The little plug that couldn't.

I would buy it on clearance, maybe as a gift for someone not too close on the Christmas list. Otherwise save your pennies and get the real thing.
Easy to clean and insert is a breeze with the proper technique.
It's just isn't as advanced or as fulfilling as it could be.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review


As it's design would suggest its an anal plug, It even has a curved potential that suggests good stimulation could be had. As some may have suggested It does have an oddly large ring for recovering the plug, but I had no problem concealing it under loose clothing. Also the thin silicone neck did at first pose a somewhat daunting insertion but with a little practice I discovered a fool-proof way to get the little guy to pop in every time. Using my index finger through the ring and my thumb on the back of the bulb I press in with my thumb and "POP" up she goes.

Material / Texture

The silicone has a decent density to feel hefty in my hand, but the very slight seam was a little irritating when used for prolong periods of time. It is very easy to keep clean and a good anti-bacterial scrub keeps if fresh. It also retains heat nicely if left in a basin with hot water to warm things up.

Design / Shape / Size

My biggest gripe is the size, once I push the bulb in it's gone, Not gone as in OMG its in me, but gone as in I can't feel it in or out. The neck is so thin and flexible it has no feel and the bulb is just not big/hefty enough to keep its presence felt. It obviously is similar to the Njoy plug but at a fraction of the cost, and unfortunately you do get what you pay for with this one.


I did try it out on a long term wear for several hours and did discover on a several block stroll it did pop in and out of my awareness, but not enough to be a great purchase at any price. One thing I did notice is that when seated and squeezing on it, It does feel rather nice but not as filling as I had hoped. Some say its for college level play, but honestly I'm thinking High School isn't even close....

Care and Maintenance

Very easy clean up with mild detergent and a little warm water. The thing seems nearly indestructible but I wouldn't bet on it. I also noticed the little seam tends to collect debris so be aware to pay attention to this area and avoid leaving some unwanted cling-ons...
Follow-up commentary
Well, it's been a year in my drawer and I have found some things I didn't realize when I wrote the original review.

1) Its very soft head and neck is very comfortable for extended use, and I do mean extended as I used it once for nine hours to see just how long it would remain comfortable.

2) It has weight. Seems I didn't realize just how much the head's weight and shape mattered until I kept it in place for long periods. And walking with it seems to make it press and rub where it's resting against quite noticeably.

3) It's very well-made. I find that the materials used are very durable, and with only a small amount of care, comes clean easily. The seam is very small and you don't notice it by feel, only it collects and takes a little extra suds to clean.

4) Slim neck problem solved! By using my middle finger in the ring and index finger on the base of the head, it pops right in with no effort.

5) Large pull ring not a problem. I find it easy to pull and it even seems to add a little bit of its own exterior stimulation, and with a bit of wardrobe selection, it is not even noticeable.

So...okay, it has moved up a few notches in my selection preferences. Live and learn, right?
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  • Contributor: Kinky Kitty
    Great review, thanks!

    I think I would have the same problem with the neck being so slim.
  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    How big IS it? How long is the neck? How thick is the bulb? Can you boil it? Can you share it? What sort of lube can you use?
  • Contributor: Kickin in Cali
    It is all there on the details link under the picture. In real terms comparing it to everyday obgects the neck is about the size of a thick writing pen, the bulb is about the size of strawberry and shaped pretty much the same. Its silicone so yes you can boil it and any water based lube will do but I like thicker types such as the probe thick and rich...
  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    I know it's in the details. Smile The point I was trying to make was an informative review will also include that info.
  • Contributor: J's Alley
    You mentioned the seam collects debris, can you feel the seam upon use of the plug?
  • Contributor: Kcito
    how do you compare this to njoys pure plug large?
  • Contributor: dezzydezire
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: evecat
    Thanks for the follow-up.
  • Contributor: Jon S
    ty for the review
  • Contributor: Love Perpetua
    Excellent follow-up!
  • Contributor: idunshire
    Loved the follow-up!
  • Contributor: BlooJay
  • Contributor: Aishiteru
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: roskat
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for this review--especially the follow-up. I usually start with the most negative review and work my way up from there. It's good to know you grew to like this one.
  • Contributor: Genderfree
    great review and follow up, thanks
  • Contributor: ToriTastic
    Nice review.
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