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Slim smooth delight reviews

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44 reviews

I was not to thrilled with this toy so much that I forgot that I even owned it. I had got it free with a purchase and decided to give it a try even with all the negative reviews. The shape of it is so odd and just did not do anything for me at all.

When I first saw this I was hesitant to buy it, and upon receiving it I hated it. After a few months of not using any toys or having sex, I found I was tighter and it was actually tolerable. I still would not recommend it to anyone who is spending money on it, but for a free toy it was worth what I paid.

This vibrator is pretty boring. It has no texture or any designs. It does have decent vibrations. Not something for a more advanced user, but could be a good starter vibrator.

This toy has nothing to complain about, but nothing to rave about. As a freebie, it's a fine addition to your toy box. If you are thinking about buying this toy, you could spend your money better elsewhere.

This simple, sleek, white traditional vibrator is a great beginner toy. I still consider myself a beginner, since I am trying to find exactly what I like, so this was a good tester toy. But after using a stronger toy before trying this one, I found it was a little too weak for me. I think it is fun for teasing, but too weak for anything else.

I'm not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this vibe is insane! And not in a good way! It sounds like a chainsaw cutting through glass! While strong, the Slim Smooth Delight is anything but Delightful. Add that to the finicky battery cage, and I'm done. Because it was free and strong, it'll get 2 out of 5 stars.

Sometimes an inexpensive vibe can be just what you're looking for. I was surprised to find that the Slim Smooth Delight was delightful when used externally. Its buzzy vibrations consistently do the trick for me. It's certainly not my favorite toy, but it is fun just the same.

This was free, and so we tried it. I would not recommend any one go out and purchase this. If it comes up as a free item, go for it. But the quality is not there.

I don't know why, but every time I think of the Slim smooth delight, I hear gangsta rap music in my head. He's like Eminem, not exactly intimidating to look at when placed in a line-up of others in his field, yet somehow he still holds his own. As a matter of fact, I'm going to name the Slim delight Marshall. So, if you aren't opposed to sleeping with someone named Marshall, go ahead and add this to your cart.

If you're looking for a beginners toy that is basic but enough power to "gett'er done" then this would be a nice vibe to have. If you're more advanced, you may be interested in trying something else with a little more variety or texture.

This toy does nothing but frustrate me. It is small, which in itself is not a bad thing, but when in combination with the lack of texture or curves, it provides almost no stimulation. Save your money.

Smooth delight is a traditional vibrator which I think works best for beginners. It was offered as a free gift on EdenFantasy but for it's actual price there are better toys. The shape is awkward and the girth is not satisfactory. It can be paired with other toys.

This toy is great for beginners. It has 7 different functions and the shape might help some people to get to their g-spot. It is affordable and great to add to your collection.

The Smooth Slim Delight is a traditional vibrator that can be used internally or externally. Although it offers different patterns, it may not appeal to those who already know what they like or who don't want something so basic. Overall this toy didn't really do it for me.

For the price, this is a excellent toy for someone wanting to test drive a vibrator, but for an advanced user, or someone looking for something more interesting, I would skip it.

While it's far from perfect, the Slim Smooth Delight does what it was meant to do more than adequately. With a rather quirky shape and a surprisingly strong buzz, the Delight is a fun, cheap vibe with a lot of possibilities.

Nice little vibe that really does the job. Big enough to be used alone, but small enough to be functional when used with another toy. I'm impressed with the power and functions this vibe has.

Internally it does not do much because it is a very small and slim toy, but externally vibrations on the clit feel simply unbelievable!

I was very disappointed with this item. It was painful to use, but for a free gift it's worth the try.

Overall, this toy is worth the money if you want something for foreplay or are very sensitive to vibrations, but may not be for everyone, as the vibrations are not very powerful. It does have some nice features, and a very unique shape!

Overall, this was a nice free gift from EF. Not the most powerful, but still able to bring someone to orgasm (a weak one). I prefer to keep it as a teaser and an anal toy because of it's design and power. It's great for those two things which is why I'm not going to throw this one out in spite of it's mediocre power.

Might be a good starter vibe but if your looking for something to rock your world and fill you up this is not the vibe for you.

The Slim Smooth Delight has a wonderful shape for insertion, but the plastic is just so flimsy that I would worry that it would break on me even though the vibrations where really weak.

