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I'm Feeling Randy

Randy is a realistic and very large dildo made of premium VixSkin material. I bought this as part of my stepping up process to the Hottie Xtra. It turned out to be pretty much the same size as the Xtra, so it didn't exactly serve that purpose. It worked out well as something to use in lieu of the Xtra on nights I wanted to use the VixSkin, so nothing lost there. The bulge at the head is large and can be quite uncomfortable. If it weren't for this, Randy would be a perfect large dildo.
Realistic "soft and firm" material, Provides full sensation, Harness compatible
Head bulge can be uncomfortable
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


When you're in the market for a large dildo, Vixen's Randy is sure to pop up on your search list. It's one of the largest diameter dildos Eden has to offer. Randy comes in a regular silicone version and the VixSkin version, which I'm reviewing. Randy is no beginner's toy. Even more advanced users may shy away from its large size. This one will be for size queens and kings alone.

Randy features a harness ready flared base. This makes it safe to use both vaginally and anally. Caution should be used in both places due to the large size, especially if you haven't used larger sizes before. It can cause tearing if you are new to larger sizes and are not properly warmed up. With experience and warm up, however, Randy can be inserted in either orifice.

It can be used for partner or solo play. It's harness compatibility allows it to be used in a variety of ways with a partner, but you'll need to have a good harness and large enough O ring. Take caution when using this with a partner that they know any size limits you may have to avoid potential pain. I personally found this one best for solo use.

VixSkin Randy comes in vanilla, caramel, and chocolate. I have this in vanilla. I found the color to be close to my own skin tone, which is to say a pretty pale white color with a pink undertone.

Material / Texture

This version of Randy is made of VixSkin. VixSkin is Vixen Creation's premium realistic silicone. It is made from a special formula that contains silicone lubricant suspended between the molecules. This is what gives it the realistic feel and greater elasticity. It rates a ten on the safety scale. It's non-porous in nature and body safe.

VixSkin is a dual density material. There is a firm inner core that is wrapper in the softer outer layer. The inner core on Randy is larger than it is on my other VixSkin toys. I assume this is due to the size of the toy. The larger core is needed to hold the weight, or at least that's my best guess. The outer layer can be pressed inward around it, but it isn't overly squishy. The head has the largest amount of squish as this is made entirely of the soft silicone material.

Randy is not a "firm" dildo exactly, but is firmer than my other VixSkin toys. If you shake it around, the shaft doesn't move around much. There is a small bit of movement, but the inner core mostly holds it in place. If pushed inward, it can be bent forward a little. It can't be bent in half. The little bit I can get it to bend takes a good bit of effort. Part of this is due to the material and part due to the size of the toy.

Randy doesn't have any of the skin texture to it that some VixSkin toys have. The material is smooth. The head has a bulge, but I want to touch on that later.

The material is a realistic one, but I find it to be less realistic than my other VixSkin toys. It's not that it's not realistic at all, it's just less so in comparison to the super realistic smaller VixSkin's. I think the need for the larger core in this one takes away from the squishy outer layer which is what makes VixSkin feel so realistic to me. In use, this material still feels amazing. It still feels pretty close to the real thing, but not so realistic that I'd forget that it's a dlido. You can feel the give to the outer layer and feel the movement to it, which give it a skin like quality.

VixSkin itself is suitable for beginners and advanced users. The lack of texture is also suitable for beginners and advanced users. However, due to the size, Randy is not for beginners. If you're interested in VixSkin, there are some smaller options available in the line.

Design / Shape / Size

Randy is listed at 6.5" on the product page. I measured out 6.25". This puts the insertable length around 5.25". The product page lists the diameter as 2 1/8", however I got a maximum diameter of 2.25" at the bulge of the head. I measured this multiple times and compared it to another dildo that is listed and verified at 2.25". Still got 2.25", so I'm pretty certain that it's an accurate measurement and not user error. The head begins at about 1.5" and quickly comes out to the 2.25" bulge. It then comes inward to 2". It then comes outward to the listed 2 1/8". From there it tapers down to 2" for the rest of the shaft. The base is 3 5/8".

Here you can see it in my hand for both size and dimension purposes:

I purchased Randy as a stepping stone for the Hottie Xtra. Since it ended up measuring the same at the max diameter, the stepping stone idea didn't work out so well. However, the size works well for me on days that I am looking for something to provide a very intense stretching sensation. It is not something for daily use, at least not for me.

If you're looking for something filling, the size of Randy won't disappoint. While there is some plush to the size due to the VixSkin, it provides a stretched out and full feeling when used. This is dildo for size queens and kings to cherish. It is not suitable for beginners. It will not be suited to advanced users that do not prefer larger sizes. Seriously. Take another look at it in my hand before you click "add to cart" to make sure you can handle this one.

The head comes out with a large flare bulge. This bit of the design caused some issues for me, which I'll go into in the Performance section.

The design is realistic. It is fashioned after a real penis, but in larger size. Well, I'm guessing larger size, but I guess there may be someone out there reading this with a 2.25" dick who will be mad if I say the size is totally unrealistic. The realistic appearance means there will be no mistaking the use of Randy. Best to hide it away if you don't want anyone know what you're doing. While it is wide, the length isn't too massive, so you can stow this away pretty easily. Finding a pouch for it may prove difficult if you decide not to use the packaging for storage.


Randy is one of those dildos you buy when you just need something more. More size, more filling, more stretching...just more of everything than you would find in your average, every day dildo. If you buy it with this purpose in mind, Randy comes through in every aspect. It provides all the sensations it should.

