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The Ako offers 12 different vibrations from escalating, deep vibrations to rapid buzzing vibrations. You can store, clean, and travel with this toy very easily. Even though it's advertised as a clitoral vibe, I also use it for back massages and as a blowjob/handjob aid. Beginners will find a great range of power and their favorite pattern of vibration through experimenting with the Ako, and experienced toy users will love its convenience and value.
Silicone- great material!
12 pattern functions, 7 speeds.
Relatively quiet
Packaging not durable
buttons sometimes stall
Rating by reviewer:
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Picobong Ako is an "outie-vibe," meaning it is intended for delivering vibrations to the clitoris. While clitoral stimulation proves to be its best use, the Ako is also good for massaging small, tense areas on the body, nipple stimulation, and for a tiny bit of teasing if you want to massage the opening of the vagina. So far, this is my favorite vibrating toy for using on my own because I love the clitoral orgasms it gives me. It has so many functions and a variety of power settings; this was my first clitoral vibe and I loved it, but it will also satisfy experienced users because of its variety.

I originally purchased this toy because of its compact size; it fits right in the palm of my hand under the covers, and the controls are very easy to use during self-stimulation. During intercourse, this toy may get in the way a little. My partner and I use it frequently during "doggy style" penetration, when I perform oral sex on him, and any position during which our bodies aren't pressed together too closely. Although this toy is soft to the touch, it has no give or flexibility, making it a pain to press into while in the missionary position. It tends to dig into the pelvic bone if you lay on top of it, or somebody else if they are laying on top of you when you are using it.

During a blow job, I can either use this toy on myself, or hold it on the base of my partners penis. He loves to feel a vibrating sensation during any sort of play, and this helps him out a lot more than any cock ring we have purchased. Although I do have to hold it in place, the impact is a more "all-over" feeling that you don't get from a tiny bullet. Since the toy is both silicone and plastic, it is up to you whether you are comfortable sharing the toy with a partner or multiple partners. Theoretically, you can disinfect it with a 10% bleach solution on the outside silicone coating, but because of the batteries inside you want to be careful. I will go in more detail later in the care and maintenance section, but if you trust that you and your partner will be safe sharing a toy, I would recommend this as a couples toy.

Since this toy is waterproof, it can be used in the bath or the shower. Myself and many other reviewers point out that there is a seam between the base and the rest of the toy, where the batteries are inserted, that could possible let in water. This made me nervous to use it in the bath, but after running the toy under water many times, I haven't had any trouble with the seam. As long as the base is screwed on tightly, this toy is ready for use anywhere.

This toy is also a great option for use when others are around. I don't have any experience with having sex in public, but I once tried to masturbate secretly next to my boyfriend and it worked! I was under a blanket probably a foot away from him, and he couldn't hear the toy until I revved it up to its highest power setting. If you are behind a closed door, nobody will hear you using this, even on the various pattern settings. I can't speak for everyone, as my roommate is partially deaf, but you shouldn't need more than a blanket and a closed door to avoid suspicion. Furthermore, it is so small that you can put it in your pocket on your way to the bathroom to clean it. You won't have to anticipate getting caught in the act. Masturbate away! Nobody will know.
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    • Couples
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The Ako is covered a silky, smooth silicone which is among the most body safe and non-porous materials out there. It is hypo-allergenic, food grade material, and feels absolutely wonderful on the skin. Since it isn’t porous, the toy cleans well, and won’t hold bacteria in the material, though I have noticed that when I wash it with anti-bacterial soap the smell of the soap stays for a few days. I've never experienced any pinching or dragging feeling with this material, and I don't ever have to add lube, especially since I don't use this toy for anal play.

Beneath the silicone surface, the batteries are inserted into a plastic compartment, and the screw on base for changing the batteries is also plastic. This is why you see a bit of shine on the base of the product picture. The plastic is shiny, but the silicone is a more matte material, allowing for a very soft, subtle blue color. While the silicone coating on the toy has a safety rating of a 10 out of 10 on Eden's scale, it is important to remember that there are exposed plastic parts of the toy that cannot be removed, especially near that battery pack, which only qualifies as an 8 on the safety rating scale. This still is a great non-porous material, but it has some implications on how you will clean or disinfect the toy.

