Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit - molding kit by Empire Labs - review by Mr. I

Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit review

Having completed it, my wife and I had to anxiously wait for 24 hours for the rubber to cure. The next morning, we were eager to find out the result. I cut the mold open and there it was: my own erect penis, made of rubber.
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When I received the Clone-A-Willy glow in the dark kit, I was a bit skeptical. The kit promised to create an exact rubber replica of any penis. Moreover, the replica would also vibrate and glow in the dark. On the packaging, one could read "Just add water."

As soon as I opened the cylindrical box, I realized that the situation was a bit more complex. The kit included two bags of powder (one containing the molding powder, the other, the glow in the dark powder), two plastic jars (one with liquid rubber, the other with liquid skin), a thermometer, a spatula, a small vibrator, and instructions. I won't reproduce the instructions here, but basically, the whole process has two stages. The first is to create a mold or a "negative" of your penis. To do that, you mix the molding powder (a white, non-irritant powder based on seaweed) with warm water. The second stage consists of filling the mold with a mixture of liquid rubber, liquid skin, and glow in the dark powder, then inserting the vibrator.

Creating the mold is the most important part of the process, and it was really challenging for me. I had to be accurate and work fast while staying hard. My wife helped me with the latter. The water must be exactly 98 F (37 C) when you add it to the molding powder. From the moment when the water comes in contact with the molding powder until your penis is inside the tube, you have less than two minutes; at this time, you should be hard. I followed the instructions and used a stopwatch. The instructions say that your penis must be inside the molding mixture before two minutes is up. I would say the penis should be inserted well before two minutes is up, ideally immediately after you pour the mixture in the cylinder. The mixture hardens very fast so when two minutes is up it is already hard and impenetrable. This fact is also an advantage: you don't have to stay hard for too long.

After the first stage, the second stage seemed too easy. Having completed it, my wife and I had to anxiously wait 24 hours for the rubber to cure. The next morning, we were eager to find out the result. I cut the mold open and there it was: my own erect penis, made of rubber. Admittedly, I would have liked better detail. The same can be said about the quality of the material. But bearing in mind this was not a mass-produced dildo, but a replica of my own penis produced in our kitchen, the result was acceptable.

The rubber however is fairly hard, and it has a slight chemical smell, which will probably disappear in time. The vibrator has one on-off button, and it uses one AA battery. The vibrating dildo is fully functional. Indeed, this rubber replica of my penis outweighs the

original; it vibrates, glows in the dark, and is available when I am not. As regards the sensations it delivers, we can't say too much; each penis feels differently.

All in all, the Clone-A-Willy glow in the dark was a demanding but funny experiment.
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  • Bulma
    Sounds kinda fun, but more like a novelty toy to just be sexy and interesting than actually being a usable dildo.  Wish it was a little cheaper.
  • Serendipity
    I am interested in such a kit but don't want the vibrator. I am guessing that I can leave that part out and just make a replica dildo? Thanks for the review!
  • That depends on how big the volume of the real penis is. The liquid stuff that you pour in the mold will not be enough to fill up the mold if the penis is too big; adding the vibrator raises the level of the liquid poured in the mold to a sufficient degree. If you want a realistic dildo, I guess you can replace the vibrator with something else (a thin dildo perhaps).
  • Nashville
    Chances are the stink might not go away. Being porous it's going to absorb smells and materials. This is what EF has to say about rubber: "Being porous, rubber does not clean well. You can make a rubber toy last longer and keep it cleaner by using a condom over it each use."
  • Mistress Mandy
    Glad to hear this actually turned out for someone!
  • Seth912
    Nice review.
  • pleasurehunter
    thanks for the review, good job
  • Forever17
    super helpful thanks
  • my name
  • tortilla
  • slickwillie
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