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good idea, bad end product

This is a really good idea, it just does not transfer over to the end product sitting on the store shelves. Who knows, maybe I just had a older kit with ingredients that where past their prime. Maybe someone else attached good results with their kit. But I still cant recommend this to anyone else. Save your money ans skip this kit.
good idea, made in the usa
did not work at all
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I have been struggling with whether or not to write this review for a few months. I would like to share my experience with this product. But on the other hand, it has been a few years since we used it; so I might not remember enough to make it as useful as I would like.

The product came in a tube like the one pictured. Every item for the different steps was individual sealed. It also came with a mixing cup and mixing stick for the rubber compound. They included a basic white vib to add to your cloned willy, if you wanted to make it a vibrating willy. Mine also came with an ad for 3 movies from adam and eve for $10 (could be wrong on the price), which I though was slightly weird since we did not purchase ours from A&E. Not sure if this would be in the kits sold on eden.

I could not tell you what the ingredients are, or if they are body safe. It has been so long since we used our kit. I would have to assume that they are not on the safe side of the scale.

I remember that in order to use this kit, you needed to be hard before you mixed the molding powder. You only had a few minutes after you mixed the powder, until it was hard. That was on the tricky side. Have the wife get me hard, then try to stay hard while she mixed the powder. Pour the mixture into the tube, and stick my willy into the molding mix. Which was cold. So that makes it next to impossible to stay hard. Then try to stay hard for the 5 minutes you need to keep your penis in the mix. You would not think it would be such hard work to make a copy of your member, but it was. After you get all of that done. The mold needs to set out for 12 hours to dry (I could be wrong on the 12 hours, but I remember ours sitting there until the next night).

After your mold has dried, you need to fill it with the rubber compound. The rubber compound is a two part mix. You need to mix it carefully to not get too many bubbles in the mixture. Pour the mixture into your mold and let it dry for a few days. After it is dried, you pull it out of the mold. Or so they say. We could not get ours out of the mold, without destroying the mold in the process.
The end product we got from this kit was garbage. The mold must of shrunk while it dried, because the cloned willy was no where close to real size. Plus the rubber compound trapped some bubbles in the dildo, making pot holes on the outside layer. Even with all the careful mixing and what not of the compound, we still had quite a few bubbles in the finished product. So much so, that the end product was useless as a sex toy. Its not like I mixed it wrong. The instructions were followed. And I am not new to mixing two part compounds.

We were really disappointed in this kit. I had such high hopes too. It is made in my home town, not over seas like so many toys. Plus, even if we could not use it as a sex toy; we figured we would have a cool looking copy of my willy above the fireplace on the mantle. But we could not even get that out of this kit.
Follow-up commentary
there really isn't much I can add to this review. It was a pain in the ass to use, and it did not give us a high quality end product. It was expensive. It was messy. It was just a bad experience over all. I would not recommend this to anyone. I hate to say that. This is made by a company here in town. Not over seas. I try to stick up for our home grown businesses that keep the jobs here in America, but this product just does not work like designed to.

If you are getting this just for fun, then you might have your self a good time. If you are expecting a good end product, save yourself the money.
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