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Slither Into Pleasure

The Amber Wave is a dildo intended to look like a small snake. Because of this, the user will receive interesting sensations like the multiple curves of the body, the slender shaft of the dildo, the nubs on the body of the snake, and the head and the eyes of the snake. While it can be difficult to grasp once it's lubricated, it's a minor point when you consider all of the possibilities for pleasure that the Amber Wave will provide.
Two different ends for two different sensations, looks like a piece of art, slender and textured.
Can be difficult to grasp when lubricated.
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The Amber Wave was intended for vaginal use. It is a dildo, so it does lack in vibrations. This was not intended for anal use because it doesn't have a flared base. You could choose to use this for clitoral stimulation, but it won't add much that a finger couldn't already do.

Another use is actually to use this as a piece of decorative art. When pulled out of the box, my boyfriend didn't even realize that this was a sex toy. The Amber Wave ends up looking like a a little snake. While it would be difficult to prop this up at a height that would fully show off the details of this glass sex toy, it could be kept out in the open without too many assumptions about what it is for.

The curves in the g-spot were meant as additional texture - not as intentional g-spot positions. The tail-goes-first position of using this dildo, however, does provide a small little curve at the end of the dildo that could work for g-spot pleasure depending on where your g-spot is located.

Material / Texture

The Amber Wave is made from a Pyrex glass. Pyrex glass differs from regular glass in that it is more resistant to large temperature changes. It can be moved from extreme temperatures without as much chance of the toy getting injured, but doing such still isn't recommended. Pyrex glass also tends to break in half or break into large pieces instead of chipping off at little pieces in the corner which makes it a lot more safe to use because it'll be much easier to tell if your dildo has been harmed if it's sitting in two pieces. This dildo will not, under any circumstances, break inside the vagina though, so that should not be a worry.

The Amber Wave feels really, really sleek. There aren't any cracks or divets that would make this glass dildo have more drag to it. The material allows for the body's natural lubrication to work wonderfully for use, and in most cases, very little lubricant will be required to use this. It's an extremely firm dildo since it's made of glass, and you shouldn't expect it to have any give to it. However, because of the small girth, this should should be extremely easy to insert.

The Amber Wave does have a bit of texture to it. The back of the "snake" includes little bumps that will provide a bit of texture during use as well as the head of the snake has little bumps for eyes that will provide a bit of texture as well. Those little bumps may be uncomfortable for a very beginner, but for most people, the bumps are going to feel quite pleasurable.

Design / Shape / Size

The Amber Wave dildo is shaped like a little snake. The little snake is about nine inches long, but all that of that can be inserted at one time. At its widest point (which is from one eye to the other eye), it's an about an inch in diameter. Most of the toy has less-than-an-inch diameter which makes it extremely easy for most sex toys users to take. This may not be filling to some advanced sex toy users however because of the small diameter.

The little snake has multiple curves throughout his body. This will provide an interesting texture compared to other glass dildos that the user may have already used. On the back of the snake is little bumps (colored yellow) that will also add a bit of pleasure though I honestly couldn't feel them during use. The head of the snake is larger than his body, and it is colored with a swirl red that is only easy to see when you look him straight-on. If you look at him from above, like the product picture does, it may be difficult to see the swirls. The snake's eyes are dyed a slightly darker color red than the rest of the snake's head. At the bottom of his tail, the snake has a line of bumps that go all the way around the snake's body instead of just up his spine.

Since the little snake looks like a piece of art instead of a glass dildo, I'd call this suitable for discreet instances. A child could easily run off with this and you wouldn't feel uncomfortable about trying to explain what it is.


This dildo can function as dildo with two separate ends. This isn't long to be a dildo to share with a partner, but it is long enough to give you enough space to hold onto the dildo comfortably and still have enough left of the length to be usable.

Whatever end you choose to use depends upon your preference. The boyfriend and I actually had a discussion since neither end really seems more suited towards the insertion than the other end. Both ends seem to provide a unique sensation that is different than the opposite side.

