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15 reviews

Randy is perfect for size queens who favor girth over length. He's of average length but has porn star quality girth. If you can handle him, he is smooth and supple and eager to please. Take heed though, you might find your eyes are bigger than your vagina. Check the specs before ordering.

I'm not a novice when it comes to what a penis feels like, but the Randy made it really hard to tell I was using a toy. He is a girthy toy that is short, so he may not fit everyone's anatomy, but he fit mine perfectly. The upward curve worked very well for my g-spot. The only downside to Randy is the soft outer coating is sticky and attracts lint like crazy. Overall, a minor inconvenience for the otherwise perfect dildo.

Randy is ideal for intermediate users, however do to his squishiness beginners should give him a try to expirience his greatness. Also advanced users can appreciate his shape which hits all the special zones.

In summary, this is a keeper. I don't think I will have it as my regular go to but when I want to give myself a show, Randy will always be the one I turn to. At least until my fascination with Randy dies down, he and I will have many hours of fun in the near future.

The Randy really is a fantastically built dildo: it's thick, it's squishy, it even has a hidden suction cup. If you want something large and filling then it's for you. For me the dildo was too much on the soft side and unfortunately just didn't deliver enough stimulation internally.

This is the royal class of pegging toys. Once you've worked yourself up to this size, the level of sensations you'll receive is great. The pressure on the P-Spot as well, as the stretching sensations, are unique to its girth and material combinations. Anal-safe and o-ring harness compatible. Pure joy!

Randy is a realistic and very large dildo made of premium VixSkin material. I bought this as part of my stepping up process to the Hottie Xtra. It turned out to be pretty much the same size as the Xtra, so it didn't exactly serve that purpose. It worked out well as something to use in lieu of the Xtra on nights I wanted to use the VixSkin, so nothing lost there. The bulge at the head is large and can be quite uncomfortable. If it weren't for this, Randy would be a perfect large dildo.

If you have not had the pleasure to try VixSkin and can take the size, you need Randy. The outer layer of silicone feels like jelly without all the negative properties. The firm core provides rigidity while still allowing the toy to conform to your orifice of choice. The short length is wonderful for wild thrusting without the worry of bottoming out or bruising delicate inner tissues.

Randy is large and in charge. He is your go to guy for pleasure and fullness. Size Queens and Kings will love him, others might be scared. Don't worry though, he's as gentle as you want him to be.

Randy is a new favorite cock of mine. It's nice and thick but not too long, works beautifully in any orifice you please, is harness-compatible, easy-to-clean and totally anal safe. I have never felt anything quite like Vixskin. Randy is seriously fabulous and delightfully versatile. On top of all the practical benefits, Randy is also just a gorgeous cock, with three scrumptious colors to choose from. HIGHLY recommended. Infomercial-like-rant, complete.

Randy is a very large, realistic feeling, realistic looking dildo. He's fun to play with....so long as you can take a toy that size. He is anal safe....so long as you can take a toy that size. I highly recommend this dildo....so long as you can take a toy that size.

Hefty girth but giving, Randy will leave you satisfied. A bit of care and lube while adjusting to it's impressive size and you'll be seeing stars in no time!

Who did Vixen have to clone to make this toy? It is the most additively substantial dildo I have ever tried. Yet despite it's intimidating size, it is soft as well. The ease with which Randy can slip inside will astound you.

Randy is particularly fantastic! He's my favorite toy in my toy box. My partner and I both reach for Randy first, you should too if you like short thick toys!

Randy is a precision tool for administering unbridled ecstasy. He's squishy, so he can wiggle into very tight spaces, rubbing all the lovely sensitive spots along the way.

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