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Mood naughty large plug reviews

29 reviews
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Average review rating
29 reviews

Great plug for a first-timer, but if you're looking for something large I would look elsewhere. Comfortable to wear all day and night.

Overall this is an amazing casual plug. Not too big, not too small, perfect for those days that you'd like to spice things up a bit.

This toy is a great value especially when considering a lot of jelly toys have the same price point. The silicone design makes it easy to clean and easy to insert. Even if it's a smaller "Large" toy, it's well designed for extended play. This toy may not satisfy Size Queens but it's great for those off days or low intensity days.

It is totally worth the money and you will find yourself gravitating towards this toy over and over again just because it is so useful and comfortable. It gets the job done and doesn't stop you from continuing with all your daily activities.

The Mood Naughty Large is a great plug to own, one of my favorites! The silicone material is of high quality and is very bendable. The plug fitted in there very snugly; I had no problem keeping it in as long as I wanted to, throughout the night and while walking around. I am impressed with the thoughtful design of the Mood Naughty's base. This toy is great for intermediate users. If anything, I wish this plug were a bit thicker in size.

I would recommend this to people who are just beginning to experiment with anal toys, or to people who are dabbling in long term use, but even to experienced users it will feel like a quality toy. Overall it gets a good rating for serving its purpose, as a basic plug, perfectly well

I love this plug. If they made an extra large, I'd buy that too. I consider myself an advanced user and I still go to this plug every time.

This is a great plug for a first time user. It could also work for someone wanting to upgrade to something a bit larger. It is pure silicone, very smooth, easy to clean and tapered for easy entry. This gave me new and great sensations and can be worn for a long time without discomfort.

I would definitely recommend this plug to just about anyone looking to try anal or who already loves the feeling of having their ass plugged. This is my very favorite silicone plug. The way the base hugs the perineum feels amazing. It's really everything you want in a plug, simply amazing.

This is truly a wonderful plug if you’re looking for something fun just beyond a beginners' level, looking for a plug you can wear all day and still enjoy it at the end, and can enjoy with or without your partner.

The Mood Naughty Plug is fairly large, but it's still comfortable enough to wear under clothing. Because it is silicone, it can be sterilized, which is always a plus for an anal toy. Overall, this is a quality toy, particularly for the price. I highly recommend it.

This plug is great for anyone interested in double penetration, or just a comfortable plug. Even though it says "Large", it's still a narrow plug. The plug allows Size Queens to use narrow toys and actually enjoy them. It works great with an actual penis and stays in, no matter how rough it gets.

This is the best plug I have ever tried. I love the pink color, the silicone, the comfortable neck that allows me to wear it for hours, and the fantastic base that tucks in between my cheeks and allows for total comfort.

This one is by far my favorite butt plug. The long neck, ergonomic base, and large size provide for a toy with unlimited potential. It allows you to have that naughty feeling while out in public.

The mood naughty large plug is a mostly vanilla plug for the average user, and Doc Johnson doesn't try to tell you otherwise. You get what you see!

This plug is a remarkable toy, and would be an amazing addition to any anal lover's toy box. It is a very satisfying size, stays in well, had amazing material, and is overall a very excellent toy!

The Mood Naughty line is a fantastic take on the classic anal plug shape. The silicone is so soft and plush while the base and neck are totally comfortable. The only thing that I can say is the 4" circumference really doesn't feel like a Large to me, but that's really the only downside to this toy.

The Mood Naughty Large butt plug is perfect for intermediate users who'd like to try wearing a butt plug for an extended period of time. This plug is very comfortable and discreet, even when wearing it out in public. Be forewarned, prepare yourself to be pristine clean before extended use or you may not like the results.

It is worth it to buy this for solo anal explorers. It slides in right, and is perfect for couples who are just starting to stray away from vaginal play only. It's perfect for stretching before anal penetration, and it isn't like any other butt plug that I've seen.

WOW! This toy rocks! The Mood Naughty large is a high-quality, velvety rich, body-safe silicone butt plug. Most importantly? IT STAYS WHERE YOU PUT IT! This toy has a lot to offer. It's smaller than its name would lead you to believe, comfortable for extended wear, and features an ergonomic and all-around brilliant design! If I was on a desert island with only one plug, it'd be this one!

I believe that this plug is well worth the money. It is quite reasonably priced for a well designed high quality silicone plug. It is one of the best plugs if you're looking for your second or just want one to sleep or go to work/school in. It does come in smaller sizes, which would be ideal if it's your first.

The Mood Naughty Large plug is a great additional to a beginners toy chest. It is made out of silicone, has a comfortable base, and a nice gradual taper to it. It provides good anal stimulation without being too large and intimidating. Overall a very comfortable and very fun plug for those new to butt plugs.

If you're looking for something new in addition to what you already have for anal plugs than this one should be tried. For the money, its worth it because it is silicone and silicone lasts forever as long as it is taken care of. The shape of it is comfortable to use and could be used all day and anywhere.

I am very happy with my purchase of the Mood Naughty large plug by Doc Johnson. It is body safe, pretty, velvety and can be used without worry of it getting lost internally or falling out. The Mood Naughty series of plugs is a great option to explore anal play for beginners and advanced users alike.

I can't find a single thing about this anal plug that I don't love. The silicone allows for flexibility while still being firm enough to easily insert. The base design is simply fantastic, fitting between the cheeks so comfortably. Overall, this plug is an absolute must for any fans of anal play!

The Mood Naughty Large Plug is a STEAL! Don't be scared by the word "large," as this plug could be more accurately described as a "medium" plug. If you are ready to move on from your small plug, this should be your first choice.

The large Mood Naughty plug is a fantastic step for intermediate anal players. The toy is smooth with no rough edges that might dig into your skin, and it's made of body-safe silicone. It's very comfortable and easy to use, and it's a good stepping stone from "very beginner" to "intermediate/advanced" toys. The base could stand to be about half an inch shorter on either side, but that's a rather minor complaint.

Overall, this is a great plug for anyone who is looking to upgrade from a smaller plug to something a bit larger without taking a huge leap in size. It's also pure silicone so it is nonporous and very easy to clean after use. I definitely recommend this to intermediate users looking for something a bit bigger than the average small butt plug.

The Mood Naughty Large Plug is incredibly phenomenal. The silicone material is smooth and velvety to the touch. I love the color and I really love how I can wear this butt plug for extended amounts of time and still be totally comfortable. The base is the BEST part of this delightful butt plug because it is so comfortable and shaped so perfectly. I highly recommend this butt plug to beginners just getting into anal play, as well as everyone else if you want to have extreme pleasure.

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