Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit - molding kit by Empire Labs - reviews

Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit

Molding kit by Empire Labs

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Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit reviews

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15 reviews

The Clone a willy is a fun product, but not really worth the money spent. It is confusing and overwhelming to work with. I wouldn't go out of my way to re-do this project. And dear god, please make sure you have a place that the penis original can have this done to him without worrying about someone walking in. The middle of the kitchen is NOT a good place! Even if you personally checked and all the kids were asleep before you started.

The ONLY reason I am giving it 4 stars is because it's hard to make. But this is one of the best purchases I have done.

Add the glow powder and stir. Stir for 2 minutes. Pour the mixture in the mold, fill to about 1 inch below the top. Use cardboard and push the vibrator in until only the cap sticks out one end. Insert into your mold. Let it go in until it hits the tube. Make sure that the battery cover is not inserted into the rubber. You must insert the vibrator to fill it. Let it set for 24 hours, check to make sure that it is fully cured. Remove from the mold, Remove the cardboard and cut any bumps off.

I love the concept of this product, why wouldn't you want to clone a dick you're familiar with and already know you like. I just think the materials for this product could have been better. I recommend you give it a try and have some fun!

It's worth the money if you are tired of using random dildos that feel nothing like what your man feels like.

I love my willy. My partner loves my willy. But I travel. What to do? Make a second 'me' for when I'm on the road! The Clone-a-willy kit is a perfect alternative for 'the real thing' when your thing can't be there. If anything, it's better than the real thing, since I don't glow in the dark!

The odds of the clone-a-willy product turning out for you goes up the more you consider yourself a perfectionist. You must read and reread the directions, follow them to a T, ensure water temperature is EXACT, work with time constraints, etc. Sounds hectic, but the product is SO WORTH IT!

Though the end result was a tiny bit disappointing, the experience of creating it was fantastic. If you go into this expecting a fantastic, high-powered sex toy you will be disappointed, but if you recognize it for what it is, you will love it. Be wary of the exposed vibrator, and make sure to follow the directions. If you do those things, you will have great results.

This is like a science experiment from hell! I'm just glad I wasn't being graded! Also having a willing lab rat was nice, but he didn't appreciate his ensuing genital haircut due to the mess that was created!

Despite the fact that my husband and I weren't successful in our first attempt, the Clone-A-Willy kit was something we enjoyed attempting. It is definitely a project you want to do with another and is fun no matter the outcome!

When only your partners dick will do, Clone a Willy is at your service. It is fun kit that is just as much a science experiment as it is great fun for your sex life. Be ready to work, play and have a day of laughs with Clone a Willy. When you are done with your creation, you have a copy of your chosen cock to keep forever!

When it came to cloning his willy, we lost the race against the clock and our experiment failed. If you work well under pressure, read the instructions several times and are prepared to throw your money down the drain, Clone a Willy just might work for you. Just go into it realistically.

This is a great idea and would have loved to have accomplished my goal of an exact replica of my cock for my wife to play with but, unfortunately that didn't happen! My cocks timer and the molding compounds timer were not in sync for this science experiment. Better luck next time! Maybe???????

If I had this to buy over again I probably wouldn't. If you really want to make a Clone-a-willy I would suggest getting two or three for trial and error and picking up a nicer vibe to put in it as well. It was a nifty Idea but it went oh-so wrong for me.

Having completed it, my wife and I had to anxiously wait for 24 hours for the rubber to cure. The next morning, we were eager to find out the result. I cut the mold open and there it was: my own erect penis, made of rubber.

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