fall in love at first sight. They wind up at dinner together on the pretense of continuing the interview, and things get so steamy there that Evan decides to take advantage of his wife's absence.

They burst through her apartment door and the camera doesn't give us a chance to catch our balance, or get a sense of our surroundings. It's a suggestion of a setting and hands and tongues flying, moaning. It's pretty hot. Upon first glance of Amy Fisher, I was not impressed, aesthetically. But with her great acting and endearing affection toward Evan I, too began to fall in love with her.

They wind up on her bed and go at it for a good 20 minutes. He's on top nearly the entire time, and alot of the sex is predictable and repetitive. It's passionate, however, and reminds me of couples who've been together for a while. He cradles her head in his hand and she kisses his shoulder. They really seem caring and intimate, and it's quite beautiful. Until he starts coming and the porno man/gorilla grunts are brought to the forefront. They relax into a lover's repose.

When Evan has to leave, Amy gets clingy, and he is obviously uncomfortable. He insists on leaving to finish work. This is the first scene where we get an inkling (cue creepy music) that something is awry with this girl. She becomes a bit possessive, and insists he see her again, ASAP.

The mistress calls him the next evening and insists he take a break and come over for a homemade dinner. Reluctantly, he pulls himself away from his piles of work to be with her. Here we enter a montage of a scene of the two at dinner, narrated only by the characteristic classical music played throughout the movie.
After dinner, they wind up in bed again. Evan tries to tell her this can't go further, he's married. She gets so upset with him and tells him to leave. As he prepares to, the creepy music kicks in again, and we see her begin to fake-cry. She screams at him not to go and begins to weep. He agrees, goes to the bathroom to wash his face, visibly anxious. When he returns, she's tricks him by presenting him with an empty bottle of pills, claiming she's taken them to end her life.

He becomes incredibly distraught and calls poison control. He stays with her and nurtures her until he must leave, ensuring before he does that she's okay.

Evan returns home and tries to shake her very scent off his skin, and cover his tracks just before his wife gets home.

I won't spoil the rest of the plot for you, but let me say you'll be on the edge of your seat! You're treated to a pretty hot lesbian scene, some major manipulation and scheming, and a cliff-hanger ending.

The actors were not quite the typical porn stars, and I appreciated that. Both women had fairly natural bodies. I do believe they both had implants, however, they were a tasteful size. Katsuni even had pubic hair, which excited me, as it's something you almost never seen in modern porns. I am an advocate for pubic hair! Evan and Amy both did not initially woo me, but I grew to love their characters and found them attractive via their acting and personalities.

The music narrating the film kept me in the scenes, although it did get repetitive. The classical music played throughout was a nod to Katsuni, Evan's successful pianist wife.

The production quality left a bit to be desired, and is best described as soap-opera-quality. The lighting was harsh at points; too uniform, fluorescent and unflattering during sex scenes. At other times it appears an attempt to use only natural light indoors failed, as no light fell on the actor at all. A bit of work on Sweet Sinema's part would be appreciated. If an extra camera was added to catch multiple angles of the scenes, as well as close-ups of the action, it would greatly improve the quality. Some important transitions and action shots are missed due to the camera focusing elsewhere.

I completely appreciated the plot here, which hooked me in. All in all, the plot-to-sex-scene ratio was about 50/50, compared to many porns that attempt a storyline, and end up more with a 15/85 at best.

While passionate, the sex was overall a bit boring. There was no anal, no BDSM, no toys, no dirty talk really, and always took place on a bed. The actors appeared to have genuine chemistry in bed however, and seemed to really be into it. The title, 'Fatal Seduction' is misleading, as there is nary an attempt nor a threat to anyone's life in this movie, simply destruction of a marriage, as well as the blackmail of slander. I kept waiting for a knife to be pulled out from a thigh-high, but was left with blue ovaries.
Follow-up commentary
I ended up giving this to a friend, as it's not something I'll watch again. Granted, I'm very picky when it comes to porn, and this was pretty mainstream, which is not my cup of tea. It was a bit too male-dominated, and the lighting was so soap-opera chintsy.

Still, some folks might really be into it. If you like soap operas, and/or straight porn, this is probably a good buy for you.
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    Good review seems to vanilla for me however.
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    Great review! This doesn't sound quite up my alley, but it's good to hear that the performers have chemistry. That is so important.
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    @namelesschaos. too vanilla for me too!
    @miss voluptuous. yes, definitely important to see good acting, and chemistry adds to that so much. i wish we had more lesbian porn... this isn't my taste either.

    @robotry. thanks so much! glad you enjoy them.
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  • whitknee
    omg i absolutely adore this review!
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