Does the handle get in the way?

Contributor: VampQueen VampQueen
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Does the handle get in the way or is it bendy enough not to?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Chou Wang Chou Wang
Originally posted by VampQueen
Does the handle get in the way or is it bendy enough not to?
I'd say it slightly does, but not as much to cause discomfort...
Contributor: Mikemanz Mikemanz
i really want to get one of these
Contributor: Aziajs Aziajs
The handle is pretty flexible. I only noticed it for the first couple of hours, especially if I sat on it the wrong way. It didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable. After that, though, it was so comfortable I couldn't even feel the handle anymore.
Contributor: Two Grand Two Grand
Tis pretty soft and doesn't really cause any discomfort, its not as bad as a handle from a metal plug. oh by the way this is my favorite plug.