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Not so fatal seduction

This takeoff of the movie Fatal Attraction has one excellent sex scene, but only one. The male star, Evan, is quite hot in this movie. Even though the sex after the first scene isn't as good, the violence and craziness that was not enjoyable in Fatal Attraction, is thankfully missing in this movie.
Excellent first sex scene, not violent
audio problems with women in the first scenes, loud women, only one arousing sex scene
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This movie is a porn adaptation of the popular movie Fatal Attraction where Glenn Close plays a character who has a brief fling with a married man, then stalks and eventually tries violent methods to stay in his life. Fortunately this movie leaves the violence out. Most of the crazy of Glenn Close's character is missing too, which is also a relief.

The sets were perfect for this movie. There were some audio problems with the female characters in the first scenes, but these are resolved by mid-movie.

Evan Stone, the lead male, has never looked better than in this movie. The female lead is played by Amy Fisher, Long Island Lolita herself, now with enhanced breasts and lips.

The movie begins with Don Adams (Evan Stone), the busy businessman on the phone as his wife, Renee (Katsuni) packs for a weekend trip. Next Anna Faulkner (Amy Fisher) interviews Don for a magazine article. The interview is ridiculously brief, after which they go out for drinks. Neither of these women speak very loudly. It's a strain to hear what either one of them is saying.

As soon as Anna's clothes come off though, we can hear her loud and clear. Their scene seems natural. Even though she's louder than I like, she doesn't give the impression that she's faking her pleasure, which is the impression I get from most female porn stars. He takes a breather and gives her oral halfway through, then continues, this time with him on top. He finishes on her pussy, then re-enters her for a few more minutes. What a man. I could just feel throughout this entire scene what a spectacular lover Evan must be in real life. He is so enthusiastic. This was by far the best sex scene in the movie. It's one I might actually watch again, which is a rare statement from me.

The next morning, Don dresses to go home and work and Anna plays the understanding mistress. In Fatal Attraction, Glenn Close was much more clingy and upset when the male lead first left. Next we see him working away with many pieces of crumpled paper to indicate that he's been at it for a long time. Anna calls him again and invites him over for dinner. We see a fast forward version of their dinner as music is played. Switch to them in bed after having had sex again. They begin arguing about the fact that she expected that she would be seeing him regularly, which is clearly not his plan. Anna at first seems to lack the fire and craziness of Glenn Close's character, but as Don dresses, she begs him not to go, throws her arms around him and cries. She takes a bottle of pills in a dramatic suicide attempt. The movie moves at double speed as we see Don call poison control. When Don leaves, we see that she didn't actually take any pills. The faker.

To prepare for his wife's return, we see Don arrange the house to look like he's been home the whole time. He then takes a shower, which is distressingly brief. So sexy. So hot. But it only lasts for a few seconds. Damn. It was the sexiest part of the whole movie.

Anna stops by his office to apologize for her behavior. Ominous music plays during this visit. Don orders his secretary not to let Anna into the office again.

At a dinner party at Don's house, the crazy continues as Anna begins calling his cell phone and house repeatedly.

Anna invites a man (Xander Corvus) over for sex with a plan of becoming pregnant. He begins by giving her oral. She moans, but her moans are mis-timed. Her first moan happens when his mouth and fingers haven't been on her for several seconds. The use a wide variety of positions. Her breasts do not move no matter what she does.

She returns to Don's office to tell him she's pregnant and is keeping it. He assures her that he wants nothing to do with her, baby or not. When he arrives home, he finds Anna interviewing his wife. She leaves and during Don's brief chat with his wife I half expected to see Anna looking in at them through their picture window.
Anna returns again for follow up quesions. The wife confesses to Anna that her husband seems stressed and preoccupied lately. Amy offers her a massage. The wife instantly relaxes and begins breathing like she's having sex. Less than a minute after the massage starts, the obligatory girl-girl scene begins. No toys are used in this scene. Renee has the annoying habit of thrusting her hips continuously. There is plenty of oral and fingering for both as well as lots of kissing and scissoring.

Anna's next interactions with Don make little sense and seem out of character as she appears to make 180 degree turns in her emotions and strategy regarding him.

Back home, Don declares his love for his wife and their sex scene begins. He gives her oral, a rim job, a finger job, then enters her. He keeps his hand on her neck through part of this scene. They take a break so he can receive oral, then she's on top. He finishes on her abdomen then gives her more oral. He then enters her again. I found this scene uninspiring.

As sexy Evan is back in the shower, Anna calls again, leaving us to wonder how much longer her presence in their life will continue.

The only extras are a slideshow of promo pics of the women.
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  • Contributor: ToyTimeTim
    Sound kind of meh. Glad I got Stepmother instead, it has Nina in it after all.
    Great review hun.
  • Contributor: I'll Miss You EF :(
    This was me and my boyfriend's favorite out of the two, but they both weren't great. Thanks for the awesome review.
  • Contributor: Ansley
    I am so dreading having to write the review for this. Thanks for doing such a thorough job!
  • Contributor: Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
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