The overall texture of the toy is smooth and soft. While the toy, again, has no give, the tip that is meant to touch the clitoris is a bit more padded with silicone. It can be pressed deeply into the clitoris for more intense pleasure, and a more rumble-y vibration. No matter how hard you press with the padded tip, it doesn’t hurt or feel sharp. It is still smooth and soft. One concern I had was that the padding would muffle the vibrations, but the motor is very strong and I haven’t noticed any unevenness in the vibrations throughout the toy. Since the toy’s design curves with the body, you aren’t forced to use the padded tip if you don’t like it.

In terms of added texture, the Ako does not have any stimulating textured design on it. The name is engraved into the silicone, as well as the three control buttons, but by no means does this add anything to the pleasure, it is simply for functional purposes. This makes it more comfortable to hold and for kneading it into the skin, whether you are using it for massage or for masturbation. The plastic base does have a ribbed texture, but this is not the part of the toy used for pleasure. The ribbed texture makes the base easier to twist off in order to change batteries.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design of this toy! It’s the least expensive discreet vibe that I’ve seen. It’s about the size of the palm of my hand. Here are the measurements:

Length: 4 3/4"
Insertable length: 3 1/4"
Circumference: 4 1/2"
Diameter: 1 1/2"
Weight: 0.3 lb

Since Ako is so light weight and small, I can fit it in any pocket of any travel bag without anybody suspecting it. If I had to bring one toy with me for travel, this would definitely be the one. Also, if you love clitoral vibes, there’s no reason for 7 inches of extra toy that you aren’t going to use. Personally, I’d rather use a dildo along with this small vibe than an insertable vibrator. I’ve taken these measurements straight from the product page, so when they say “insertable length”, they are talking about the silicone part of the toy minus the plastic base, although I wouldn’t really consider this a toy that you would use for vaginal or anal penetration.

I’m also very impressed with the functionality of the design. Picobong was able to add their logo and all of the necessary power buttons without adding anything complicated to the toy. Since you are probably only going to use this for your clitoris or small areas for massage, the length accommodates 2 AAA batteries, and not much else. While I’d like to have a rechargeable toy eventually, it really drives up the cost of the toy and, since I have tons of batteries, I don’t mind having to change them every once in a while.

The control buttons are located perfectly for a right handed user, in my opinion. I can easily reach all of the buttons with my thumb without having to look at the toy, so I don’t have to have that awkward pause in the middle of a play session. If you are left handed, you will have to press the buttons with your pointer finger, which is uncomfortable to me, but I guess this is just a matter of opinion.

One thing that is a little odd about the design, is how the base twists onto the end of the toy when you are changing the batteries. It is easy to take the twist cap off, but I had a bit of trouble getting it back on the first time. You have to really look, because there’s one notch that is slightly larger than the others inside the battery pack where the cap twists back on, which has to be lined up perfectly in order to get the toy to seal properly. Be careful with this, as it is a waterproof toy, and you wouldn’t want to take it into the bath without making sure the batteries are properly protected.

The batteries (2 AAA) are inserted by removing the ribbed base of the toy. There is a small seam between the plastic removable base and the rest of the silicone toy, but don't worry, water will not go into it!

The most attractive design quality for me is the fact that the tip of the toy is much more padded and slightly larger. This allows you to fit the toy comfortable on your clit, and it is large enough to make sure that you don’t miss the good spot! The rest of the toy is pretty thin, so you can wrap your hand around it comfortably, or insert if you’d like. If you do insert the toy you won’t be able to reach the buttons, since they are on the base of the toy, but this is to be expected because the toy is designed as a clitoral “outie”.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are only 3 buttons on the toy. One for turning the power down or turning off the toy (-), one for turning up the power or turning the toy on (+), and one for changing the pattern of vibrations (M). There are a total of 7 speeds and 12 vibration styles/patterns. One problem I have with this is that you have to hold the +/- buttons to get the toy to turn off or on, so when you turn it on, the vibration setting seems to jump right up to a 5 or 6 level, and you have to fumble around to get it to turn down much more than that. Personally, I only use the toy on a 6 or 7 level because the rest are so low powered, but everyone is different and will like different settings, so I like that there are a variety of speeds offered. The toy can get a bit loud for me, but others hardly notice it when I have it on, so I’d consider this a pretty quiet toy.

