Satin natural moisturizer - female intimate lotion by Sliquid, LLC - reviews

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Satin natural moisturizer reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

Satin Natural Moisturizer is a must have for women who struggle with intimate dryness. Apply it during your morning routine or before you go out to a date, and you are covered in terms of lubrication for any intimate encounter that may befall you!!!

If you are looking for a new lubricant to try that is composed of body-safe ingredients, glycerin free, and feels more natural than your standard jellies and gels, then take a look at Sliquid Satin!

If you're a woman who has dryness issues, or you're just looking for a great, natural feeling lubricant that is body safe, hypoallergenic and comes packaged in a gorgeous bottle, then look no further!

Sliquid Satin is a good choice if you are looking for a product that can be used to quench vaginal dryness and also be used as a lube. It feels natural and blends well with my own lubrication, but for certain silicone toys that need a lot of help to create an effortless glide, this lube doesn't quite do the job.

Yes, this is definitely on the expensive side for a lubricant. However, in my opinion, the rule of "you get what you pay for" does indeed apply here! The ingredients are few, gentle, and high-quality, and the feel of the product is pretty damn close to a woman's own lubrication. If you've ever been irritated by a lubricant, I highly suggest giving this a try.

If you're looking for something that is glycerin- and paraben-free, hypoallergenic and formulated to emulate naturally occurring female lubrication, then I definitely suggest you look into Sliquid's Satin. With ingredients that are not only pronounceable, but that you've likely heard of, this lubricant is a real treat when compared to many others on the market if you're looking for something as close to the real thing as you can get.

Overall: We like this, we use it just about every time. It's easy, blends in nicely with the scenery. It is very discreet, so if someone sees it they will think it's just a lotion. But like I said not good for anything then other then just normal intercourse. But if that is what you want then this stuff is perfect! Except for the price. But it is all natural which I tend to pay more for anyway.

This item is worth it. Beyond a doubt one of my favorite Sliquid products, and they are all fabulous. It stands out from the rest in how long this lube lasts. It definitely holds up during a long bout of sex!

Sliquid is one of my favorite companies for personal lubricants, and I'm happy to say that this lubricant lived up to my high expectations for them. It definitely does mimic my own lubrication fairly closely, and has a subtle smell and taste. A little goes a long way. Generally, a dime-sized amount is enough for sex. It's never gotten sticky, or left any residue.

This "natural intimate moisturizer" is the only lube I've ever tried that is mostly scent-free, completely hypoallergenic, and convincingly mimics natural lubrication! This is the best lube out there, whether you're in the market for a body-safe lube for penetration, a fix for vaginal dryness, or simply just a good time!

Satin is a wonderful lube. It quickly became my go-to lube for playing with myself, toys or others, and has yet to be bettered.

This is my first experience with Sliquid and I am in love. This has really helped keep things slick and silky for hours on end.

Essentially, I found that it did its job, but that it really wasn't anything special. I'm not sure if it was really worth the price, as there are many other lubes out there for half the price.

I love Satin by Sliquid for many reasons. It performs like a good lube should, and it also has the body-safe properties of any all-natural beauty product. It is great if you are looking for some extra vaginal moisture, or just need some lube for sex or solo play. If you are the type of person that reads labels looking for parabens, or have had reactions to skin products, this may be a good choice for you.

Satin is a wonderful water based lubricant from the Sliquid product line. It's vegan, organic, and it works as a moisturizer for your intimate areas. It can be used for toy play, PIV sex, and anal. Satin should be in everyone's lube collection.

This is the best lubricant I’ve ever used. It's the first product that I have absolutely no complaints about. I know that some will pass on it because it's a bit pricier than other options, but there's a reason it costs more. It's absolutely worth it. And since it only takes a few drops, it will last a lot longer than you think. It works wonderfully as a female moisturizer and outstandingly as a personal and partner lubricant. It absolutely shows the quality of Sliquid products.

Overall, this is an amazing buy regardless of the price. You get a lot of hypo-allergenic lube, and it will last you quite some time unless you're dumping it in an empty swimming pool for fun wrestling romps. The Lychee-like smell and minimal, but good, taste will bring me back time and time again. It's my favorite lubricant out of the several bottles I own.

Satin Natural Moisturizer, designed primarily for use to remedy vaginal dryness, also makes a terrific lube for use with toys or a partner. It has a consistency that matches a woman's natural lubrication, contains no problematic ingredients and comes in the most elegant bottle of any lube I've seen. I have nothing negative to say about this product at all.

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