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Got Wood?

If you haven't yet given your body the pleasure of using a wooden dildo, you owe it to yourself to splurge. Unfortunately with a higher price tag it doesn't make it possible for everyone to have one in their toy collection – but the generous Eden points do help get you closer. The Fling truly is a piece of art!
~ Devine colours
~ Solid smooth timber
~ G-spot
~ Extremely easy to care for
~ Could be a little longer
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

Why on earth did I wait so long to try a wooden dildo? Two main reason come to mind – they are highly priced for something that doesn't vibrate and I didn't realise they would be much different from a standard rigid dildo. My world has been opened to a number of different types of toys and I'll never knock wood again! If you have the money to spare it's definitely worth investing in one of these gorgeous toys.



The beautiful Fling Ergonomic Two Finger dildo is hand crafted wooden sculpture by NobEssence and proudly USA made. The Padauk timber is hypoallergenic, chemical/bacteria resistant, water resistant and works great with any choice of lubricants. Being a natural material each toys is unique with a character of its own. To prolong the life of the timber and make it safe for inserting they have been coated in NobEssence' exclusive Lubrosity™ coating.
The Fling is 100% odor free.


I wanted awhile for the Burgundy to be in stock at the same time I was placing an order. It took awhile, but well worth the wait. Eden also sells them in Beige, Brown and Caramel.

The Fling is smooth with a very slight grainy texture in some places. There are some fine grooves in places where you can run a finger nail in, but they are very shallow and aren't detectable when inserted. I can barely feel them with my fingers. I'm not worried about anything getting in them cause they are all sealed and so shallow there is nothing to be concerned about. On the underside just near the handle is a NobEssence logo stamped into the timber. It looks somewhat like a wishbone in shape.



The Fling has an ergonomic shape designed to give maximum pressure to the g-spot. This bulging tip measures 5” in circumference and gradually slopes down to a slim neck causing a teardrop shape. The neck is rather thin at only 1 ½” girth which tended to bother me when I first pulled it from the box. It then steadily grows again to form another teardrop figure for the handle at 5 ¾” circumference. In the middle of the handle are two finger shaped holes that are sloped on angle. I found the most comfortable way is to place my first two fingers into the top with the palm of my hand facing the g-spot end. It's comfortable enough with the palm facing away, but because of the angle the holes slope it just feel more natural the first way. There are no rough or corner edges around the finger holes so there's no discomfort at all. The entire length is 7” with 3 ½” insertable.

top side



Wooden dildos are simple to care for. Wash with anti-bacterial soap and water or toy cleaner after each use. It shouldn't be boiled or placed in the dishwasher, but can be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution. Never use anything abrasive on your new toy! Because the Fling doesn't attract hair or lint like silicone does an anti-bacterial wipe will also do a decent job.

Unfortunately the Fling doesn't come with a pouch, but does arrive in a nice box that is perfect as storage.

The two toned cardboard box is so solid (as well as heavy) that it almost feels like timber and comes surrounded by a white cardboard sleeve. The only information on the outside of the box is a sticker placed on one end. This could easily be removed making it totally discreet. After sliding the box open you're presented with a thick layer of foam which protects the top of the Fling. All other sides are padded and lined with a white, very short haired type of velvet. There are two pieces of hat elastic which holds the dildo firmly in place. Although the box is a lot larger than the actual toy it really is too nice to throw out – especially with the effort the company went to, to line it so well.
There was a folded piece of cardboard with a naked chick on the front which tells you a little bit about the company, process gone into creating such a beautiful piece of art and basic information on caring for the dildo.


in packaging


Although this dildo is crafted with the female body in mind for pleasuring the g-spot, if you're able to take on the size it could work well for massaging the p-spot too. The small neck and large flared out teardrop handle should prevent the toy from being totally sucked in with anal use. I'd still keep a firm grip on the handle while experimenting until you know for sure how your body is going to react. If you plan on sharing between people (not fluid bonded) or orifices, then a condom will prevent breaking the mood by having to stop to wash the toy. The smooth g-spot bulge could be rubbed against the clit or even to work knotted muscles using a little massage oil. Timber retains body heat well as it's a natural insulator.
The Fling surface is so smooth that it requires very little lube.


Note to self – Never dismiss a foreign material until you actually try it. You never know what you could be missing out on.
The only thing I would have changed is the length. I'd like just an inch or so more of insertable length to play with, but it's not a big enough con to mark it down at all.
I prefer to insert the Fling with the g-spot bulge face down cause I find it more comfortable that way if I just use my thumb to hook the handle while thrusting. This still gives me plenty of g-spot stimulation.

I'm giving this love affair 5 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I'm still in love with my Fling. I think that love is a little more visual than usage wise, but it's still a fantastic dildo for hitting that g-spot. The colour and shape are simply divine.

I'm still hoping to add plenty more wooden toys to me collection - just biding my time for some more unique shapes to come available!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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