Overall, I would recommend the Slim Smooth Delight to everybody. It is a great toy and has a lot of good qualities about it. This has become one of my favorite toys and even if my husband is not home, I can still get pleasure by myself. It is an exciting and wonderful product to add to your collection of sex toys!

With its simple design and amazingly strong vibrations, the Slim Smooth Delight is quickly becoming one of my favorite toys!

If you love powerful vibrations, this toy might be for you if you aren't looking for a toy to insert. The small size makes it unarousing internally, but the seven choices for vibration settings can provide pleasure externally. It is best for teasing and for clitoral play, but not much else. The motor is loud and sluggish which can be annoying at time, but it was decent for a free toy. I love it's classic and sleek look.

This toy arrived in very little packaging; i washed it multiple times. I was hoping it was worth the effort I put into it, what a disappointment. This toy is by no means a delight.

This toy is definitely very slim and smooth. However, a delight it is not. Though it may work for those who are very sensitive and prefer very slim vibrators, I think the vibrations are far too weak for just about any beginner, let alone a more experienced user. You may want to get this toy to experience its multiple speeds and functions, though they definitely do not make up for all that this toy lacks. I would not recommend this toy even as the choice for your free gift.

This item, overall, is worth it because it is a great price, has a structure that is very sleek and comfortable, and is compact so you can bring it on the go!

The Slim Smooth Delight is good for light teasing, partner play, or can be given as a gag gift. It’s funny shape, loud noise, and weak vibrations make this a terrible product.

In a nut shell, this vibrator is more confusing than the traditional. It's not impressive whatsoever. I am disappointed in the way it was shipped to me, and also the lack of directions on controls. This is a great toy for a first time vibrator user.

The Slim is a dun teaser toy... and that's pretty much it. He's not too strong, but he does come with a lot fun power modes; he can pulsate, surge or he can be a regular vibe. He's not my favorite in the toy box, but I'm glad I'll have him when I want something on the weaker side.

For a fun and simple toy, the Slim Smooth Delight might just become your new "old reliable." It has fun little dances and tricks, and it goes under water. Don't forget it's also kind of shaped like a chess piece, which is almost a little nerdy when you get down and think about it.

Not surround sound, but definitely Surround Vibrations for the clitoris! The little notch adds a bit of fun for clitoral targeting and the smooth rigid texture makes this a perfect beginner vibrator. The multi-vibrating Slim Delight will delight you in a few different areas and is a great starter vibrator.

This free gift turned out to be a surprise winner in my book! From push-button controls to nice strong vibrations, the Slim Smooth Delight... is quite a delight.

If you're a beginner looking for a toy with lighter vibrations, this one may just be the one for you. It has some interesting functions, a low level of noise, and is easy to figure out. However, pros may be put off by the lack of power and awkward shape of this one. I didn't find that it did very much for me even though it looked promising.

The Slim Smooth Delight, is anything but a delight. The multiple settings and shape prove interesting, but fall so short; it carries a lot of disappointment.

I think the Slim smooth delight is worth giving it a try, but not worth paying the price. The only thing disappointing was that it is short and not to thick.

This toy may be good for a beginner who doesn't mind VERY loud vibrations! It's tapered tip made it difficult to hit the right places, but it's a very unintimidating toy. It has 7 settings, 4 of which are constant vibrations, but is not waterproof despite it being advertised as so! The toy is not worth the loudness it produces, personally!

Wanting something simple and easy to use, that still sends you into the throws of pleasure? Then the Slim Smooth Delight might just be what the doctor ordered. While I did not find this toy the best for insertion, it made my nipples and clit shiver all over with delight!

This is a great warm up vibrator for most users or a great way to start for beginners. It offers a multitude of variety in the settings insuring that you can find one that you like.

The delight is far from a delight. It is a wonderful beginner toy. Not for someone who require girth, or stronger vibrations. The delight has seven different vibration setting and glows in the dark. Used on its own the delight is a flop!

This toy is fabulous. It has different speeds and vibrations. My partner and I love to use this toy. This toy was amazing to try.

Sadly, overall the Slim smooth delight wasn't all that "delightful" for me. Although it does have strong vibrations, I just didn't find anything very impressive about it. Internally it did nothing for me, but the top/head was effective for clit stimulation.

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