Fling ergonomic two finger - dildo sex toy by Nob essence - review by Woman China

Mother Nature made me do it!!!

If you put your fingers just right, he massages you in that perfect spot where you want it the most. Made from wood from Central America, his grains and luster make me wonder if they are 3D. The Fling is a thing of beauty that with some minor care will last a life time. He'd make the perfect gift for partner or solo play. A jaw dropping, awe inspiring toy that makes you feel like Mother Nature herself.
He is ingenious, hard, wooden, my g-spot LOVES him
No storage pouch, price is a little much but worth it
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extremely useful review


Do you have a g-spot? Do you have a p-spot?

If you answer is yes to one of these questions, then this Fling is something you need to take a gander at.

Do you like pretty things? Do you like hard things? Do you like a thing Fling in your snatch or up your bum? Do you like pretty patterns?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then this Fling thing is something you need to take a look at.

Do you like easier to care for things? Do you like to play with toys in the bath tub? Do you like your adult toys to be safe, lube compatible and just really pretty to look at?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then this thing Fling is something you need to take a looky loo at.

Do you like lots of pressure against your g-spot or p-spot but fingers or your hands get just a little achy from the sometimes awkward position you have to hold your toy?

If you answered yes to this question, then this Fling thing is something you really should take a gander at.

Grrr! I am out of those corny and cheesy TV advertiser questions!! In any case let's carry on!

And in my head I am so wearing the combover wig, the fake giant mustache, the cheek implants, and the big pearly white teeth with the blue suit and red tie, and yes. Even the pinky ring.

Although, I would look better in a hat.

What are you wearing?

Material / Texture

The Fling is made out of wood. And he is uber smooth!!!

That about covers it!!

You want more??? Ok. I'll give you more. But remember... you asked for it.

I am finding it very difficult to remain unbiased here in this review. My vagina has fallen quite head over heals in utter and hopeless lust with this thing. I will try to keep my opinions out of here till the end. No promises though.

Originally I wanted to buy the burgundy Fling because I mean... who doesn't want what looks like cherry wood in their body? But EF was all sold out, so I bought the brown colouring.

This is made out of one of the most gorgeous materials known to mankind. No not amber or jelly beans silly! But wood! And cocobolo wood to be exact. This wood is unique because of the colourings of an orangey to a deep reddish brown. I love the grain in the wood on my Fling. It almost looks 3D. Usually this wood is found found throughout Central America, particularly in Nicaragua, Panama, and parts of Mexico.

And because the wood resonates, it is used for musical instruments like guitars or xylophones (something about the oil in the wood... I don't fully understand but it was a really neat read if you would like some more information].

I have to say that when I bought my first Lelo toy (Isla) and held him in my hands I was stunned at how he felt. And nothing really has compared to me for that initial sensation of a brand new toy. But.. even though Isla is no longer used, that memory lived on. And now? It has been totally and lovingly replaced with my Fling.

To feel Fling in your hands for the first time... it is like holding a statue for the very first time. To feel all those curves along his body, the swell of his head, the deep line of his neck... well... he feels like the most luxurious thing I own... if not even more so.

The only way I can really describe what he feels like is in this manner; Slicked and heavily lubed up glass. That is the only way I've been able to describe him.

He has no taste, but be warned. I wash and rinse WELL. I have found that some toys tastes and some soaps will "cling" to toys. So make sure you rinse your toys more than you think you have too. I am saddened to say that he has no smell, which is sad for me as I was reading that the natural scent of cocobolo is almost sweet and floral. But if he has a scent he probably wouldn't be waterproof.

Design / Shape / Size

He is a perfectly streamlined toy that is ergonomically perfect.
Fling: Up close and personal
You get this hole at one end for your fingers.

And if you are like me, you've probably had a few toys with "handles" that really did nothing for you. They were odd to hold onto, they made your fingers ache... but meet this Fling.

When I first held him in my hands, I had no idea how to hold him. It took some strange maneuvering to figure it out. But then I got it.
Fling: How to hold curled
I have tried to explain with words how to hold onto him, but I don't know how to properly explain it, so that is why I've give you some pictures.
Fling: How to hold
The way I have my fingers positioned on the toy work great for masturbation. Your fingers rest comfortably in the holes, giving you the chance to curl your fingers up to apply as much or as little pressure on your g-spot as you like.

And take a look at that head. That g-spot swell with the thin neck? I was hesitant at first as I'd never had a toy like this before. I have always enjoyed the thicker necks of toys as then I knew my g-spot was massaged and I didn't need to worry about finding the exact point where my g-spot is. I just had to angle toys and thrust and my g-spot was massaged and was very simple for me to have a g-spot orgasm in that manner.