The side with the snake head ends up feeling a tad bit more filling because of the head that is being used. The head makes more of a presence known during use, and if used shallowly will feel really pleasurable in the first couple inches of insertion. The nubs of the snake's eyes can be felt in some of the more sensitive tissue of the vagina which adds to the sensation of the Amber Wave. The nubs aren't noticeable during use, but the user can definitely feel the curves of the dildo during use. It's not very pronounced since not as many curves will be inserted, but it can still be felt. The little line of bumps around the tail helps with the friction of gripping the toy but doesn't provide much help.

The side with the tail-first seems to be much more tailored to g-spot pleasure since the end of the tail leaves with a curve in it. The small dildo size makes it easy for most sex toy users to take this without any sort of problem. Since the curves are all that the the shaft is, the curves are much more noticeable using this end. The curves provide an interesting sensation that most other glass dildos won't provide, and it will end up being quite pleasurable for most users. The tipped tail ended up brushing against my g-spot which made the use of this end more pleasurable. The nubs around the body of the toy around the tail was a bit more noticeable, but it didn't provide much. The head of the snake, when used in this position, provides a much better grip if the toy is lubricated.

Regardless of which end is inserted, the toy can get to be a bit slippery and difficult to handle if it becomes covered in lubricant. Keeping a towel nearby during use to wipe off the handle-portion of the dildo and your hand will make using this dildo much easier.

Care and Maintenance

Since this is a glass sex toy, care should be taken to make sure that the toy is not dropped or chipped in anyway. The toy can get slippery during soap and cleaning in the sink, so I recommend you be extra careful with the handling while cleaning. If the glass gets a chip or breaks, you should not continue to use it. While glass can be extremely hard to chip, it does happen sometimes, so if it does, throw away the toy or use it purely for art instead of a sex toy.

Glass can be sterilized, so this just has to be sterilized in a chemical solution to clean it. I recommend against boiling it since glass dildos usually dislike strong temperatures. Since this is glass, all types of lubricant can be used for use.

For storage, this should be stored in the pouch that came with it, or if you have a padded pouch, that would be the best place to store it to keep it from harm. This should be kept away from extra temperatures or places where it could roll from a tall height and receive harm.


The Amber Wave dildo comes in a little baggie that is intended for storage. The bag is made from polyester and cotton and fits the dildo perfectly. The pouch is a drawstring pouch, and it feels like it is lined with satin on the inside of the pouch. The outside of the pouch is a purple color while the inside is a hot pink. There is no emblem or identifying markers on the outside of the pouch which makes this very discreet as well.

This pouch appears to be the same pouch that EdenFantasys uses for selling as their own product pouch. The pouch, while being very soft and luxurious-feeling, does not have any padding on it, so this pouch should not be expected to keep the glass from harm should it fall. However, this pouch does serve as an attractive manner to store the Amber Wave as well as a way to keep the glass dildo from getting any scratches.

Personal comments

I would like to add that we find this dildo downright adorable. So adorable, in fact, that Jor doesn't want me putting it anywhere near my crotch, so I have to use it when he's not looking. He wants to display it out in our living room like art, and honestly if you look at it, it looks like art - not a dildo. We've named it Ekens off of Pokemon. Adorable. :)

This dildo is just a freakin' piece of art. Really. I'm in love with it. Not only does it function as a sex toy, it functions as the most adorable glass dildo I've ever owned. This will hold a treasured place in my toy chest. (Or my living room. Not sure yet.)
Follow-up commentary
The Amber Wave is still an amazing dildo that I enjoy using. Not so much for sexual purposes, but for the boyfriend's amusement. We keep it out on a shelf because he just loves the fact that it's shaped like a snake (he has a love for snakes.) For that reason, it ends up getting picked up and randomly moved around the apartment for one of us to find. Despite being dropped a couple times on those adventures, the dildo still looks amazing.

I've since purchased other SSA Glass dildos as well. I seriously can't recommend them enough. Amazing quality, amazing price. If you want to experiment with glass, it's a great way to go.
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