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NobEssence is the leader in wood sculptures and now I know why. The Fling is the first toy to work magic for me that didn't have a hook curve or vibrations or something really fancy going on. It's simple and yet amazing. The wood design is artfully crafted and each piece will be unique from all others. The wood material is firm and creates great amounts of pressure. The light weight of the material makes this a better option for me than metal or glass that can wear on my wrists.
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If you haven't tried a wood toy, or should I say sculpture, the Fling is a great place to start. It is made by NobEssence, the leader in wood sculptures. Each piece is hand crafted and thus will be totally unique. Because of this there will be slight differences between what you see in the pictures here and what you get if you order one, though the general shape and design will remain the same.

Fling is unique in its design due not only to the different sort of bulge at the head, but also because of the two fingered handle. The shape of the design allows for G spot stimulation while the handle allows for incredible ergonomics.

This toy isn't technically "flared" at the base, but it does increase in size due to the handle. Because of this it can probably safely be used anally by experienced anal users. Since it is not a true flare, this is not a toy to test limits with. Vaginally, care should be taken not to thrust too hard. While it is not metal or glass, the material is still harder and there is always potential for damage to the cervix with a harder material.

Fling seems best as a solo toy since the handle is easiest to hold from an upward position. This doesn't make it unsuitable for partner use, but I have found that it is best for individual sessions as opposed to partner ones.

Material / Texture

Fling is made of wood. This puts it at a nine on the safety scale. The trees that make the wood of the Fling are actually grown by the company that makes the piece in the Tropical American Tree Farms. If you're concerned about splinters - don't be! NobEssence spends a great deal of time on their sculptures to make sure they are smoothed out. They have also coated the toy in a special polymer sealant. Where most sealants will break down over time, NobEssence's sealant is waterproof and body safe and should last a lifetime. Since water can't be absorbed, splinters won't form.

Wood is a hard material, but unlike its glass and steel counterparts it is very lightweight. This makes it easier to handle than other hard materials. The lightweight feel almost makes it feel like it should be less hard, but don't be fooled. There's no give or bend to the material. It's a great material for those that seek something firm. For those that prefer something softer, wood is probably not the best material.

Th finish is glossy with no texture. The color I have is listed as "brown" on Eden, but according to NobEssence it is made of Laurel wood. The surface is mostly smooth, but a few little bumps can be felt on the finish. This is to be expected as it is a natural material and every single bump can't be smoothed away. The glossy finish allows for easy insertion with only a small amount of lubrication.

The smell of the sculpture is similar to that of a wood cabinet or dresser. You can smell the wood but also the sealant. According to NobEssence, this smell will not transfer to the body. There is no taste to the toy.

My general rule of thumb is that extremely hard toys don't make good "first toys." However, once you've used a few toys and know your body well enough to avoid injury and know that a firm material is for you, wood is a material you should take a very good look at. It's a great addition to a collection. It offers the firmness of glass and metal but is much easier to handle due to the weight. The lack of texture makes this a great first wood piece.

Design / Shape / Size

Keep in mind with these measurements that each piece will have some variation. The product page lists the length at 7.5". Mine comes in at 7". The insertable length is listed as 4.5" while I measured around 4". The diameter if measured from the front is 1.5". However, when turned to the side it does measure the listed 1.75" in diameter. My diagram was done from the front and lists the 1.5" that it measures from than angle. Do note that the widest diameter is actually 1.75". At the smallest point, the diameter gets to 3/8". The handle is 2" in diameter.

Here you can see Fling in my hands for size reference. I took pictures from both angles so you can see how it is wider from one side.

Side that is 1.5" diameter:

Side that is 1.75" diameter:

I generally prefer toys from 1"-1.5" in diameter. Fling's size worked perfectly for me. While it measures a bit larger from one side than my general preference, it was easy to insert for a 1.75" toy and the taper down means this didn't cause a stretched or overly full feeling. It provided just the right amount of a full sensation without being too much.

The size of Fling will be best for intermediate to advanced users. It may be a bit large for a beginner and does cause a bit of a pop when first inserted. The finish allows it to insert easily, but as a first toy or for someone not used to insertable toys a smaller size may be better.

The size is small enough to allow Fling to be easily stowed away. It's also easy to travel with.

Fling features a bulge at the head, but it is slightly different than other bulges. Rather than a simple bulge, it is a bulge with a curve downward. This is what creates pressure on the G spot. It then tapers to a very small diameter quickly. From there, it bulges back out to form the handle. The handle is cut out in the middle and curved so that two fingers will fit into it for holding and rocking the toy back and forth.