But then I tried the Fling. He forced me to pay more attention to find out exactly where my g-spot was because of his thinner neck. With the gentle slope of the head you can have pin point stimulation or more broader stimulation. Because of his shape you can swivel the toy inside of you or more as well.

To be honest, this shape is what put me off buying the Fling before now. But I do stand by my initial question of, "Do you have a g-spot?" If you answered yes, you might want to look at this toy. He is... he has become... I love vibrators for my g-spot. But I think I love this guy a little more. I think he would be perfect for any g-spot owner.

And for p-spot play? I know he would be safe for you to use anally, but I can only assume he'd work just as well for you as women. I just do not have a man who will let me find out!

My Fling is about seven and a quarter inches in total length, with about four inches insertable, and five inches in circumference at his head. As I've mentioned before, I have "man hands" and I found the fit on my fingers, perfect.


The best part about the Fling... is the Fling. The toy is pretty much perfect just the way he is.

Now if Njoy were to come out with a stainless steel version of the Fling? I'd be standing in line and I would wait and wait. But I'd be all over that thing like I am in a tea shop with unlimited funds. Oh! What a dream!!! Unlimited funds in a tea shop!!! Er... I mean a kid at a candy shop.

For me, I like toys with a little bit of a weight to them, and the Fling is quite the light weight. But do not let that bother you all that much. Every time I have used Fling, I have had a g-spot orgasm with little to no effort needed.

I'd also love to see a storage pouch for him included in the price. He is such a work of art that he does need protection.

He is 100% waterproof, but if you accidently drop him and he gets a dent, drop him into a bowl of water for about thirty minutes. If the dent is darker than the surrounding wood, please stop using him. This means that his Lubrosity finish is damaged. And if that is damaged, it is no longer non porous, or useable as bacteria and all those little fuglies can build a colony in there to try to take over the world!!!

A Lubrosity finish means that the toy is waterproof (therefore no splinters), shareable if you clean it between uses with antibacterial soap or a bleach solution (10%), front and back door useable too!!! Just remember... front to back is a-ok but back to front is run to the OGBYN!

Care and Maintenance

You clean Fling pretty much the same way you'd clean a silicone dildo. Toss in the sink, some hot water and soap and bob's your uncle! Clean!!! Because I am in love with Fling, I do take a towel to him and dry him rather than let him air dry.

Please be warned, that just like silicone toys, scents can stick for a little while to the toy, so be sure to rinse extra well.

You can use any lube with him; water, oil or even silicone. I found him similar to glass in this regard, where only a little drop of lube is needed.

It's been a little while that I've had my Fling, and I cannot bring myself to store him because he is just so pretty to look at. But if I were to store him, I would store him in the microfibre cloth bag I made for him.


Fling- Packaging
This is the packaging he comes in. A very heavy duty cardboard sliding box, with a soft almost velvety inner where the Fling rests bound by some elastics. he has a foam pad over top of him to prevent damage and a small little card.

I would say most certainly this box can be used as gift giving or storage. It is a very unassuming box and unless someone had a wooden sex toy, they'd have no idea what this is.

This box could be taped up and used as a shipping box, or used to travel with the Fling. But, to save on room, I'd suggest putting him in a storage pouch and tossing him in your suitcase when it comes to travel. As for leaving him out and his ability to be discreet? He is not discreet, so make sure you always put him away before company comes over.

Personal comments

Fling: International Comparison
Left to right; Venus Razor with an original head, tube of Burt's Bee's Lip Balm, Fling, Maybelline's Falsies Mascara.
Fling: Let's compare!

When I first opened the box and I held the Fling in my hands, I was uncertain if I was going to like him. After all, he is shorter than I expected, a narrower neck and had a handle. I have arthritis in my joints, and after handling the Icicles No. 24 and the G4 toys by Fun Factory (all which have handles), my fingers arched and hurt and needed to be massaged to get rid of the pain.

Not to mention, I'm usually a full foot taller than most people I know in North America and I've big hands. I was worried that I'd not find the fit of the Fling's handle to my liking and I would have wasted all those points.

So I washed him up, and I cleaned him up, and then I sat down and tried to figure out how to hold him. At first, I held him upside while trying to play, and it pinched my joint something fierce. That is when I started to turn and to figure out just how to hold him. And then? My g-spot fell in love with it's Prince and they lived happily ever after.

The End.
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