At the lowest speed (1), the power is about 1 vroom (power), and significantly less than 1 bee (sound). I can hardly hear it at all. The bee rating does not get significantly louder until about level 5. Here, the power is roughly a 2.5 to 3 vroom, depending on your sensitivity, and the sound is at about 1.5.

My prefered setting is 7, which I'd say is a solid 4 vrooms and 2.5 bees. On setting 6, you get a very slight decrease in vrooms (around 3.5), and a a sound setting of about 2 bees. However, vrooms and bees are a just an estimate. While I'd take them into consideration as a suggestion, everyone's opinion will vary slightly as to whether they find the product high powered enough and quiet enough. Personally, I think this toy is a great balance between powerful and quiet.

Since there are 12 vibration patterns, I will go through them one by one, trying my best to describe the pattern and what I thought of each.

Pattern 1: Steady, normal vibrations. No change in pattern. Quite strong on the highest power setting. I can’t decide whether this is more rumbly or buzzy, but it is my favorite setting (I know, I’m boring!)

Pattern 2: This is a pretty buzzy setting. It buzzes for a second, stops, and then buzzes again repetitively. This is another of my favorites. I start with pattern 1, and as I get more and more aroused, I switch to this setting.

Pattern 3: This is another one of my go-to settings. It is similar to the second setting, but more much more rapid.

Pattern 4: This is a more pulsating pattern, the pulses are repetitive. This setting feels really nice, but I find myself having to put in a little elbow grease to get it to really turn me on.

Pattern 5: This is also a pulsating pattern, but it’s a lot more light. If you are sensitive, this is a good setting for you. I use it after I cum because it gives me a bit of a break and still feels really awesome.

Pattern 6: This is an escalating vibration pattern, going from light to heavier vibrations. I like the way it sounds, but it is far too light and slow to do anything for me.

Pattern 7: This is the same escalating vibration as pattern 6, but is much more rapid. I like it a little more, but not much.

Pattern 8. This vibration escalates from low to high, and then back to low very quickly. It stops for a second, and repeats again. I really hate this pattern, I thought my battery was dying the first time I tried it. It’s so slow. It interrupts the fun with the long pauses between actual vibrations.

Pattern 9: This, again feels like a dying battery to me for the same reason, but it is a bit stronger and more rapid than pattern 8.

Pattern 10: This vibration is very intriguing. It is a rapid escalation followed by two buzzing vibrations. I like it a lot, but it takes too long cycling through the ones I don’t like for me to use it very often.

Pattern 11: This is also a pattern I enjoy. There’s a constant buzzing in the background, and in addition to the light buzz, there is the rapid escalating pattern I described in pattern 10, followed by 4 buzzing vibrations.

Pattern 12: This is a very randomized vibration pattern, I can’t even describe it accurately. I’m not a fan of it because it’s so inconsistent and low powered.

Like most vibrators with multiple patterns, you have to cycle through the vibrations every time you turn it on. One problem with this toy is that sometimes it doesn’t turn on right away. There have been many times that I have to press the button three or four times before it turns on, but usually it works fine. It is a pretty new toy to my collection, so I’m hoping there’s nothing wrong with it. It drains batteries quicker than my cheaper vibes, but it does a lot, so I’m happy with it. This toy would be great for a beginner because it has something for everyone, and will help you find something you really like. More experienced users might enjoy it because it is very high powered on most settings, and has so much to offer in one small vibe. The toy is not numbing at all on my clit or on my hands when I'm holding the toy, but it's a bit numbing on the high setting if you use it as neck/back massaging tool. I personally like this, but if you don't like numbing feelings, you can turn it down to power level 6 and this will get rid of the numbness.
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is super simple with this toy. If I’m tired, I wipe it down well with an Eden Wipe, which are right next to my bed, and this works just fine. However, I try to wash it often with warm water and antibacterial soap. I either take the batteries out before washing it, or make sure it is sealed, protecting the batteries. Since it is waterproof, there shouldn’t be any concerns about submerging it in water during cleaning.

