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Dildo by Happy Valley

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Perk reviews

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18 reviews

This is an excellent, non-realistic, silicone dildo that comes in several interesting color choices. It's a great all around size and should do well for anyone. The silicone is quite firm and this allows you to easily apply pressure to your G-spot. The firmness also transmits the vibrations from the bullet very well. I found that I was able to exchange the bullet that came with it with another, the We-Vibe Salsa and that made it even better and transformed this dildo into a powerhouse!

This toy is great as an addition, but I wouldn't buy it again for harness play because of the thickness of the base that attaches it to the harness, it puts uncomfortable pressure on wearer's pelvis.

I like my happy valley silicones, this one is firm but not too firm. I can place other bullets into the hollowed area to make my perk rumble more. It has no textures eve though I like textures this one is still enjoyable. It is O ring compatable.

Aside from the run of the mill bullet, I have nothing even a little bad to say about this toy. The Perk is beautiful and functional, and is the kind of toy that everyone needs to own. It can be used a lot of ways, and has yet to disappoint me.

Not the toy for people who need lots of girth, but this definitely did the trick for my partner and I.

It's 'filling' and very versatile. The silicone makes it super easy to clean and safe to use. I would recommend for everyone--a must have in anyone's toy box!

The Perk is an average-sized dildo with above-average functionality. It's easy to wield, both solo and strapped on for a partner. It stimulates my G-spot effortlessly and without any discomfort. It won't satisfy size queens, but I love mine!

Perk is an excellent harness compatible dildo for those looking for something semi-realistic in size and design with a smooth texture. The vibrating bullet adds to the fun, but those looking for something with more texture or a larger size may want to pass on this one.

The bullet is strong in this vibrating dildo, and a perfect size and shape for strap-on play. I would recommend this to anyone having strap-on sex (of any kind), or anyone in the market for a vibrating dildo. The vibrations carry better than any other vibrating dildo I've tried.

The Perk is absolutely worth every penny. It gives immense pleasure that by all means can bring anyone it's used on to their knees. The size gives that feeling of being dominated. There is nothing more sexy than the feeling of being dominated.

The Perk is simply a stellar toy. I am completely satisfied with it. Although I sometimes wish the vibes were a little stronger, the feel of the toy itself is just perfect. The Perk is how I would design a dildo for me, personally, if I were able to.

The Perk is a sexy, streamlined non-realistic dildo, made of 100% cushy, velvety silicone. The design is equal parts ergonomic and psychedelic. The vibrations are buzzy and make anal stimulation that much more comfortable, and vaginal stimulation that much more stimulating. My one warning is that this is not a big toy. If you like big and beefy, this toy isn't for you. Otherwise, buzz away!

This is a dildo with no bells or whistles like special textures or a head designed for G-spot stimulation. But it's smooth, light weight, harness compatible, high-quality silicone, and will be a trustworthy thruster in my collection.

The Perk is a very firm silicone dildo manufactured by Happy Valley. A swirly silver color plus an abstractly designed head make this toy a winner.

Perk is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a dildo that's the size of an average penis. Not too big, not too small, firm, but with a little give, and made of 100% silicone, Perk can keep you company happily for hours.

A sleek and sexy dildo made from hygienically superior silicone. The curve is ideal from stroking your pleasure spot, whether it’s a G-spot or a P-spot. Smooth, firm, and harness friendly, the Perk makes an excellent choice for pegging.

All in all, it's the perfect size; not too big, not too girth-y, great texture, firm, and versatile. A great starter dildo. Be creative!

The curve of the Perk allows it to hit my g-spot well. It has a firm but giving structure and the vibrations add an extra sensation that pushed me over the edge to my first experience with squirting.

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