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Clone-a-willy kit review

We were both pleased and impressed with the wonderful quality of the finished product. I think this would be an excellent gift for any couple, if only for the fun of making a nifty personalized toy. I was so happy with our results that I wanted to show everyone how great his clone came out!
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I have to confess...I have long had a "clone" fantasy. I mean many, many times I made my poor partner swear that he would totally be cool with me having sex with his clone if such a sci-fi wonder could ever occur. I have also made him swear that he would have sex with said clone if ever created. I also made him swear that I could have sex with my own individual clone, our clones could have sex and we would have cloner-clonee foursomes too!

I have problems, I know.

Thus, when I saw the Clone-a-willy kit by Empire Labs I knew that that I HAD to have it, if only to try and play out my clone fantasy to the max. My partner was excited and willing too. We quickly decided to start simple with the basic kit for creating a rubber cock replica and I'm so glad we did- 'cause this kit is fantastic!

You get an easy to read set of instructions and all the necessary props in one long tube that doubles as your mold maker. All you need to add is tap water, a small piece of cardboard, batteries and oodles of patience because this is a 24 hour process. It is a rather tricky process with the timing and temp details too.

First, you need to get your partner pumped up and fully erect to his maximum size. Normally, this is a very easy task but I must confess that we lost a little of the usual zeal because we had the worries of the practical application in mind. There's something about being "instructed" that may make a man's cock balk a bit, so I was glad I had our stretchy cock ring handy in order to seize (and hold!) the moment.

The mixing and applying part is fairly easy and quick. The mold set fast and we were able to continue our play with very little mess, albeit a few easy-to-brush-away bits of molding material. I was so excited knowing that we had just cast his cock and that we were but a mere day away from a hot cock clone that I fairly leapt onto him.

Two hours later, bleary with post-coitus exhaustion, I stood naked by his desk and poured the rubber concoction into the mold. Hint: try to start this process at a semi-reasonable hour as you have to do the second major step two hours after making the mold and trust me, I was pretty grouchy and uncaring about this damn clone at 3 AM.

24 hours later- we did it! We made a near-perfect clone of his penis that had every little detail from his cute rounded head tip to his bottom bulging veins. It looked great! The rubber dried to a light Caucasian fleshy color and the texture was like regular old-fashioned rubber; somewhat similar to a nubby India rubber eraser. While I immediately realized that a condom would probably be the best bet for using this toy repeatedly and preserving it for posterity, it certainly can just be lubed up upon fully drying and used immediately as is. Just remember the porosity and tensile limits of rubber.

We were both pleased and impressed with the wonderful quality of the finished product. I think this would be an excellent adult gift for any couple, if only for the fun of making a nifty personalized toy. I was so happy with our results that I wanted to show everyone how great his clone came out! Mercifully, I held off and decided instead to write this enthusiastic review. Fun, easy and awesome, the Clone-a-willy kit is great- the waiting period is the only hard part!
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  • Wow, what an enterprise! Molding his cock at 3AM in the morning I would imagine, dear, how fond you should be of his endowment! But I really have a question here. How toxic this mold would be? I haven’t heard of rubber being processed in a household. Is it safe to use this clone after all? Definitely I would go only with a good condom on it. Or is it just a joke? Anyway, I am considering making a mold of one very special gentleman. We’ve been secret lovers together for many years and I am still impressed with his might every time we make love. Do you know anything of a better quality, so to last for a long time and be safe to use without a condom? The money is not an issue for me, but the time is. He is getting sloppier every time we meet…Yes, my dear, enjoy it while you can! Best wishes to you and your
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    In some of the other reviews, people had problems with it setting too fast. What was your take on this? We just bought this and don't want to mess it up!!
  • MustangSally
    The quick setting time was more of a plus than minus for me. My partner had to be fully aroused and then we had to "hold" his erection with a cock ring. I was glad that it seemed to set in exactly the time specified. Too long of a setting time would be  more of a problem, I think.

    If you follow the instructions to a "T" it works great. It's not an expensive product and you get a quality replica that you can use and admire together.  
  • My "Willy" curves up, my concern would be that it would rest against the tube and the top of the mold would just be flat.  Was this a concern for you?
  • Just hold your penis away at the right angle...the tube is pretty wide to allow for curvature.
  • Nashville
    While using a cockring, did it have any effect on how the base of the mold came out?
  • 2BudZ
    This sounds like an awesome toy and very "personable". What about for vibrations? Could a large bullet be inserted possibly?
  • indiglo
    Wow, great review! This sounds like a really fun project.
  • KrissyRoro
    Can't wait to try !
  • maebey
    I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on this but it sure seems like fun if you can make it work!
  • Enchantedkitty
    i want this
  • big b
  • krisvida
    Great review! thanks so much!
  • Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
  • Zinzai
    ~Nice Review
  • Incendiaire
    Great review, thanks.
  • amazon
    Great review. Thanks!
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