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Clone-a-willy kit

Molding kit by Empire Labs

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The Clone Wars

This kit makes a realistic clone of your penis - but not without a good amount of time and effort.
realistic, great concept.
rubber, somewhat difficult to make, large margin for error.
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The Clone-A-Willy kit by Empire Labs comes with just about everything you need to make a vibrating rubber copy of your 'willy'.

Making the toy is definitely an experience. A partner is needed to help with the process, as the timing in mixing is crucial - and it's hard to stay hard while focusing on the directions. After the mold is made it takes 2 hours to harden, and once the rubber is put in a further 24 hours to set: a two day project.

The directions for the kit are decent, but could have been written much better. In several places pronouns are used that could mean a few different things. However, as long as you read them carefully and use a bit of common sense, they're not difficult. With something as precise as this, it's important to read the WHOLE set of directions before starting on the project, as you will have to get certain things around (mixing bowl, water, measuring cup, etc).

When I tried this kit, I did the mixing while Rich kept himself hard. Even though he has no problems during sex, he got a little performance anxiety with this; knowing you only have 2 minutes to both mix the mold and stick in your 'willy' can be a little hard on the guy - or, actually, a little soft. The gooey mix then has to harden for 2 minutes before the mold can be taken off. When the mold sets, it looks like and has the consistency of cooked egg white.

It's difficult to get the mix into the tube without spilling it or wasting time; I advise using a mixing bowl with a spout. Once the mold set, I also had problems with the rubber. It was easy enough to mix and pour in, but when the mix got on my hands I had a small reaction. I'd suggest wearing gloves if you have sensitive skin.

Positioning the vibrator is the trickiest part, and I screwed it up. The directions say to cut out a small square of cardboard, cut an X in it, and poke the vibrator through before putting it into the mold. Theoretically, it should keep the vibe in the center. But if you didn't quite get your penis in the center of the mold, it doesn't work properly. Ours ended up tilting, and touching the edge. Since both the mold and the liquid rubber are opaque, it's not easy to tell if the vibrator is straight or not.

The finished product was mediocre for us. It did come out looking very realistic - detailed veins, nothing weird, and nicely textured. However, the tip of the vibrator that's visible on the shaft really takes away from it. I'm afraid that, with extended use, it will tear the dildo. The vibrations are pretty good and travel through the cloned willy nicely, though they are a bit loud.

Also note that since the dildo is rubber, it's porous and a condom should be used over it when inserted.

Overall, I gave this kit 3 stars. I was really excited about it, and it turned out just 'okay'; not horrid, but not great either. There are a lot of chances for error and mistakes (the company does sell replacement mold mix and liquid rubber), and the rubber, though cheap enough to market for this kind of kit, just isn't a great material (things stick to it, it can't be sterilized, and it smells).
Some general tips:

- Read the directions through several times before you start
- Get everything together before you start
- Grab a cockring, some lube, and be prepared to have to get things going several times if you get distracted
- Put down a towel or newspapers if making the kit on carpet
- Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin
Follow-up commentary
The vibrator that this kit makes is still holding up for me. Since I'm away from Rich right now (pesky college education and all that) it's really nice to have a toy that 'looks like' him, even if it's not 100% accurate. It makes me feel like I'm more using him than using a sex toy - and I'm sure it gives him a bit of an ego boost to know that it's his dick that's getting me off, not a random one or a porn star's.

The vibrations are good enough on this toy that it's my 'default' toy - the one that stays under my pillow to use whenever.

The little hole I mentioned in my review is getting bigger, as I expected, and attracting lint. However, that hole is my fault since I didn't get the vibe inside it lined up properly :( I haven't noticed any other wear and tear on the toy.
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