Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit - molding kit by Empire Labs - review by Lynx Lady

Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit review

If I had this to buy over again I probably wouldn't. If you really want to make a Clone-a-willy I would suggest getting two or three for trial and error and picking up a nicer vibe to put in it as well. It was a nifty Idea but it went oh-so wrong for me.
Glow-in-the-dark! Replica of your favorite cock.
Messy, difficult to perform the steps rapidly enough, weak vibe, an overall let down.
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extremely useful review
When I saw these kits in local sex shops while I was single I giggled at them, but after I had been in my current long distance relationship for a while I could imagine the appeal of a vibrator in the exact same form as my man's penis. I talked him into modeling for me and decided on the glow in the dark version|Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit because I get girl-boners for all things glowing or flashy. The idea of being penetrated by a glowing, vibrating version of his cock made me squirm. I had some trouble tracking down the kit locally as I didn't have time before my next visit with him to have something shipped. Once I finally found it the Clone-a-willy kit was tucked away patiently into my luggage.

Near the end of our vacation, after more urgent matters had been handled, I remembered the kit. Now, I was using this kit in a hotel bathroom so perhaps if I had been in my own kitchen it would have been easier. Also, I wouldn't suggest using any nice kitchen things to mix the rubber, I'm sure it could be peeled off but I ended up throwing everything I had picked up at a dollar store to make it out still caked in rubber. I had no trouble warming the water to the right temperature, but even though I rushed to get it thoroughly mixed and ready for him it still stiffened too quickly for the mold to turn out right. I ended up with a flattened spot on one side where his cock got pressed against the side of the tube by the thickening gel. It only took a few minutes to be able to remove the mold and leave it to set fully, but I think perhaps we should have let it set longer to be sure. After a few hours of hotel TV I came back and checked it and it seemed set enough for the rubber. I mixed the rubber mixture and carefully filled the mold, setting the vibrator in it's cardboard holder into the center of the rubber and leaving it overnight to cure. I was concerned about giving the rubber enough time to cure, as we had to check out of our room and fly home the next day, but in the morning the rubber was set enough to remove the mold and reveal my new toy. The spilled bits of gel and rubber were actually pretty easy to clean up, for the rubber I just turned off the lights to see where it had dripped.

The rubber cured quite hard and the surface was covered with rough patches and pocks from bubbles in the rubber. The vibrator was a simple on/off switch that was quite weak and the texture of the toy made it painful to make any attempt at using it. The visual of a clone of his cock is quite nice, but the toy itself can't be used. During cleaning after one of my attempts to use it, despite my caution water got into the battery housing and corroded the contacts so it no longer works.

If I was going to try it again I would get a few kits and do it in my home kitchen, mix the gel as quickly as possible and rubber as slowly as possible to prevent bubbles, and buy a different cheap vibe to use in it. But honestly, I don't think I will try it again.
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  • Viv
    have you tried using it with a condom? (since it's rubber, really should anyway)

    that might reduce the texture issues.
  • Essin' Em
    Haha Saurou, that was totally going to be my suggestion too. Condom and lube!

    Lynx - Sorry it didn't work out so well...but at the very least, did you have fun giving it a go?
  • Sounds let a like down! But Em asked the right question, was the process fun even if the results were disappointing?
  • Lynx Lady
    It was entertaining... if frustrating after the fact.  Gave me a nice little mad scientist feeling mixing it up, and we went on foraging trips to the dollar stores near the hotel with a list of things to bring back.  Which was especially amusing going with some of the people we were visiting with and leaving them guessing at what we were making...  And it certainly didn't bring down the rest of the vacation a bit.
  • That sucks that you can't actually use it. That's kinda the point eh?
  • Cock Wrangler
    Nice decoration for the bedroom, then, at least?
  • CookieMonster
    ...or a nice paper weight.       As long as the whole experience was fun during the making is all that would really matter to me as well. If you really wanted to thought you can research plaster molds and silicone mixtures then make your own at home. I've heard of people doing this with much better results. When you make your own mold you can also clone your outer vagina as well for your partner.
  • Jimbo Jones
    I've heard of a lot of mixed experiences with these things. They seem pretty tricky at first. It's almost like they should sell them in two packs because it seems like everyone has problems with the first one. Thanks for the review!
  • Dame Demi
    I bought one of these for a male partner.  I haven't reviewed it because I wasn't there for the actual casting process, but it was a perfect replica--just about 2" too short!  (which kind of defeated the purpose with this particular gentleman!)  Sorry you didn't have a better experience. :(

  • Nashville
    I almost bought one of these... I'm glad I found this review again to save myself the trouble.
  • Britt&Daniel
    thanks for the review
  • melianofvalinor9
    I'm glad you reviewed this to let us know where to be cautious when using the kit because I still want to try it since like you I love all things that glow
  • ShadowKitten
    good review.
  • Seth912
    Great review. Thanks.
  • pleasurehunter
    thanks still undecided though XD
  • Forever17
    well thanks for the review so many different reviewers and opinions .
  • my name
  • Rory
    Nice review!! Thanks!!
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