Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit - molding kit by Empire Labs - review by MaxD

No luck cloning this willy....

This is a great idea and would have loved to have accomplished my goal of an exact replica of my cock for my wife to play with but, unfortunately that didn't happen! My cocks timer and the molding compounds timer were not in sync for this science experiment. Better luck next time! Maybe???????
Exact copy of your wiener for your sweetie if you can git-r-done!
Cheap vibrator, should include a cock ring with this kit
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The idea of the clone a willy kit|Clone-a-willy™ glow in the dark kit is to make an exact copy of your penis. My wife found this exciting and wanted to give it a try so, we placed our order. When it arrived, the kit looked exactly like the picture on the description. Upon opening it, we poured out the contents that included 1 little tub of rubber compound, 1 little tub of liquid skin, a packet of glow in the dark powder, a packet of molding compound, a thermometer, a small cheap vibrator that takes 1 AA battery and a stirring stick. I felt like we were going to be performing some kind of scientific experiment...

The first thing you are supposed to do with this kit is cut the plastic cylindrical container to fit your erect penis so be careful opening your package because you will need it for your mold! After you have it cut to the right size, you are to cover the raw/rough edge with duct tape, of all things, to keep any sharp edges covered. I guess duct tape does fix just about anything...

Next, you are to mix the molding compound with water, then pour it into the plastic cylinder and place your erect penis inside ALL in a matter of 2 minutes flat! Did I mention that the water has to be exactly 98 degrees for this? Well... we failed miserably at this point. By the time I was erect enough and the molding compound was mixed, it had already set and I was not able to make a mold whatsoever... bummer!

After you have made your mold, you are supposed to let it set up for a few hours before mixing the tub of liquid rubber and the tub of liquid skin together with the glow in the dark powder and pour it into the mold. You also have to take a piece of cardboard, not included, and cut an x into the top center, place it over the rubber mixture you've just poured into the mold and stick the vibrator into the x you made in the cardboard with the battery cap sticking out or you won't be able to change the batteries. After you have completed this task, you have to let it sit for at least 24 hours before removing your new cloned willy from the mold. We never made it to this part so, I can't tell you that it was an exact copy or not.... Since the end product produced will generally be made of rubber, it will be porous and therefore, non sterilizable so, NO SHARING! Unless of course, you cover it with a condom which will also make cleanup much easier. I would recommend before and after toy cleaner|Before and after toy cleaner to clean rubber toys or antibacterial soap and water. Only use silicone and water based lubes with rubber!

It is my opinion that it is going to take more than one of these kits to get a correctly cloned willy. This one was just practice for us (apparently) and we will probably try it again in the future but, you may want to invest in a cock ring to help you maintain an erection so, you know you get a good mold. You also may want to invest in a better mini vibe to put in your cloned willy because the one supplied seems rather cheap and I doubt that it will last over time. This is just our experience though and you may have better luck than we did. Science experiment anyone?
This just didn't work out for us. I felt pressured to maintain my erection while my wife mixed powders together looking a bit like a mad scientist... If you are going to give this one a try, get yourself a cock ring and a really hot porno!
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  • Jimbo Jones
    It's too bad this didn't work out for you. I read about a lot of people that have real difficulty with this the first time. Maybe they should sell them all as two packs so that you can practice with the first one and get the second one right. Thanks for the review.
  • MaxD
    That would be a really good idea Jimbo! You really do need one for practice and one to get it right. Thanks for the comment!
  • Oggins
    I've been wanting to get one of these kits! Maybe I should get a cheaper version to start with for practice, before this one so we'll know what we're doing! Thanks for the review!
  • MaxD
    Thanks for the comment Oggins! I would say buy one cheaper one and this one to get this accomplished. Don't forget to get a cock ring also to help your man stay hard longer for these!
  • Cock Wrangler
    Sounds like they also need better directions, so the timing works with things that need to be a certain temp., etc.
  • MaxD
    Thanks for the comment Cock Wrangler! The directions aren't so bad really, it's just trying to get everything done in 2 minutes flat is hard! I wish we would have had a little bit longer to get it accomplished!
  • Epiphora
    $45 is a lot for a practice run. Good idea about the cock ring.
  • MaxD
    Thanks for the comment Epiphora! I think they should make some kind of practice material to be included, so when you do go to make the actual one it will be easier to do and less likely to mess it up.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    We have one of these just waiting to be made. We have housemates and with this kind of activity I prefer them to be gone for a few hours. I hope it works. Thanks for the reviews!
  • MaxD
    I hope you have better luck with this than we did! Thanks for the comment!
  • Nashville
    I've read these can be tricky. It's much too expensive for something that isn't user friendly.
  • MaxD
    They are tricky and expensive! Thanks for the comment!
  • Thanks for the awesome review of this product. Someone must have read this because I had a lady from Utah order 2 kits, a RO80 Bullet and a rubber cockring because her husband was being deployed to Iraq.
  • MaxD
    Thanks for the comment DallasNovelty! I hope it works for her better than it did for me!
  • Seth912
    Great review. Thanks.
  • pleasurehunter
    thanks for the review
  • tortilla
    thanks for the info
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