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25 reviews

Personally not my favorite due to the odd shape, but it is downright adorable. Everyone needs this even just as an artistic glass piece. This works great as a G-Spotter if that's what you like and the nubs are noticeable during insertion and removeing.

The Amber Wave was my first glass toy and it will definitely not be my last! I love everything about this toy. The texture, the shape, and even the appearance and design make it one of my favorite, most-used toys.

I think this toy could be fun for users of all experience levels. I am new to glass and I found the learning curve with this toy was minimal. That said, because it is also fairly thin it may not be satisfying for "size queens" or those looking for a more filling feeling. The head end of the snake does provide more fullness but it might not be enough for those who need girthier toys. I really enjoyed the different sensations the waves provide when thrusting or rocking.

This is a good dildo at a good price in a great material. Inexperienced users should stay away from the extreme curves but more seasoned users will love the g-spot stimulation this gives you.

All in all the Amber wave is definitely worth the money and I would recommend it to a couple or single use.

This is one artsy, curvy, fun toy. It looks intimidating, but it is easy to use with the two differently shaped ends. The Amber Wave is easy to grip, can be sanitized easily, and is pretty affordable. I love it, and I think that everyone one should have at least one unique toy in their toy box. This could definitely be that toy. I don't think that this would be great for size queens, but this could be a fun toy for both beginners and advanced users.

This toy is too pretty to be locked away. It works as a double ended dildo, a G-spot toy, is amazing for temperature play, and no one will ever wonder if you have lost your mind for displaying a sex toy as an objet d'art.

Even though I had a hard time going all the way with this toy, it still feels good and I like how different the toy can feel depending on how you use it or twist it.

I really never thought I would use the Amber Wave. It was a free glass toy with one of my purchases in the past. By the time I came around to testing it out, I had already learned that I would prefer my future glass toys to feature more nubs.

Whether you're new or been in the toy sense for a while, the Amber wave will be a very satisfying additional to your collection. Slender, made out of Pyrex glass, easy to clean, and extremely easy to conceal in plain sight, it won't disappoint you.

If you are new to glass, or a long time fan, I would enthusiastically recommend you add the Amber Wave to your collection! It's unusual snake-like design is beautiful to look at, and fells amazing! It is slender enough that even a beginner to glass should not feel intimidated. The price on this is fantastic for what you get in looks and functionality. Try it once, and this cute little snake will be your new best friend!

The Amber Wave is a snake like glass dildo. I wasn’t expecting to like this snake, but it worked well for me! It’s unfortunate because a glass dildo will or won’t work for you depending on your anatomy. For some reason, the snake liked my G-spot. I’d definitely suggest the Amber Wave if you are looking for a new shape to stimulate your G-spot. I also figured out some helpful tips for G-spot success!

Though this adorable dildo is probably better suited for beginners because of its slenderness, its curves provide a unique sensation for users of all levels. In addition, this hand-crafted beauty doesn't have to take up room in your toy box - it's discreet enough that it can be stored on a bookshelf or coffee table in full view of everyone!

I would have to say that Amber wave is the just about the perfect dildo. It can be displayed, so you can admire the beauty and no one will know what it is. It provides great stimulation to the G spot. And finally it is just so beautiful.

Overall the Amber Wave is a great toy that I would recommend to anyone. It's adorable, well made, and extremely pleasurable. Fairly easy to clean and works well with any lube, just be extra careful when the Amber gets wet, for it becomes super slippery.

I love the Amber wave. The Amber wave is like Jesus descended on his raptor, and designed a glass probe. There really isn't anything bad to say about her, except that she doesn't want to cuddle afterwards.

The Amber Wave is a different shaped glass dildo that can slither inside of you for a fun time. It is longer and thinner than most glass toys and has some nubs for added texture. The size makes this a good choice for all users, just remember that it isn't the safest for anal play.

This item is worth it because of the price, curves, and ease of cleaning. It is an overall good product.

While I was a little disappointed the color I received is not what I was expecting, I was not totally disappointed with Amber Wave's performance. With the curves, textured nubs, bulbous head, and "popping" eyeballs. Believe me when I say, that color was the last thing on my mind! This beautiful piece of glass did leave me wanting more girth though.

This double ended dildo provided me with my first squirting orgasm, the bends in this delicate piece of glass provide spot on g-spot stimulation and the coloring makes it a piece of artwork too beautiful not to display.

This is yet another gorgeous piece of art from SSA Glass. I love the design, colors, and price of this glass dildo. From the curvy body to the raised nubs, there is absolutely nothing I would want to change about this toy. It hugs my body in all the right places, it holds temperature very well, very little lubricant is needed, and it is 100% adorable. When I want to feel extremely naughty, I let this guy slither me right to an orgasm!

The Amber Wave is a dual-ended dildo with split personalities. One side has a beautiful snake head, the other a nubby tail. It's easy for this wavy wonder to have something that will please the user as long as you don't lose your grip when all lubed up!

This toy had so much promise. It could have been the toy to get me to fall in love with glass and rock my world. However, those amber-gold bumps on one side just ruined it for me.

A versatile treat for anyone, and an ideal introduction for those wanting to experiment with texture, the Amber Wave excels as a warm-up for larger toys, yet it's quite capable of getting the job done all on its own.

The Amber Wave is a dildo intended to look like a small snake. Because of this, the user will receive interesting sensations like the multiple curves of the body, the slender shaft of the dildo, the nubs on the body of the snake, and the head and the eyes of the snake. While it can be difficult to grasp once it's lubricated, it's a minor point when you consider all of the possibilities for pleasure that the Amber Wave will provide.

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