Satin natural moisturizer - female intimate lotion by Sliquid, LLC - review by Tuesday

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Marvelous dual use lube

Satin Natural Moisturizer, designed primarily for use to remedy vaginal dryness, also makes a terrific lube for use with toys or a partner. It has a consistency that matches a woman's natural lubrication, contains no problematic ingredients and comes in the most elegant bottle of any lube I've seen. I have nothing negative to say about this product at all.
Organic, all natural, vegan, dual use, elegant bottle
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This all natural lube was designed not just for use as a lube, but also for use as a personal lubricant to ease the discomfort of a too-dry vagina. Those who are suffering from vaginal dryness can use this every day as an vegan, organic, natural alternative to chemical-laden products that are typically used for this.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Satin is designed to mimic the viscosity of a woman's natural lubrication. This it does well. It is a bit thinner than most lubricants.

When rubbed into skin on a hand, it feels slippery for several minutes. As soon as it is completely rubbed in, the skin will feel slightly tacky. Seconds later it feels like normal, moisturized skin with no residual stickiness.

It does take a bit of effort sometimes to pour it out. The bottle is plastic, but not easily squeezable. There have been times when I felt it required more effort than it should have to squeeze out the desired amount.

Taste / Aroma

Satin has almost no scent. What scent it has is pleasant, but difficult to describe. I don't believe anyone who notices its aroma will be bothered by it. You will only notice it when your nose is very close to an area where it was applied.

Its taste is also minimal. What taste there is quite subtle and shouldn't bother anyone. I believe its the aloe vera component that gives it what little flavor it has.


Satin works excellently. It lasts as long as other lubes with problematic ingredients. I see no reason to use a lube that doesn't have the safest, natural, organic ingredients when a lube like Satin is available.

This lubricant was designed to be used every day by women who suffer from vaginal dryness, a condition that can result from menopause, medication, stress or a variety of other factors. The amount of Aloe Vera was increased and the ratios of other ingredients were adjusted to result in a lube with a consistency and function close to that of a woman's natural lubrication.

To use as a personal daily lubricant, the label suggests to put a small amount on your finger and apply internally. I tried this and that technique worked well. Before I read these instructions, I tried putting about a half a teaspoon on a regular spoon and using the spoon to apply the lube internally while lying down. That worked better than I expected. The majority of the lube ended up inside me and not on the spoon.

I did suffer from dryness for awhile after my surgically induced menopause began and before I started taking Estrogen. I can tell you that it feels uncomfortable to be too dry vaginally. It feels like you're itchy and a bit irritated there at all times. Others I know who suffer from this now tell me that it almost hurts to move once you reach a certain level of dryness.

Products like Replens can help, but they contain parabens and glycerin. It surprises me that glycerin is one of Replens' ingredients since vaginal dryness predisposes a woman to yeast infections. Glycerin would only make that worse. Products like Replens are designed to coat and stick to vaginal walls. The women I know who use it report having strange discharge. That does not happen with Satin. You may need to apply it more often, but you will not experience unpleasant side effects.

I plan to order a bottle of Satin for a friend of mine who suffers from this. I'll report back about what she has to say. She will definitely appreciate it's natural, organic ingredient list.

Plus, in addition to its use as a daily lubricant, it can be used like any other lubricant for sex or with toys. It works well in that capacity too. A double win.


Satin is packaged in a dark blue plastic bottle with a dark, navy blue label with gold text. It looks much darker in real life than it does in the picture on this site which must have been taken with strong lights on it and perhaps behind it.

If you saw this bottle in someone's bathroom, you wouldn't immediately think it were a lube unless you were familiar with this product. It looks so elegant and the words on the bottle don't stand out enough that you can read them at a glance. I would have assumed it were a hand moisturizer or facial cleanser.

It will come with a plastic bag tied around it, in keeping with the natural, environmentally friendly principles you would expect from a natural, organic, vegan product.
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