While the VixSkin material does make the size feel a little smaller, the larger inner core means it still feels quite large. It feels larger than an old 2" toy I had of a firmer material (unknown origin) and much larger than my 2" VixSkin. It does feel somewhat smaller than my 2.25" Hottie Xtra, but not by a lot. The difference isn't so much in the size, but you can feel the material give to your body with Randy. The Xtra doesn't do that, which gives it the bigger feel. So you can still feel the full 2.25", but you can feel the material push inward with your body at the same time, if that makes sense.

The material is amazing. I love VixSkin. It's one of my all time favorite materials. While Randy doesn't feel as realistic as other VixSkin's to me, it still feels realistic and, more importantly, simply amazing internally. The firm inner core combined with the soft outer core create a motion of the inside staying in place while the outer layer moves, creating a similar effect to real skin. It also retains heat well, adding to the realistic sensation.

For all the great things about Randy, it had one serious issue for me. The bulge at the head flares to 2.25" and then comes quickly down to 2". This difference creates a big ridge on the head. I personally found this to be very uncomfortable during use. What I found was that the head was just overly noticeable. It felt almost like where the head bulged like it was poking outward. This made the head seem like the only part of the dildo I could feel when I used it. It took away from the experience of the shaft because I could feel so much of the bulge of the head. I also noticed that where it came inward it created a sort of gap where there didn't seem to be much sensation at all.

While I would have loved to test this in my harness, I don't have an O ring that will fit around it. My recommendation is to make sure you have a very sturdy harness to hold the weight of the dildo. It does have a good bit of heft to it and could easily drag a harness down with it. You'll also need to be sure you have an O ring that will fit the dildo properly. You may need to pick this up from a hardware store.

The base is not a suction cup. If wet, it will sort of stick to things. I wouldn't rely on this for any actual use. It doesn't maintain suction on a vertical surface, just a horizontal one.

Care and Maintenance

Care of Randy is simple. You can clean it with soap and water or toy cleaner. You can boil it for three minutes, but be sure you have a large enough pot. You can also put it in the dishwasher. If sharing between partners or going from anal to vaginal use, you should boil Randy to disinfect it.

Randy does attract lint like crazy. Anything that is in the air around it will come flying toward it and stick to it like it is made of glue. I would recommend a good wash before using it as well as after.

Only water based lubes should be used. Silicone lubes could damage the material since it is silicone itself.

You can store Randy in the package it comes in. Vixen recommends that VixSkin be stored upright to maintain its shape. I have heard people say that they do not do this and have not had any issues, so it's up to you if you want to do this or not. I keep mine in the original packaging. You could also use a pouch if you can find one to fit or a plastic baggie.


Randy comes in the VixSkin cylinder container. It is see through, so Randy can clearly be seen. The front says "VixSkin Worth Every Inch" on it. The back has information about VixSkin and contact information for Vixen. It is not discreet at all. It can be used for storage. The top doesn't seem to go on very well and I always have trouble with it. I also noticed that it is the same size as all my other VixSkin cylinders even though Randy is larger than my other toys. The result is that Randy doesn't fit very well in the container. I have to put it in backwards to make it fit and sort of angle the base. You'd think they would make a bigger container for this particular toy, but I guess not.

Personal comments

If you're on the market for a realistic but large sized dildo, I would say Randy is a good bet. However, I do think the issues with the head are worth mentioning. That stops this from being as great of a toy as it could be. It may not be an issue for all users, so you may not run into the same problems I did. Considering that many of the other realistic and large toys are made of less safe materials, I would take my chances with the head on Randy before sacrificing quality of material. That's just me. I also happen to think VixSkin is the best thing since sliced bread, so you know, take my opinion knowing that bit of info.

If having a realistic appearance isn't all that important to you, check out the Hottie Xtra. I didn't have any issues with the head on that one. I have some comparison pictures in my Xtra review of Randy and Xtra side by side. It's not made of VixSkin (sadly), but it is made of silicone. It comes in pretty colors, which could be a pro or con depending on your tastes.


So one day my husband came to me and said that he had a fantasy of me using larger toys. Previously, my preferred diameter was 1.5" at a maximum. When I started showing him larger toys, his two top picks were the Hottie Xtra and Randy. Since Randy was listed at a slightly smaller size than Xtra, I decided to get them both. I figured that instead of jumping from 2" to 2.25" the 2 1/8" might be a nice in between size.

My warm up routine was built with the O2 Cush and VixSkin Maverick. These are then followed by Randy. I was disappointed when I measured and Randy turned out to essentially be the same size as the Xtra, since that defeated my intended purpose for it.

Since it's bulge is 2.25", it didn't really work as the stepping stone I wanted it to. However, it does work as something to change out from time to time in exchange for the Xtra. I do love my VixSkin and it's nice to have this as an option on days I want that soft yet firm VixSkin feel.

The downside to Randy is that the head is just plain uncomfortable. It's not so uncomfortable that it's unusable, but it makes me reach for it less. It doesn't catch on my pubic bone, it just causes an odd sensation of being too big of a bulge. The sizing was just off on it. Either the bulge should have been smaller or the gap below it should have come out more so it wasn't such a large gap. Hopefully that made some sense.

I really struggled with what to rate this. On one hand, the material is great. It's not my favorite VixSkin, but it's still VixSkin, which means it's awesome. It feels not only just to squeeze and touch but during use. While the size wasn't what I expected, I was able to work up to it and it provided the full and stretched sensation that is exactly what the ultimate goal was of buying the larger toys anyhow. The unfortunate head, however, makes Randy less than perfect. I just don't know how much less than perfect.

My wishy washy rating is that I'd ideally like to give this 3.5 stars. Since I can't do that, I'm going with four. I think there are enough strong points to the toy to give it a round up instead of a round down, even if it won't be the most used toy in my collection. It's certainly better than average, even if just based on material alone. The size worked out well despite not being the size listed. I just really wish the head was better on this.
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