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The Only Fling For Me!

The NobEssence fling is an ergonomically designed dildo that can be used for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. There is finger placement for two at the base, so it's completely anal safe. It's available in four color options which will also reflect what type of wood you purchase. The wood does have a non porous finish on the outside, but this does have an after taste. This stunning work of art can be all yours, but it comes at a high price.
Color/Wood options, ergonomic design, finger placement, beautiful, and effective.
Light weight, finish taste, size (for some), and price.
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Fling is and ergonomically designed wooden dildo. It has finger placement for two and a curved shaft for G-spot and P-spot stimulation. Making it a great option for all anatomies. The finger placement is a handle therefore making Fling anal safe, but do keep a good grip on it. This handle helps Fling be easily manipulated by yourself or your partner. Depending on your anatomy, it is also possible to use Fling for double penetration. You will want to watch with hard thrusting because wood is a firm material, so hard thrusting might cause bruising of the cervix.

Fling is a great option for those looking to venture into the world of wood. Those worried about splinters should have nothing to fear. Nobsense coats their wood in a finish that makes them waterproof and non porous. Since water can't be absorbed; splinters can't form.

Material / Texture

Fling is available in four color options. These color options will reflect which type of wood you purchase.


Above are links to provide information about the type of Wood.

Wood is derived from trees, plants, and shrubs. So, wood is considered a "green" material. If you are asking yourself..."how can cutting down trees for dildos be green?" The answer is that companies like NobEssence get their wood from suppliers that replant trees for everyone they cut down. Green doesn't necessarily mean they don't take it from nature. It just means that it doesn't degrade in a harmful way like man made materials would. It's a natural fibrous material that is abundant, versatile, and durable. Wood is a thermal insulator...which means that it slows down or reduces the rate heat is transferred from one object to another. Over time wood can slow absorb liquids, so it isn't recommended that you allow wooden toys to soak in water for longer periods of time. NobEssence protects their wooden toys by coating them in Lubrosity.

Lubrosity is NobEssence trade secret to wooden toys. They spent a great deal of time researching and developing a protective coat that meets USP Class IV and VI Medical Standards. Lubrosity allows NobEssence toys to be soaked in water, odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic. This finish is latex and phthalates free as well.

I'll have to disagree with the tasteless. If I smell my Fling...I don't notice any smell, but when I lick the toy...I definitely taste the finish. This isn't the usual after taste for wood finishes, but it's present. It's not gross or overwhelming to the palette, but it does leave a waxy after taste in the back of your mouth.

Fling is texture-less. It's completely smooth with no drag due to the sleek finish. You can't feel any of the ripples in the wood or any knots in the wood. It's completely smooth.

Design / Shape / Size

Fling is really beautiful. Measuring 7.5" long, but only insertable 4.5". It's shaped like a thumb that is thinner at the base and thickens at the top. The top of Fling is a bulbous head that is curved upright. This bulbous head measures 5.5" in circumference of 1.75" in diameter at the fullest. However, the shaft does slender down to 1.5" circumference or 0.5" diameter. The shaft then thickens back up to the base, which is the two finger handle. This handle holds two fingers that are 2" wide and 1" tall or smaller.

Fling's shape reminds me of the larger end of the Jopen Vanity Vr9. The shape of Fling is meant to provide firm G-spot or P-spot stimulation. With the ergonomic finger placement handle; it's easily manipulated in a variety of ways that are comfortable for the user. The toy doesn't have a realistic feel or look to it, but it's surely something to enjoy. Especially by those who love firm materials.

The size of Fling is comparable to the size of Fiji, but Fiji is thinner and a softer material. The size of fling is prefect for my liking. It does slender down to be a lot thinner, but for me this is a good thing. Sometimes curved and girthy toys grind on my pelvic bone, but since fling becomes more slender...it doesn't do this. I love a popping sensation upon insertion and removal and fling offers this sensation. Fling might be too girthy for someone who has never experience penetration before, but it's a "average" size that most users should be able to insert.

