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Clone-a-willy kit

Molding kit by Empire Labs

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Clone-a-willy kit reviews

38 reviews
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38 reviews

I think the Clone-a-willy was worth it, we are going to buy another one so we can give it another try. I can see this helping couple build their team-working skills, while having some fun!

This is a product that would make a great bachelorette, bachelor, anniversary, or even birthday gift. It's unique, reasonably priced and provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After all, what guy wouldn't want a clone of his erect cock to put in his trophy case?

I think this is a cute thing for a couple to do together, but the product that resulted both times was not usable. I often joke that I could use it as a hammer or a door stop. Possibly bookends, since I have two!

I liked the idea of molding or cloning my dick, but the execution in this kit was quite suboptimal. Maybe it would have been better if I took more time to clone my willy. Maybe I simply lacked skill and need more experience. If I had the desire to do something like this again, I would not buy a kit but compose a kit with good-rated vibrating bullets and tons of alginate and silicone from Amazon.... and much time to practice.

If you're in to arts and crafts (and maybe even a little BDSM), this may be the product for you!

What better way to keep your most valued cock? Wither it be that of your current lover or that of a past lover than to immortalize his most prized possession.

Save yourself some time and money and buy something else. I don't use a condom with my man and surely don't want to use one with a vibe, but that's the only way I could get around the smell and texture.

Fun to make and fun to use! Took some time to set up. Had to cut the tube and extend it to fit my whole cock but nothing hard to do. Just read the directions!!

If you want to have some fun as a couple making a mold of the male half, then give it a try. Just don't expect it to be perfect, and be ready to have a ton to clean up.

If you are looking for a little fun with your partner that will result in a lot of fun for you, make sure to try this out! This was a fun activity that we ended up doing twice. The end results are amazing!

Overall we are glad we finally invested in a cloning kit, though the moulding process was tricky to say the least, with the detail and resemblance you can get, it was worth it.

My partner and I are in a long-distance relationship and decided to order the Clone-A-Willy kit for our anniversary as a way for him to always be with me. We were both blown away by the finished clone. The detail was amazing; it had captured all of his veins and the pattern on his skin so perfectly... if only it didn't smell so horrible!

I would definitely purchase and clone my husband again if something happens to our current copy! It fits perfectly and gives my husband a boost of confidence that I still want to have him even if he can't be here to physically satisfy me himself.

It's good because I can please myself with a copy of his cock. It's not so good because it makes him feel awkward, and could potentially hurt you if you mess it up.

This is a very good idea for a long distance relationship, but it needs to be a little more thought out. If you follow the directions exactly the molding process is relatively easy. However, if you deviate from the directions it is easy to mess up. I also think that it would be a good idea to offer a large penis kit that includes more rubber and the larger vibrator. The final thing that needs to be addressed is the stickiness of the product.

I love my willy. My lover loves my willy. But I travel. What to do? Make a second 'me' for when I'm on the road! The Clone-a-willy kit is a perfect alternative for 'the real thing' when your thing can't be there.

This is a really good idea, it just does not transfer over to the end product sitting on the store shelves. Who knows, maybe I just had a older kit with ingredients that where past their prime. Maybe someone else attached good results with their kit. But I still cant recommend this to anyone else. Save your money ans skip this kit.

Get yourself one! I am so happy with the end result, the molded penis cleans easily and fits perfectly. It's a little on the loud end but it gets you off! I love knowing that I'm using a toy that looks like my husband and he loves that I think he's hot enough to duplicate.

This seems more for the amusement factor than the actual pleasure-factor. While I'm definitely going to try again with a new kit at some point, and I found it quite satisfying to have a replica of my beloved's wang, it's also very difficult to make a "perfect" toy, and the material is very porous. It's worth it just to do it, but your mileage may vary!

I think this kit is perfect for those that are in a long distance relationship or just want some extra toys for play. Outside of user error, it's pretty simple to make. It's the waiting time that will kill you.

The Clone-A-Willy is very fun to make with your man! The results are incredibly detailed. You will feel like your man is there with you on nights when he cannot be. The directions are very clear, though some steps are complicated. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who ever misses their man and his penis!

I am absolutely in love with my new vibrator. Not only is it a powerful beast, it's also my favorite dick in the entire world... my husband's!! As soon as I saw the Clone-A-Willy kit a few months ago I was determined to get it and clone my husband. I finally was able to get it and try it out, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Capture every last little detail of your man's or your member with this kit! Everything you need is in this kit. Keep in mind that this does make a mess, and it does require a lot of precision. A cock ring helps to maintain a really good erection in what is not all that arousing of a sensation while the stuff hardens up around the cock.

This product is definitely worth getting if you have time and can get help making it. You have to have someone mix the mold while the one with the "willie" keeps his hard-on. Overall, the mold hardened too fast the first time and my Bf wasn't ready for it, so the mold hardened without him in it - thus no willie. But the second time, I prepared it for him in the nude so he could stay hard and the mold would take. The finished product was REALLY lifelike! I love the product still.

Overall this is a great toy. Fun to make, fun to use, and lends itself to wonderful possibilities. The extreme detail in the "clone" is very erotic, and will quickly make this a top 5 toy.

This was so epically bad for my husband and I that it seemed like it was a total waste of money, but the saving grace is the vibrating part that is so strong.

Wonderful product! want to get the clone a pussy now to see how that works out! worth the wait time for product to set!

It has only one vibration setting, but packs enough action to bring you to orgasm and still has good battery life. The real excitement with this toy is provided by the fact that you have an EXACT copy of your man's penis. I enjoy using it on my own, but he also likes having the opportunity to use two of himself on me now and then. It's a little like a threesome for you without having to bring someone else into the bedroom.

I would love to try this again now that I know some of the tricks. I'm a little embarrassed I didn't do a better job since I have experience doing this but it was fun and I think I might order another kit. I recommend using the kit but strongly caution you to read the directions carefully before beginning and set out all your tools in advance.

Most exciting toy EVER.... It is amazing. I absolutely love this toy. It technically is my husband,how can I not love it? Easy to use, definately worth the money. Very easy to set up, as long as directions are followed. This is an amazing toy.

This was a fun experience for me. The thought of cloning my willy was exciting, and I couldn't hardly wait to try it. It was a lot of mess to clean afterwards and the first time was rather trying. However the end result was better than expected. My wife and I marveled at my clone and had quite a few laughs too. Definitely a must try. Just be patient and buy more than one package of powder.

This item is fun to make and use for foreplay or to get off with. It is worth the money.

The Clone-A-Willy kit is a great little craft project to make with a loved one. It creates an amazingly detailed copy of your/or your partner's penis. The Clone-A-Willy is more form than function but it's still fun to look at. It can be pretty messy so be sure to get some papers to line the floor where you plan to make it! I also recommend using a cock ring because it can be hard to do all that is required to create the mold and hold an erection!

Making an exact clone of your (or your man's) penis to fill you up, just as he does, is well worth the price and the time.

This kit makes a realistic clone of your penis - but not without a good amount of time and effort.

I would definitely recommend this to any couple. You will have lots of fun doing this together. Your partner would love you, and when you're not around your clone will be to keep them company. This will make 100% detail to detail of your Willy! Just make sure to do it exactly how the instructions says and everything will come out just PERFECT!

The Clone a Willy is fun to make and a great gift. At the very least, your penis becomes immortalized.

We were both pleased and impressed with the wonderful quality of the finished product. I think this would be an excellent gift for any couple, if only for the fun of making a nifty personalized toy. I was so happy with our results that I wanted to show everyone how great his clone came out!

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