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Love pacifier advanced reviews

33 reviews
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33 reviews

This toy exceeded my expectations as far as design and function. This is a very versatile and comfortable plug. The multi-density silicone is a nice touch and feels great for long-term wear.

The Love Pacifier is a silicone anal plug by Cal Exotics. Its design and shape are comfortable and allow the plug to be worn without fear of it being sucked into the body. It's a toy good for beginning users looking to expand a bit beyond the size of "beginner" labeled plugs but is potentially a bit small for advanced users.

Overall, this is a well designed toy. It is satisfying in girth with a great shape, and the base is actually a ring that is both comfortable and functional.

While this toy is designed well, its major downfall comes from manufacturing. The seam around the toy was definitely noticeable to me, and caused me to really dislike this toy. Had they manufactured it better, or used a smoother material, this toy would have gotten 4 stars.

A wonderful and affordable toy. This plug is well worth every penny and then some. Not to mention it's extremely comfortable, making it ideal for extended wear.

A great plug to fill you up that pacifies your ass while still being comfortable to wear around. The Love Pacifier Advanced is well worth the asking price from Eden, and makes a good gift for any friends that may be looking for a nice plug for more active wear around the house or even out.

I like this plug. I've had good experiences with it and I would suggest it to others. It's a great transitional toy and anyone on the right experience level can use it.

I am so thrilled that I held out for California Exotics to make this toy. I love toys, but the cost can be prohibitive when trying new things that we may not like. the Love Pacifier is a great example of patience as a virtue: If you like the weight of a presence in your ass for any period of time, but for whatever reason (mine's usually the length) haven't hit gold with traditional plugs, LP's worth its weight in high-grade silicone.

This is the most comfortable butt plug I have ever worn. This toy can be worn during just about any sex act to enhance its pleasure. For the low price, you really can't find a better deal on a good butt toy.

The Love Pacifier Advanced is a great plug for an affordable price. If you are looking for a plug for extended wear, look no further!

I enjoy having kinky toys that can be used enhance sexual pleasure. Small anal plugs are great for humiliation play.

This is a great toy for people who are new to anal play. It has all you need to start exploring the anal play world: it's made out of safe material, size is right, and the price tag says: "just put me in your cart".

A nicely designed plug I would recommend for someone just starting to explore their backdoor. Not for someone with experience or looking for prostate stimulation because this plug will not reach.

If you've been complaining about how a plug feels either while going out or on a long drive, this is the plug for you, I recommend this to anyone.

This was the answer to my plug prayers! It's the perfect size for me (not too big, not too small), didn't pop out like some plugs can (hint, hint - Plug of Lust), and sat comfortably in place the entire time it was in. Of course there is the matter of the sharp seam that isn't friendly for sensitive parts... But I still think this plug will be very hard to beat. Not that I won't stop looking, of course!

I really want an njoy plug but cannot afford the investment right now- I think this is a pretty comparative substitute in regards to shape, and it is much more affordable.

I seriously cannot say enough good things about this toy. This review has been the easiest to write. Why is that you ask? This toy is unbelievable. It was love at first butt plug.

Looking for a more intense Orgasm at an affordable price? Well, you are in for a treat. The Advanced Love Pacifier, which is great for him or her, to fill you up without being intrusive. It is comfortable to wear and offers a simple to design that is hard to resist.

I like this as a beginner plug, but now that I've found more larger plugs, this has gotten lost in my toy drawer.

The Love Pacifier Advanced stays in well during orgasm and penetration. It feels comfortable even after a couple hours and gives you a nice full feeling without being overwhelming. I’d recommend this to moderate–advanced users, as well as an adventurous beginner such as myself. I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners without a warm up toy inserted first. All in all, I think this is a very good toy at an incredibly affordable price.

Overall the Love Pacifier Advanced is an excellent plug for extended periods of wear or for solo play during masturbation or intercourse. The design of the product is very unique, managing both great functionality and fun, flashy looks. While truly advanced anal players may want to look elsewhere, this is a great second plug for a beginner or anyone who needs a sucker for their pucker!

Personal experience with this toy has taught me that it is very apt to add pleasure to just about any sexual experience. It can be worn for hours without discomfort -- except for, of course, constant arousal (which I wouldn't count as discomfort). It is a very reliable toy. While it may not be perfect, for its price it is a steal.

I think this toy would be of use to a beginner who is looking to try a toy that is different looking. It's very similar to a very popular "Njoy" brand toy.

This pacifier is a great plug for the butt to suck on, like a Binky. Good feel and comfy base help to make this plug a joy to use. Factor in the price and this might be the best Silicone plug you can buy.

In hindsight, i would have chosen a different first anal toy. However, after my first experiences i have found out that i like it quite a bit. Not hte most versatile -- but this thing does its job very well and for a decent price.

If I could do it again, I woudn't, only because I own the Njoy plug and this one is now gathering dust. Before the Njoy plug though, this was the bees knees. I love the shape, I love the stem, I love how comfortable it feels when I am not sitting down or moving around. Would be great for a quick masturbation session at home in bed.

The plug is totally worth it, especially for the price. It is a quality silicone toy that is a lot of fun for a reasonable price.

This plug is a great beginner plug for someone looking to get into extended wear, a mild prostate "toucher", or just for a good old full feeling during sex. The flashing along the parting line may need to be trimmed down a bit more, but in all it has been a great addition to my ever growing collection of sexual enhancers.

I would buy it on clearance, maybe as a gift for someone not too close on the Christmas list. Otherwise save your pennies and get the real thing.

For the price, this little butt plug rocks my world. While its not my favorite plug to wear during sex, I love it for extended wear.

This is one of those bittersweet toys that you want to love, but only can if you overlook some significant flaws. It's got the size, the material, the durability, and the price to be a great addition to any toy collection. On the down-side, it's difficult to insert due to the flexibility of the shaft. If you decide this one is for you, make sure you've got someone on hand to help with inserting and removing so you can focus on the sensation instead of the logistics.

This is a great anal plug for solo play but I wouldn’t suggest it for couples play because of the large handle that could irritate a mans thighs or balls. Great quality, very hygienic and easy care.

That said, once it's in, it's got great feel, and if you were the kind of person that wanted to wear a plug all day, this one would feel delicious, although you can't wear it in public under pants because the handle sticks out too far.

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