Fling ergonomic two finger

Dildo discontinued
by Nob essence

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Fling ergonomic two finger reviews

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I think it would be good for a beginner or an advanced g-spot toy . I would suggest this toy if you are curious about wood, since it is a very unique material. It is hard and unyielding like metal or glass, but it weighs almost nothing. It is a bit uncomfortable to insert at first because of the large head, but I'm pretty happy with mine and I think it's a great toy. I like the handle a lot, but I just wish (when the handle is upright) that the head were tilted more towards my g-spot.

I was Leary of wood at first, but I am so glad that I got over it. Wood works for temperature play it warms up to your body. The design of this piece works great for persons with carpal tunnel or weakened wrists or hands. It does cause orgasms so have your towel handy!

If you put your fingers just right, he massages you in that perfect spot where you want it the most. Made from wood from Central America, his grains and luster make me wonder if they are 3D. The Fling is a thing of beauty that with some minor care will last a life time. He'd make the perfect gift for partner or solo play. A jaw dropping, awe inspiring toy that makes you feel like Mother Nature herself.

The Only Fling For Me!

The NobEssence fling is an ergonomically designed dildo that can be used for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. There is finger placement for two at the base, so it's completely anal safe. It's available in four color options which will also reflect what type of wood you purchase. The wood does have a non porous finish on the outside, but this does have an after taste. This stunning work of art can be all yours, but it comes at a high price.

I'd like to recommend this wooden sex toy to you, but I can't recommend it to me. My obtrusive pubic bone and the Fling collided, while the fingerholds simply weren't positioned in a way that worked for me. Although wood is light and rigid, I guess I prefer something smaller for pinpoint stimulation and either heavier or softer. On the other hand, it's high quality and attractive toy that offers an experience like no other. My faults and peculiarities won't necessarily stop you from loving it.

I Have Never Been Flung Before...

Fling is a wonderful wooden dildo! This was my very first, and I have bought more after experiencing the rigid pleasures that Fling delivers time and time again. The handle not only makes this anal safe, but it also provides an ergonomic way to properly thrust Fling against the G-spot or P-spot. The bulbous head is gently curved upward, and it fits me to a T. This squirt machine is something that I will never be without.

NobEssence's Fling is a gorgeous, ergonomically shaped G and P-spot wooden dildo that is so smooth and lightweight. Sadly, this user needs more length and curve for her G-spot to be happy. However, if you know absolutely that the design of this beautiful and expensive toy will work for you, you'll be in heaven.

The Fling is a gorgeous wooden G-spotter that's easy to use, both solo and with a partner. It provides the same intense internal sensations as the Njoy Pure Wand, but is lighter, more travel-friendly, and easier to use for long periods of time. I'd highly recommend it for G-spot explorers and eco-sex connoisseurs alike.

This beautiful wooden dildo is perfectly suited to partner or solo play. Its elegant contours give it a wide head with a very thin stem that widens out again into a full handle with finger loops. This toy is hand made with grace and care. Don't be scared by the thought of using a wooden dildo. Nob Essence toys are specially coated. They won't give you splinters and can be sterilized as well.

NobEssence is the leader in wood sculptures and now I know why. The Fling is the first toy to work magic for me that didn't have a hook curve or vibrations or something really fancy going on. It's simple and yet amazing. The wood design is artfully crafted and each piece will be unique from all others. The wood material is firm and creates great amounts of pressure. The light weight of the material makes this a better option for me than metal or glass that can wear on my wrists.

While I won't be replacing my Pure Wand with this for g-spot stimulation, Fling does have a permanent home in my travel bag. I've learned the hard way that you never know when you might really REALLY need to get off and that just like American Express you should never leave home without a sex toy or two. Since this does not look like a dildo and weighs so very little I have no reservations about taking it with me - I shall not fear my mother or the TSA when either one goes snooping.

The Fling Ergonomic Two Finger by Nob Essence is an absolutely beautiful, hand-sculpted g-spot or prostate stimulator. Its firm and unyielding pressure will thrill in your hands or in the hands of your partner, with a design that truly feels like an extension of your own body.

What a PLEASURABLE surprise!

This is one of the top toys on this website. It is pricey, but the pleasure you get is incredible. I show this toy off because it's like no other toy out there!

If you haven't yet given your body the pleasure of using a wooden dildo, you owe it to yourself to splurge. Unfortunately with a higher price tag it doesn't make it possible for everyone to have one in their toy collection – but the generous Eden points do help get you closer. The Fling truly is a piece of art!

The Nobessence Fling is a toy for those who want something special and more mature out of their toys. The Fling has no frills, per-sae (other than a glorious design and excellent materials), but is perfectly crafted to be an amazing g-spot (or p-spot) massager to use on a partner. Its curves are sophisticated, and while it is expensive, it is amazing.

Beautiful and functional, the NobEssence Fling is a unique piece. The hole in its base allows for easy two-fingered control while stimulating your g-spot, whether it’s in your control or your partner’s. Slick and easy to use, this is a dildo that with proper care will last for a long time and provide pleasure for years.

Despite its size, I was pleasantly surprised when my pussy enveloped the wooden head, pulling it deep inside me and leaving me with a wonderful sense of fullness. Once inserted, the two-finger has a very small range of motion; however it quickly became evident that this particular fact wouldn't be an issue.

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