The design is very effective, but more on that in Performance.

I feel like this is somewhat discreet. The head does have a sex toy feel to me, but the wood material and unique design of the handle almost make this feel more like an art piece than a sex toy. For someone unfamiliar with sex toys, this could probably easily be passed over as decoration. For a more well versed person, this may be figured out.


Before we get to the good stuff, let's talk ergonomics. Fling is a two finger operated toy. All you need to do is slip two fingers into the handle of this and sort of push back and forth to create a rocking motion. The cut out is sizable enough to fit fingers large and small. I wasn't sure about the handle when I saw it, but when my fingers slipped into the handle I knew it was a perfect design. Instead of having to grasp onto something, you use the base of the fingers to create motion. This seems to not only be totally effective but proved to be very easy on my bad wrist. This is quite possibly the most ergonomic dildo ever. It flows perfectly to how the hand would naturally form around it.

Now that you know how great the handle works, I bet you can only begin to imagine how amazing the internal design is. The quick taper down of the head is very noticeable during use. It's also noticeable how one side is wider than the other. Most importantly, the way it curves puts pressure in all the right places. When held from the handle, the curve comes upward into the body. The curve is light but effective.

Let me tell you a little about my body. My G spot is very picky. In order to get a G spot orgasm I require very extreme hook shaped curves. Out of many G spot toys I have tried, only four have worked for me (Pure Wand, DeLight, G-Ki, SinFive Flow). I did not get this with any intention of it getting close to my G spot as a bulged head normally not only doesn't give me a G spot orgasm but doesn't even hit my G spot. This one actually did! I can't explain why. It wasn't exactly the same type of orgasm that I get from my other G spot toys, but it was very apparent that it did manage to stimulate my G spot in a different sort of way. Something about the curve combined with the bulge of this just plain works.

Now, I can't promise it will work for everyone. What I can say is that if bulged heads normally work for you this will likely be amazing. If they don't, it's still well worth the shot because there just seems to be something special about the design of this one.

Care and Maintenance

Wood can be cleaned with gentle soap and water or toy cleaner. While the wood is waterproof, you probably shouldn't let it sit and soak in water. To sanitize, you can wipe it down with alcohol or a bleach and water mixture. You can also use peroxide.

All lubricants are okay to use with Fling. Oil, water, and silicone lubes are compatible with the material.

You can use the box it comes in for storage. This is a bulky option, so you can also keep it in a pouch or baggie.


Fling comes in a large box that is a grey-green-ish color and brown. The box slides open to reveal a yellow padding which Fling is placed underneath. There is a small insert that has some information on the toy as well as care instructions. It does have a naked woman photographed on it, though it is done in a tasteful manner.

The packaging is discreet and can be used for storage. It is large and you will need extra space if you plan to use it that way. It can be used for gifting since it is discreet. The instructions included are useful for care of the toy.

Personal comments

If you're looking for a first wood toy, Fling is just simply incredible. It's smooth in texture so it makes for a great start. The curve is as perfect as it gets and should fit most people. The size may be a bit much for someone brand new to toys, but for intermediate to advanced users the size should not pose an issue. In fact, those that prefer larger size may find themselves wishing it were larger. The eco-friendly, high quality wood is just a marvelous material and should be something everyone has in their collection.


I knew I wanted a wood piece and was actually hoping to get a different NobEssence piece as my first - the Smooth S Shape. However, it was out of stock and Fling came highly recommended. I was unsure of the size but decided to give it a shot. Am I ever glad I did! This is not only pretty much the best dildo I have every purchased, but possibly the best toy in general.

There is very little thrusting needed with Fling. Small rocking motions are all that is required to create a big effect. Pair that with even the lightest of clitoral stimulation and it's like waves crashing all around me. Really, I cannot express in words how simply amazing this thing is. I wish I could because this is! I'm usually the type that needs substantial vibrations but with Fling I didn't miss them one bit! Since I got this, I have been reaching for it nearly every session. Even if I have other toys to use or test, this one comes along with me. In fact, I find it hard to put this one down to move on to something else. I could probably literally play with my Fling for hours (or until I just passed out).

Not only does it feel amazing, but I am completely won over by the ergonomics and light weight. While I love my Pure Wand, the weight of it limits my ability to use it with my bad wrists. I can use this for extended periods and not even notice it in my wrist. I'm big on ease of use and this is just a great design.

I cannot think of one thing I don't love about Fling. Literally, not a con to be found. It's made of safe material, eco-friendly, feels amazing, easy to use, and totally unique - even from other Fling's. What's not to love?
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