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Slippery Snake

This is a good dildo at a good price in a great material. Inexperienced users should stay away from the extreme curves but more seasoned users will love the g-spot stimulation this gives you.
Pleasing Curves
Bulbous Head
Great Material
Couldn't feel nubs internally
Extreme texture/shape limits users to more advanced users
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


This is a snake-shaped dildo made of glass. It is a dildo and does not vibrate. It is best suited for vaginal use. I would not recommend this for anal stimulation because it does not have a flared base. I also don't think it is the best shape for anal, even if it did have a safe base.

However, this toy is pretty versatile for vaginal use. It is double-ended and either side can be inserted first into the vagina. The head end is bulbous and the tail end is thin and tapered. Which end you like better will depend on your preferences.

You should be careful when using it to thrust because Pyrex glass is very hard and you could bruise yourself. Additionally, you may want to be careful when it comes to partner play with this toy because a partner could easily hurt you if they didn't realize how vigorous they were being with the toy.

Glass is very rigid and this toy is 9" long so you may find it's best to use this toy lying down or standing but not sitting-- it's just uncomfortable since the dildo is not flexible.

Glass is also great for temperature play. You can heat it up with warm water or cool it off with cold water or even ice. Avoid switching temperatures quickly though.
    • Solo
    • Temperature play

Material / Texture

Glass is a great material for toys. It is non-porous and very smooth. It does not retain bacteria, odors or tastes, and can be sterilized in numerous ways. Straight out of the package, it is odor and tatse-free.

You must be careful when using glass toys because they are hard and rigid, which could lead to injury if used too vigorously.

I know some people have apprehensions about using GLASS in their VAGINA. You do not have to worry about a toy breaking while inside your body. This glass is very strong and could break, like if you drop it on concrete or tile, but would not just snap like more delicate glass.

If it is dropped, Pyrex glass is designed to break into large chunks instead of shattering. Do NOT use this toy if it is cracked or chipped. So not worth it.

Glass is also good with lube. A little lube goes a loooong way with glass and it gets extremely slippery. For that same reason, be careful when using this in the shower. It is very hard to hold on to.

This is not exactly a realistic toy. It is shaped like a snake rather than a penis, but it does have a pronounced head. It has a "s" curve shape that is dotted with 12 nubs. Around the tail are four more nubs in a ring pattern. On the bulbous head are two dots-- one on either side of the head like eyes.

The nubs do add some stimulation, though not as much as I expected. You can't feel them internally all that much. What really adds stimulation is the snake like shape. The curves do crazy things for g-spot stimulation. Honestly, I thought this shape would feel weird, maybe even awkward or uncomfortable, but I was wrong. The curves felt really good vaginally and I was pleasantly surprised.

The curves and the bumps definitely make this a toy geared toward more advanced users. I don't think it would a great choice for a beginner.
    • Bumpy
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this was very surprisingly good. The pronounced, bulbous head felt great. I preferred inserting that end first. I didn't like the tapered tail end for vaginal stimulation all that much. It was just too small.

The nubs all down the curved shaft could not be felt very much when I used it internally. The "s" shape was felt very strongly though. The head and the curves definitely stimulated my g-spot.

One interesting feature of this toy is it feels totally different depending how it is inserted. It feels rather slim (which it is) if you insert it with the curves going top to bottom. If you twist it while playing or insert it with the curves going left to right, it feels completely different, more filling or girthy.

Insertable length:
4 1/4"
1 1/2"
11 oz

The size is not intimidating but the shape and extreme curves and texture rule out beginners as users.

This toy is pretty discreet. It doesn't look like a dildo. It basically just looks a like glass snake sculpture. I remember the first time I showed it to my partner. He thought it was funny and didn't believe it was a dildo at first. I think that makes it easier to introduce into a relationship.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Whimsical / artistic


The best part about this toy is the pronounced head and big curves. They felt amazing and made g-spot stimulation very easy. The nubs are probably felt more by others than they were by me, because they were essentially wasted on me.

Another downside of this toy is that it should only be used by more advanced users, which rules out a lot of people. Not super versatile.

Care and Maintenance

Glass is very easy to take care of. It can be cleaned almost any way-- soap and water, toy cleaner, dishwasher, bleach, etc. It is also compatible with all types of lube.

You must be careful not to drop it while cleaning it because glass becomes very slippery when wet. Make sure it doesn't hit anything else hard when putting it away and try not to drop it. If there are any chips or cracks, throw it away.

I store it in the bag it came in-- a velvet drawstring pouch, and then in a drawer. The bag is not padded but I am very careful.
    • Easy to clean


This came packaged in a red velvet drawstring bag and then wrapped in bubble wrap. The bag is not padded but I still use it.
Follow-up commentary
This is a fun toy. While I do not recommend glass to new users or this particular shape to people new to glass, it is great for those with a little experience or maybe looking for something new and different. I couldn't feel the nubs internally but the bulbous head felt amazing and the "s" curves were new and different feeling.
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  • VeganChick (is Gone)
    Ha! I'd never seen this one. Thanks so much for the review. I think this is too cute to put in my vagina, though.
  • misskat
    Haha thanks for reading, VeganChick!
  • mpfm
    I love the look of this, but have never picked it up. I'll put it on my list. Thanks for the review.
  • misskat
    @mpfm- keep your eyes out for glass sales! You should be able to pick it up at a great price
  • spiced
    Thanks for the detailed and thorough review. This looks like a great toy for someone who thinks they have everything. It's definitely something different.
  • Rossie
    Thank you for the helpful review. This is an interesting dildo, I haven't tried a wiggly one like this yet!
  • misskat
    Thank you for reading everyone!
  • LoveX
    Thanks for the review!
  • misskat
    Welcome! Thanks LoveX!
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