Clone-a-willy kit - molding kit by Empire Labs - review by Lov3 BirdZ

Double the Pleasure Double Yourself

I would definitely recommend this to any couple. You will have lots of fun doing this together. Your partner would love you, and when you're not around your clone will be to keep them company. This will make 100% detail to detail of your Willy! Just make sure to do it exactly how the instructions says and everything will come out just PERFECT!
Fun, Easy, Clones every Little Detail, Makes a good gift to your partner.
Strong Rubber Smell, You need to be really quick.
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Something fun and something to keep us entertained for a little while? That’s what I asked myself a couple of days before Valentines Day. I was browsing for something entertaining and funny to do, so when my girlfriend and I got back home from dinner on Valentines Day we can enjoy doing. I saw multiple games and I just wasn’t feeling it. So when I ran into Clone-A-Willy it sounded amusing to me and decided to order Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy for me and my girlfriend.

One Afternoon I get home to see a box laying at my door, and once I opened it I Got two Clone-A-Willys!!! I Realized I ordered two By mistake so instead of sending it back, I thought to myself "maybe I should use the second one to practice and see how it works before." So on I went and started reading the instructions, everything is easy and simple. You just need to make sure you follow the instructions Step By Step and do everything on time! Other wise, I promise it will be a total FAILURE!

It includes everything you need, the tube that everything is packaged in which will also be where your mold will be made in: molding powder, liquid rubber, the color toner liquid, the stir stick, thermometer, the vibrator and easy step by step instructions. Once you’re ready to make it you will need: a measuring cup, napkins for the mess you will create, a piece of cardboard (which I just took from the shipment box), patience, and I strongly recommend a stopwatch of any kind.

So I started off by turning myself on and using a cock ring to keep the blood flow going. Once I started I followed the instruction step by step with Timing and also on everything it said to do. Only bad part I saw was they say to do it standing up, this is a bad thing because 1.) it creates a big mess 2.) You lose some of the molding liquid when you have to tilt the tube to put your Willy in. 3.) The molding needs air to harden up perfectly, so you can’t press the tube all the way back so it wont spill. you need to give it a little bit of space so air can get in and harden it.

Once I had the mold prepped up I went to go put my Willy in and obviously as soon as I tilted the tube some molding spilled. I had the tube pressed all the way back so the mold wouldn’t spill and after 5 minutes I touched the outside of the tube and it still felt soft and hadn’t harden. So when I pulled it forward a little I saw that air bubbles started to rise in the tube and the mold got hard instantly. Since I had spilled some molding, I had a gap on the top of the tube where the opening is at. I poured the liquid rubber, inserted the vibrator, and waited 24 hours. Once I popped it out I was in shock at how it got every little detail, my big veins my small veins every little detail. The only thing I didn’t like was do to the molding I spilled, it gave me mutated balls and little bumps all over it do to the air bubbles.

On the Second one I had my girlfriend's help and I did it a bit differently, I’ll explain how in the "Experience Section". The second one came out less messy and A LOT BETTER! The vibrator provided in the package is good, nothing too extreme and definitely not too loud.
To clean this toy, water and soap does the trick. I would suggest soap with a scent would be best. Do to the rubber; it leaves a rubber smell in your toy box, especially if you have two of them in there.

Overall I was satisfied with the outcome of it. On Valentines Day the Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy were super fun to do with my Girlfriend! It was one of her gifts, and I think she enjoyed it the most do to the time we spent together laughing about it while making both of them. The Price is perfect. I understand you can buy a nice vibrator or a dildo for that price, but it’s an exact Clone of a Penis you like and a vibrating one too. 2 For 1!! Can’t beat that!!
On Valentines Day I surprised my girlfriend with this and we began to get everything together. I allowed the water to run on the thermometer for a while so it can get to the right temperature the water has to be at. I got my girlfriend to turn me on and get my dick rock solid, so once the powder was done mixing I’d be ready to insert my dick in the tube. We made sure to stir the molding powder and the water for as long as the instruction said. Not a second less, not a second more.

Once we were done stirring instead of doing it standing up I had my girlfriend put the tube on the floor. I got into a push up stance and lowered my body until my Dick was completely inserted into the tube. I have to admit it was nice and warm, and felt gooooooood.

This time I didn’t spill any molding, do to the fact I wasn’t standing, so I would suggest doing it how I just described. Couple of seconds later the molding harden and we mixed both the rubber liquid and the liquid tone, and then poured it in the molding. Inserted the vibrator and patiently waited till the next day. When I removed the clone from the molding it was 300% better then the first "Soft" which felt real, Every Little details with the veins and shape, NO BUMPS, it was just perfect.
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  • Gary
    Thank you for such a thorough review! It sounds as though ending up with two kits was a great thing for you in the long run. From your descriptions of the process, and how you made improvements the second time around, you are surely going to increase the success rate of anyone who reads this review before attempting to use this kit.
  • Lov3 BirdZ
    Yeah, I was actually glad I ended up with two. I saw a couple of negative comments and I was just trying my best to help out as much possible. I thought it was best if I described how I did it and try to help, so anyone that purchase this product won't make the same mistakes I made on my first one. And so they won't end up unhappy that it didn't come out as planned and with the thought that it was a waste of money. Honestly it's a really good product and it's a lot of fun to do with your partner.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Glad you enjoyed it. Ours failed and would have worked better if we'd used a cock ring. I think we could make it work a second time, now that we know but it definitely is a race against time.

    However, we didn't have so much molding liquid that it poured out when tipped for cock insertion. It was several inches below the edge of the tube, if I recall correctly.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review! I am going to have my bf try the push-up tactic when it comes in the mail!
  • indiglo
    Awesome review! Very helpful tips, thanks!
  • Xavier7
    CAn you use it for insertion?
  • hjtee
    Glad you had success! Thanks.
  • Enchantedkitty
    i cant wait to try this
  • krisvida
    Thanks for the review!
  • Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
  • Incendiaire
    Great review, thanks.
  • amazon
    Great review. Thanks!
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