Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit - molding kit by Empire Labs - review by Adriana Ravenlust

A real flop!

When it came to cloning his willy, we lost the race against the clock and our experiment failed. If you work well under pressure, read the instructions several times and are prepared to throw your money down the drain, Clone a Willy just might work for you. Just go into it realistically.
Fun concept, glow in the dark, fairly easy, works for everyone, self contained package with vibrator
Pricey, it may not work, tube not protective, time constraint, must use the poor vibe, porous rubber
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I had never really gave much thought to this until last week when I jokingly told me husband we should clone his cock because he would be going away for several months. I was more than surprised when he agreed and we headed down to the local sex shop but it had every version of the Clone a Willy Kit but the one I wanted (the original, I suppose it is). I eventually wound up making the purchase online.

I knew what to expect when we bought the Clone a Willy kit. For many people, it didn't work. For those who did succeed, it was more novelty than function. I was still willing to take the risk but shopped around and bought the glow in the dark Clone-a-Willy at the absolute cheapest price I could find it. Although I was hopeful, I wasn't going to go into this risk blindly.

It arrived quickly and I tore into it. Most of us are familiar with the Clone A Willy tube which servers both for packaging and the cloning. It really doesn't waste a lot of extra material which is good. On the other hand, it also doesn't protect the goods inside very well. Right away, I noticed a crack in the jar of liquid rubber and some had spilled into the tube. The result of this was that the jar itself became stuck and we had to wrestle with it to remove it.

Besides the liquid rubber, the tube also contained molding powder, a thermometer, liquid skin (a flesh like colour), a mixing stick, glow in the dark powder, and a small vibrator. I had initially chosen this because it glows in the dark so I was a bit surprised that there was an included vibrator. It was a dinky little thing which runs on 1 AA and I knew I would likely not use it. However, the instructions say that the dildo may not be solid if the vibrator isn't used so I wasn't going to test my luck in an already risky situation.

The kit includes two parts. In the first, you create the mold which starts by cutting the tube to size, coating the edges with tape. Next, mix the molding powder with water (exactly 98 degrees, hence the thermometer), pour it in the tube, slid it his penis and let the mold solidify around it. You have two minutes to mix and insert his penis so start the clock immediately when you start mixing. The instructions suggest that as around 1:30 you will insert the penis.

It doesn't sound that difficult but racing against the clock is never easy, despite the fact that I made sure to read the directions multiple times and had my workplace set up. I found this process to be much like another which I hate: cooking. I like forgiving recipes and nothing about the Clone a Willy is forgiving. It's very exact and you only have one chance. As you can probably guess, we lost our change and never got beyond step one, exactly the risk I which worried me.

Had we succeeded, we would have carefully removed his penis, let the mold solidify for a couple of hours then set to work on creating the actual penis. This means mixing the liquids skin and rubber as well as the glow in the dark powder and pouring it into the mold. The instructions say to fill the tube until about an inch from the top, then to use a piece of cardboard with an "X" cut into it over the top of the hole to center and insert the vibrator. After 24 hours, the vibrating, glow in the dark willy is complete and you have a rubber dildo just like your partner's (except more porous so condom use is recommended).

I was definitely disappointed that we did not get to the next step, which definitely seemed easier. Upon browsing the Clone a Willy site, I see they provide both extra molding mixes should you mess up as well as Novice Kits which include 2 molding mixes from the start. Had I known this, I might have purchased a refill of mold powder instead of just tossing everything in the trash.

I have to say, I was a bit more disappointed than I would have liked. Sure, I have other toys which do the trick just fine, but I was looking forward to having this little piece of my husband while we cannot be together and the Clone-a-Willy was a real let down. I can only recommend this to buyers if they are aware of the risks and can afford to part with $30 - $60 on a product which may not work.
The Clone A Willy sat for several days until we finally decided to use it. My husband was eager to help and lost his jeans and boxers. I quickly brought him to attention with my hands and mouth and measured off the tube. However, cutting and taping took longer than I would expect and he was having some trouble keeping that erection.

The instructions suggest a cock ring which we didn't use because the ones I had on hand weren't the best. If you have a quality cock ring which is not bulky, I would definitely recommend using it. It might also help to have some porn on in the background.

Still, I went ahead. I set my microwave as my timer and mixed away. However, it wasn't well mixed by the 30 second mark (which the instructions say) and it was nearly 2 minutes by the time I had the mixture into the tube itself. Because it's not a thin mixture, it doesn't pour quickly or easily and I had to do a lot of bowl scraping. I also think the mold was setting earlier than 2 minutes so I would not expect to stir this thoroughly. Just fold the mixture in on itself a few times then dump it in the tube as fast as you can.

I turned around to see my husband, not erect at all. Despite my best and most eager efforts to use my mouth to remedy the situation (well, it was remedied), the mold has already started to solidify before we could insert his penis and he was only able to make a small indentation with the head of his cock.

In hindsight, it's not as easy to perform on demand as it is when there is no pressure and this definitely was part of the problem. It was also more awkward than fun, which didn't help him maintain his erection. A thought we had later was that it might have worked better if we did it immediately in the morning. I'm sure we all know how persistent morning wood can be!

I would also recommend to anyone who tries it, to make sure all involved parties read the instructions. I took the wheel and had read them many times so I knew about the time constraints but he was not as aware. It might also have worked better for him to cut the tube and mix the mold while I lavished attention on his hard working member to ensure we didn't run into the same problem.

In the end, I tossed everything. Luckily, clean up was easy. I had used a glass mixing bowl and plastic spoon for the mold mix and it was able to easily peel the mold from the sides of the bowl and wash the rest of the residue off.
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  • K101
    Aw I hate that this didn't work out especially given the price. Sounds fun, but I'll take your advice and NOT even risk it! lol I'd end up in the same situation you guys were in lol. Loved the extended and detailed review and really loved that you were kind enough to include your honest experience with it.
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    Great review. Thanks.
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    What a bummer. My man is leaving for a few months too so I thought this would be fun, but not at that price!
  • Tbanda
    Thank you!
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    good review, not sure about this product.
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    Thanks for the review, it's a shame it didn't work.
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    I so want to do this kit but dont want to mess it up
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    such apain, isn't it?! argh!
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