Contoured clitoral massager discontinued
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This is great for beginners and experienced users. It had nice rumbly vibrations that won't leave you numb. Silicone and plastic make it luxurious and safe to use. Batteries will die and so does the vibration power with it. As with all battery power toys though, it holds its charge fairly well. I would recommend this toy to former egg users who are looking for something different and don't mind buying batteries.

Ako is the perfect clitoral vibe at an affordable price. You get the same quality in the PicoBong line as you would with the more expensive, rechargeable LELO vibes. With the ability to adjust the speed and 12 different patterns, there is bound to be something for everyone in this one.

This is the most value friendly clit vibe on the market. It should be the first and only clit vibe you will ever need!

This toy is really an all-rounder that ticks all the right boxes. For those who don't have much experience, to those who just want a quick and easy big O, or those who know all the ins and outs of toys! Honestly, works very well and makes for a great evening, night, morning or yano... whatever takes your fancy!

I would really, really recommend you use this during sex. Raise your hips whilst your partner is entering you and get them to use this on your clit. I really sets you up, and up, and up, and makes for an amazing time!

This item is a must, especially for first-timers. Beginners will relish the variety and intense vibrations while experienced folks will enjoy a reliable fallback toy. Mine has lasted me two years of daily use and is still going strong.

In my opinion, the small size, quiet sound, and good bit of strength of the Ako qualifies it as a luxury vibe, but without the luxury price. The button placement is annoying, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

So, I think this is a great gateway vibrator. The person I bought it for has had it for about two years! That's a record!

The strength is great as well as the material quality! This is my best buy for my sexual needs! People might say its not as good as its sister brand but give this lil baby a try!

The PikoBong Ako is a fantastic outie vibe, whether you're just starting a collection, or adding to your favorites. It's smooth, brightly colored, and easily hidden.

This little cutie is a must have! It is excellent for everyone, from vibrator connoisseurs to beginners! Its velvety silicone is safe, low-maintenance, and feels amazing! Whether you desire a quickie solo masturbation session or a long, sensual neck and shoulder massage, this toy will deliver. With a variety of settings and intensities to choose from, you will not be disappointed!

This is your basic silicone external vibe with a super powerful, rumbly vibrator and a well thought out silicone skin. The controls are a little tough to get to, but offer unparallelled control. If you want a small, very powerful vibe that's still pretty quiet, you could definitely do much worse then the Ako

Ako is a wonderfully designed and built toy. She is lacking in the power department, but not as much as most would think. She can still surprise you with the punch she packs, and she's whisper quiet. With velvety soft, body safe silicone, she's sure to do her best when it comes to pleasing. Ako isn't my favorite, but she's definitely worth the learning experience and quality.

A very fun, "old reliable" sort of toy. Although not exceptional, it probably won't fail to be enjoyed by anyone who purchases it.

Without compromising the luxuries of silicone and a huge variety in form and function, the Picobong Ako is a great penny-pinching option. This fun clitoral toy is waterproof and not overly buzzy. Possibly too weak for some, Ako is reliable and can surely bring amusement to many.

Oh Ako, I want to love you! Ako is a handheld clitoral vibe that would be excellent for beginners. It is made by Picobong, a sister-company of LELO, but while Ako has its good points, it just doesn't rival a LELO in vibration quality or strength.

This is a really high end toy that fails to do the absolute one thing necessary: vibrate. I don't care if you are made out silicone. If you can't make me orgasm, I have no use for you.

This item is worth it for anyone looking for a well-priced clitoral vibrator. It could also make a great gift for yourself or anyone else, as long as you don't mind lube on you hands and the slightly complicated placement of the controls.

Ako is a great little toy. Not to big, but not to small, it's easy to use and pretty discrete. Between the soft texture, curved shape, and multiple settings, it's a fun little toy. While some may need stronger vibrations, Ako should be good for most users.

I think the Ako would be a good choice for women who are just starting to use sex toys, and also to seasoned sex toy users who are looking for something inexpensive to incorporate into their foreplay. It fits nicely in one's hand, it doesn't make alot of noise, and it has direct vibrations that don't feel all buzzy. The Ako has a wide range of vibration levels, multiple vibration functions, and it will effectively and sensually enhance your foreplay activities.

"Ako" is Hawaiian for "lusty" and my oh my, does the name ever fit! Not only is the delightful Ako one of the strongest, most varied, and least expensive clit vibes on the market, its playfully fun color, shape, and size make the Ako the perfect addition to any wahine's Edenic luau. The PicoBong Ako could make you happy enough to do a pantsless hula.

The Ako offers 12 different vibrations from escalating, deep vibrations to rapid buzzing vibrations. You can store, clean, and travel with this toy very easily. Even though it's advertised as a clitoral vibe, I also use it for back massages and as a blowjob/handjob aid. Beginners will find a great range of power and their favorite pattern of vibration through experimenting with the Ako, and experienced toy users will love its convenience and value.