Fling doesn't scream out that it's a dildo, but it's not discreet either. Someone who doesn't know sex toys would likely have to take a double look at it to say.. "hey, that's a dildo." So you will want to keep it stored away from wondering eyes.


I purchased Fling from another member because she did not enjoy the Fling like she had hoped. Since NobEssence has the Lubrosity finish...it's non porous. So, sharing is made possible with proper cleaning. Upon arrival I allowed my Fling to soak in a 10% bleach and 90% water solution for 30 minutes. I wanted to ensure that it was thoroughly cleaned and the finish was actually waterproof. Because if it wasn't waterproof...then it wasn't non porous. Which is important when buying a used sex toy. After the 30 minutes went by, I pulled Fling out of the water and place it onto a paper towel. I completely dried it and checked to see if the finish had held up. It did! The finish stayed in tact and there was no sign that the finish was breaking down. This toy is safe for sharing and safe for water play.

After passing the finish test, I began trying to find the most comfortable finger placement in the two finger handle. I found that using my pointer finger and middle finger were the best for gripping tightly. With the bulbous head facing upright, I slide my fingers down and wrapped them around the handle. This was the best grip for me. But it can be gripped in numerous ways.

Once I found the best grip, I couldn't wait to try out Fling. I started with vaginal insertion. I was able to insert Fling with very little saliva. (I'm not a lube fan.) The head size gave a nice full sensation, but not overly full. I'm a huge fan of weighty toys like glass and metal, but wood is very light weight. This does take some getting use to. Usually with firm and weighty toys, I just insert and use my kegel muscles to pull the toy in. However, with the light weight of wood, I wasn't able to do that. So, this time I had to actually do some manual work.

The curve of the bulbous head helps the Fling to rub firmly on my G-spot. It's not too curve, so my shallow G-spot that run parallel to my pelvic bone is stimulated nicely. Unlike my experience with Pure Wand. Toys that have a drastic curve don't work well with my anatomy because they grind my pelvic bone because of my anatomy.

I was able to use Fling anally. I wasn't really a fan of the anal penetration of Fling. It really needed weight to go with the firm material. That way I could enjoy it more. It just didn't work right for anal stimulation for myself. However, that doesn't mean it won't be good for you!

Care and Maintenance

Wood with the Lubrosity finish is easy to care for because it's non porous. This finish holds up well to bleach/water solutions, but can also be cleaned with water and antibacterial soap. You can use a condom on this dildo as well. If you are sharing or using in both orifices be sure to properly clean with a bleach and water solution.

Fling is easy enough to store just about anywhere. It's about the size of two cell phones, so it can easily fit in your purse, which makes it great for traveling. I store my Fling in it's original box because it's so nice. But you can store it anyway you wish.

The finish is compatible with all lubes. But since it's slippery without lube, you might not need any lube.


Fling comes in a box that slides open. There is foam padding inside on top of the toy. There are two rubber bands that hold Fling in place. There is a paper insert that tells you useful information about your wooden dildo. On the bottom of the box is a sticker that labels your wood type and talks about the Lubrosity finish. This packaging is nice for storage and for gifting. Some might find it bulky, but I think it works nicely for storage. It is discreet because nothing on the outside labels it a sex toy. They call it a "Sculpture", but then comment that it's compatible with personal lubricants. That is the only non discreet comment.

Personal comments

The Dildo and the packaging both are marked with this symbol that looks like a U that is runny. This is the NobEssence trademark symbol.

Overall Opinion
I do think that Fling is overpriced for a dildo, but if you have the means to purchase it...it's worth it! I love my Fling. I'd be willing to spend the money to replace mine should anything happen to it. There really isn't anything special about this toy, but it it really fun to use. It might not work for everyone, but the basic design has the majority of anatomies in mind.
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