Thoughts on how to get rid of that seam?

Contributor: cupcakeman cupcakeman
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I know the seam is a bother for some people who have this, so I was trying to think of a way to fix it. Sanding it, even if you sand it with a very fine grit, would leave scratches, which could gather bacteria... So I'm stumped. Maybe melting it slightly at the seam and smoothing it down while still hot? I'm not sure how silicone reacts to that.

I guess you could also take a straight edge razor to it and shave it off.

If anyone else has suggestions, that would be awesome
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Contributor: potstickers potstickers
If it's pure silicone it will not melt with fire.
Contributor: ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Ah the dreaded seam.

I always start by trying to grab it and pull it off depending on how big it is. My Ridge Rider had a bunch around the ridges that easily pulled right off.

The only thing I have found to work is a brand new razor blade (Scalpel is better) and a careful hand. Problem is it is to easy to cut into the rest of the toy. The seam will try and fold over requiring more pressure. Once it does start to cut, you have gone to far.

If you have a Dremel with a small sanding attachment that may work a bit better than sandpaper. But like you say it will leave scratches that could be worse than the seam. Thankfully silicone is non porous throughout so you would just need to make sure to clean those areas good. A old toothbrush works great.

Fire from a lighter typically will not melt it. Even if it did it may leave it hard and probably rough.

You really have to decide if the seam is a bother or if you can live with it. In the case of the Pacifier, I can not feel it during use so I left it alone.
Contributor: CafeSabroso CafeSabroso
Seams seriously suck. I always make sure to mention the presence/lack of seams in reviews. Especially for anal toys, seams should always be finished. Silicone is just not an easy material to work with household tools.
Contributor: Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
I tried to do some digging for you on this thing they call the world wide web.

Anyways, on a special fx site involving silicone casting/molding it seemed one person used Surgical Grade scissors. By pulling up on the seem and snipping however, it left a small "trench" within the silicone cast. Then it wen't on about mixing up silicone and filling the trench and smoothing it out. Sheesh.

Another site was talking again about scissors, razor blades and "hot wire" like cheese wire or something. Hope you or someone else can find a solution that will work. Goodluck
Contributor: ToyBoy ToyBoy
You cannot melt pure silicone, but you could try cutting it off with a razor blade or pulling it off by hand
Contributor: melissa1973 melissa1973
The seam on mine wasn't that bad, it's level with the plug, and is really not a bother to me, I'm still tickled with mine and hope to be later down the road.
Contributor: bdvnt bdvnt
This is very meticulous, but using a magnifying glass and some cuticle nippers will help you clean up the seam on most silicone toys.
Contributor: Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
I have attempted this (on a different silicone toy) with very fine sandpaper and a lot of patience, but it does leave faint scratches in the silicone. I make sure to clean it really well, but it still makes me a bit nervous. I'm going to be boiling it more often just to be safe.
Contributor: True Pleasures True Pleasures
I've tried to use one of my really good kitchen knives, but I ended up butchering it...
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
Try a very sharp straight-ended finger/toenail clipper.
Contributor: geliebt geliebt
I would give a razor blade a try. You ~should~ be able to gently cut the seamline off without causing any damage or weirdness.
Contributor: Ahatmadeofshoes12 Ahatmadeofshoes12
Originally posted by ToyTimeTim
Ah the dreaded seam.

I always start by trying to grab it and pull it off depending on how big it is. My Ridge Rider had a bunch around the ridges that easily pulled right off.

The only ... more
This is a great tip.