To care for the toy properly, do not use silicone lube with it, or store it near silicone lube, as it will ruin the toy quickly. If you have multiple silicone toys, you may also want to store this in a ziploc back since silicone toys have the potential to interfere with each other when stored on top of one another for long periods of time. I'm not exactly sure how toys get ruined this way since I do not have any other silicone toys yet, but this is advice I have heard from a lot of toy users. Also, since you have to hold down the - button to turn off the toy, you might not notice if you accidentally adjust the toy to the quietest vibration setting, failing to turn it completely off. I’ve done this once, and obviously the battery will drain very quickly if you don’t ever turn it off. Be careful!

Although all of the "insertable" parts of this toy are silicone, the fact that there is a bit of exposed plastic on the base and in the battery compartment complicate the process of disinfecting the Ako. For the average pure silicone toy, you can either boil for a couple minutes, put it in the top rack of the dishwasher with no dish soap, or use a 10% bleach solution. However, because of the plastic parts, you will not be able to boil the toy, and I would stay away from putting it in the dishwasher becuase of the metal springs that the battery compartment contains. If you are sharing the toy, and really feel that you must disinfect it, the 10% bleach solution is the safest bet. I personally feel comfortable just wiping the toy down before using it on my boyfriend since silicone doesn't soak up bacteria like other, less safe products tend to.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging that comes with the blue Picobong Ako toy is a blue cardboard box with a plastic window through which you can see the toy. The packaging will always match the toy so if you get a pink Ako, the box will also be pink. There is information about the Picobong Ako on the back of the box in four languages, including English. There is also a diagram of the toy design on the back. The front of the box displays a few images, denoting that the toy is waterproof, has 12 patterns, nearly silent, and so on. I can’t seem to recall the rest, and my box has already ripped and been thrown away unfortunately. Instructions about the toy are included in the packaging, as well as reference to the Picobong website where you can learn more about the toy and the manufacturer‘s warranty that comes with the toy. Since my box ripped very easily, I don’t recommend the packaging for full time storage.

When you receive your toy, it should come with a cute little charm, with the toy's brand name displayed on it. I don't know if the color changes depending on which toy you get, but I assume it is the same, as it might be a pain to manufacture multiple different small charms in different colors. As far as I can see from the product images, the keychains/phone charms all look the same. You can put this just about anywhere. I even discovered it can be tied to the plastic base of the toy, if you don't want to display it on your bag or phone. Personally, I'm worried that it might be strange to walk around with a charm that says "Picobong" just in case somebody knows what it is, and I might not want to share that information with them. It is cute though and I thought it was nice to have a little freebie with my toy!
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative


I love my Picobong Ako! I use it a lot, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. Although the buttons stall a little bit sometimes and the packaging is not very durable, Picobong provides you with a lot of information about using the toy, and it has something for everyone. I didn’t expect Ako to be any more than a clitoral vibe, and I was very pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had with it. I am able to use it on my boyfriend during a blowjob, and it even gets a few kinks out of my neck because of the deep vibrations. If you want an insertable toy, go ahead and look around for something else, but I can use it during sex and with a dildo if I want a little extra pleasure. Considering the low price of this toy, I don’t think I’d be lucky enough to find a more discreet and powerful toy with more value. Picobong Ako is a toy in its own category. Any girl, whether a beginner or an experienced toy user, should be impressed by its range of power and patterns, as well as its sleek, high quality design.
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