If you're looking for a truly inexpensive, high-quality vibe, I wouldn't look any further. The PicoBong Ako is in a fabulous price range, which makes it easy for people who are hesitant when purchasing more expensive toys to "seal the deal" and go for it! Whether you're a power-queen or a beginner, this toy would suit everyone.

Ako is a silky soft, super powerful clitoral vibrator for a woman who knows just what she wants. She also has several applications for couples play. Ako's sturdy, well made, and quite affordable considering the quality you get. Though her buttons might take some getting used to, she's worth the time invested and is a hard bargain to pass up if this is your kind of toy.

This is one well made, quality toy that I almost never use due to the fact that the controls for the intensity and pattern of vibration are difficult to work during use.

The PicoBong Ako is a fabulous little "outie" vibrator, and with a range of different modes and intensity levels you’ll be sure to find one that tickles your fancy. Not too big and not too small, this is the Goldilocks of discreet clitoral vibrators. The Ako would make a great addition to any newbie or veteran's toy collection.

This is a good toy for external use with good vibrations, although not very strong. If you are looking for speed, you should pass on this. If you are looking for an economical, well made and quiet vibe with good texture, then this would be a good choice. If it had a bit more speed then I would have given it 5 stars. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel.

This is a great toy for both beginners and seasoned sex-toy fans. It is approachable, good-looking, and easy to use, but it offers enough variety and quality that almost anyone could find something enjoyable about it. Soft, silky silicone, comfortable shape, and very diverse settings make this toy stand out from all others of its price range.

Ako is a fantastic choice for a clitoral vibrator at only $39! I don't think you will find many that can pack this much punch into a toy at this size along with 12 vibration patterns that will satisfy your needs, for this price.

The PicoBong Ako is a great deal. It has an almost endless amount of vibration settings, as you can change the strength and type of vibration. The velvety silicone is safe and comfortable. The toy also runs on plain old AAA batteries.

I absolutely LOVED the PicoBong Ako!! It surpassed my expectations and still keeps me squirming every time! Pros definitely outweigh the cons, which is why I give it a 5 star rating. As a clitoral stimulator, I have almost no complaints.

Ako is a standout clitoral vibe thanks to it's many functions, quiet vibes, and excellent price. And as a plus...how cute is this thing?

Want to blow your partner's mind on a road trip? Grab the Ako, put on a nice skirt and vibrate your way to pleasure--in the car with him watching. Guaranteed to make you see secluded areas you have not noticed before! This little vibrator definitely adds a bit of fun to a long car ride--and a whole new meaning to 'stretching your legs'. Give him a massage, fly solo in the shower or try it out in fun new areas.....

Excellent toy for the novice or expert. This toy has a power setting for every need. I like that it's small and quiet. I only wish that they would have designed the buttons better. I mean, can you really concentrate on the moment when you are fumbling around, trying to find the perfect setting, and you have to stop to turn on the lights?

This toy has LOTS to offer for only $39. It’s waterproof, silicone, has lots of settings, and is nice to hold in your hand. Sadly, it wasn’t powerful enough for this power queen. I still think this is a great clitoral vibrator that most will love. I love all the color options! The AKO is my almost turquoise lover.

Ako, the new clitoral addition to the PicoBong line, is just what you're looking for if you need a versatile, quiet, waterproof clitoral 'outie' vibe. No cords, no flashy gimmicks or extras, just you, Ako, 7 power levels, and 12 vibration functions. Once you try Ako, your mind will be changed about Outie Vibes.

(Pico)Bong Wanter

The PicoBong Ako is a solidly built and luxurious clitoral vibrator. It packs a great punch for its size, though it is a little buzzy. Ideal for anyone who is looking for a discreet toy, Ako allows its users to enjoy real power that is virtually silent. With its cute design and fun colors, Ako would be a wonderful first vibrator, and also makes a great addition to an already established toy collection. It’s a great little toy, and its non-intimidating size makes it a great gift, for you or f

Ah, Lelo has come out with another fine product from their Picobong line! The AKO is a multi-use, multi function toy that packs a punch. The controls allow the user to control the intensity of every pattern. Lelo has got a winner here!

A-Okay Ako!

The PicoBong Ako, made of luxuriously smooth silicone, is sure to please many women with its pinpoint vibrations and many settings. Just a dab of lubricant, turn it on, find your preferred intensity and pattern and you are on your way to ecstasy! Don't miss out on this affordable line of toys by Lelo.

Ako (a.k.a "my new best friend")!

I do not exaggerate when I say this, but this actually gave me an intense clitoral orgasm in under 60 seconds of use. It was fantastic, and with that, this became my new favorite toy. I have been looking for a new silicone clitoral vibrator that has strong vibrations, and this is it for me. If this were rechargeable it would be the total package for me. Having to buy batteries can get expensive and I really don't have the money for that, not to mention that it's not best for the environment.

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