Clone-a-willy glow in the dark kit - molding kit by Empire Labs - review by Cinnamon Chambers

Scientific milestone

When only your partners dick will do, Clone a Willy is at your service. It is fun kit that is just as much a science experiment as it is great fun for your sex life. Be ready to work, play and have a day of laughs with Clone a Willy. When you are done with your creation, you have a copy of your chosen cock to keep forever!
Gets exact copy of your penis, fun, creative.
Have to be exact, prepared and work quickly. Molding compound can stain, and stick to hair.
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Just when you thought we had reached a place in science most never imagined with cloning Dolly the sheep, science and Empire Labs has given us the option just cloning just the penis. All this can be accomplished in the comfort of your own home, and, best of all, no needles are required. It is a process that requires precise timing and measuring, just like any good science project, but if the directions are followed you will be rewarded with a replica of your favorite penis.

This kit comes with everything you need, except measuring cups and a mixing bowl. You get the molding powder, tube to make the cast in, thermometer, mixing stick, glow powder, vibrator and the two tubs that are mixed to create the rubber that will form your cloned penis. Make sure you have time to finish all the steps when starting out with this kit. Prepare for giggles, and a test of your skills as a scientist. It is suggested that two people work together to get optimal results with this product.

When you decide to undergo this experiment, I suggest shaving the pubic area of the person's penis that is being molded. This is to keep the molding material from sticking to the hair, making removal of the penis from the mold easier, and to prevent possibly leaving hair in the finished product. It will be easier to shave before there is molding gel gluing the pubic hair to everything in that area. Also make sure the person being molded has emptied their bladder recently and that they are semi aroused prior to beginning to mixing the molding compound with water. Old towels or newspaper are good to place under where the mold will be made to protect the floor if there is an accidental spill.

Once you begin mixing the 98 degree water with the molding powder, you have less than two minutes to get the erect penis inside the tube that will be filled with the compound. Use a bowl or cup that will hold all of the mix, and that is disposable. Make sure the person being molded is masturbating during this time and that their cock is free of lubes and liquid. If a cock ring is used, it will be visible in the mold and finished product. The penis does not have to stay hard the entire time, but it must be hard when first inserted in the tube. Insert the penis, and try to get as much of it in the tube as possible. After an additional two minutes, check to see that the mold had set up, and is solid inside the tube. If it is, slide the penis out of the mold gently. Now the real penis can rest, get cleaned up, and hopefully get rewarded for a job well done.

Allow the mold to cure for two hours, then mix the tubs of rubber, and the glow powder thoroughly. These have a potent paint and rubber scent to them. I suggest using a bowl or cup that can be thrown away after use. If the glow powder is not mixed well the clone will be splotchy with glow in the dark powder. After that is mixed, pour all of it in the tube where the mold is located. After it is poured in, the vibrator can be inserted. A shorter finished product will be yielded if the vibrator is not used. Allow this to set up for 24 hours. When it is done setting up, you can remove the toy from the mold and the penis is all yours.

The included vibrator is cream colored and has a defined point to it. The vibrations are powered by a single AA battery. It is very quiet when it is inserted in the rubber which is always a plus. The vibrations are not that great, but it does work to fill up the mold completely by displacing the rubber. There is a single speed, and a single on/off switch.

If you want to use the replica cock for a toy, it can be done. Just make sure it is covered with a condom since rubber is porous. If you included a vibrator in your toy, it is not waterproof. The end of the vibe needs to be protected from water. If you didn't, the entire toy can be submerged and cleaned with warm water and soap. The scent of the finished toy is similar to paint. I would only suggest using a water based lubricant with this toy, or testing silicone and oil based lubes first before using internally. Store the toy in a bag away from other toys.
This was a fun but messy idea. It did work very well for us from start to finish. The only problems were ones where I made a mistake. I mixed while he played with his penis and kept it hard without cumming. My first mistake was not shaving him, because the mold stuck in his hair bad, and we had to cut it and shave him to get the tube off his penis. My second mistake was that he had shorts on and pulled down. The molding compound dripped on them, and after it dried, it will not come off the fabric. It is more a gel, than plaster feeling material. After that, he was relieved and we did have a lot of good laughs at the situation.

After I put the rubber in the mold, I dropped it twice, and still ended up with a good replica. During one of those falls the mold ripped in a tiny spot inside where the rubber became flat from drying on the edge of the tube. This spot is smaller than the size of a finger nail, and it is not a big deal. The actual cloned penis is his through and through. From veins, to skin texture. It is exact. Mine is a little lopsided from how the mold was place on him, but it is not a big deal. It is hard to get a smooth edge on the rubber at the base, but it can be cut easily with a sharp craft knife. There are also darker spots of glow powder where I did not get it mixed well.

Overall this was a great product, that we both had fun making. I don't plan to use the toy for penetration. I want it as more of a keepsake. For my purposes, this kit worked wonderfully. Being prepared and exact must be the keys, because we are so pleased with the way this turned out for us.

Other things can be cloned beside dicks. Golf balls stacked together, vegetables, whatever you want and will fit can be cloned, so be creative!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Rory
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