Slim smooth delight - traditional vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by ToyGurl

Slim... Smooth... Not AMAZING... But a delight.

Overall, this was a nice free gift from EF. Not the most powerful, but still able to bring someone to orgasm (a weak one). I prefer to keep it as a teaser and an anal toy because of it's design and power. It's great for those two things which is why I'm not going to throw this one out in spite of it's mediocre power.
Discreet design, Doesn't eat batteries, Good for anal play, Great for beginners
Can bruise cervix if you are not careful, Only a 3 vroom toy
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The Slim Smooth Delight is meant to be used both internally and externally for... pretty much anything you want to use it for. If you like it as a clit vibe, it's a clit vibe. If you like the way it feels in your bum, it's an anal vibrator. Leave the vibrations off and use it as a dildo, or turn them on and excite your senses. It's all up to you how you use this one.

This is a great toy for beginners to vibration and/or texture. Since there are two bulbs (small, not huge) and the vibrations only reach 3 vrooms, this is a friendly toy to someone who has never used a vibrator or texture before. Nonetheless, a person with experience could also enjoy this toy but probably wouldn't enjoy it to the extent of having an orgasm.
    • Beginners
    • Couples
    • Everyone

Material / Texture

This toy is made of a hard, smooth, slippery plastic. This material stays the same throughout the whole toy. This plastic is food-grade, hypo-allergenic, latex free and phthalates free - so it is very safe to use compared to other plastic toys.

There is little texture to this toy. None as far as the material, but as far as the shape you have two subtle bulges. Nothing extreme, but in my opinion the top bulge is very thin and you could very well bruise your cervix if you thrust this toy too hard. So take it slow, learn your limits, and don't cross them! I suppose this thinner tip is there either for clitoral stimulation or to be used anally. I'm not totally sure but I'm betting on my second guess.
    • No odor
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is... well... odd. The tip has me constantly wondering what the hell Doc Johnson has in mind when they design their toys sometimes. I mentioned above that I personally feel the tip is too thin for internal vaginal thrusting. I know from experience that one can easily bruise the cervix with toys like this. So if you are beginner (which I think this toy is still great for) start off slow when thrusting, learn your limits, and don't thrust too hard. Let your body tell you when you've gone as hard as you can go.

I suppose that the tip was designed for some anal play, or clitoral stimulated. It is bulged, giving it great texture for both options. The vibrations originate in the tip, so I'm leaning more toward thinking that this toy is more for those who want to try a slim anal toy. Of course, you cannot insert this thing in all the way, but up to the second bulge it feels great anally.

For clitoral use, the tip is best "dragged" up and down across the clit. This is something a beginner would have to practice, but it felt great when I did it. I simply ran the tip across my clit so that each bulge hit it, and I did this repeatedly, faster and faster until I came to an orgasm. I didn't expect this toy to be capable of doing such, but Doc Johnson wins again!

The design is pretty discreet. This is one of those toys that someone would have to stare at for hours to figure out what it was (unless they had one themselves). You can't even compare it to a penis, and to think that it's a vibrator is almost out of the question due to its shape.

Color: White
Length: 6 1/2"
Insertable length: 5 1/2"
Circumference: 3 1/2"
Diameter: 1 1/8"
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Futuristic

Functions / Performance / Controls

You'll be glad to know that this toy is both multi-speed AND multi-function. To turn on your toy there is a VERY, almost annoyingly small button at the base of the vibe. It is so small, in fact, that you feel like pressing it would make it fall inside of the base. Thankfully, this didn't happen and nothing broke. The button actually glows in the dark, but only the button itself.

There are three vibration settings of low, medium, and high. Your multi-function settings follow them, and they are:

1. An up and down vibration (uuuuuuuUUUUPPPPPPP DDDOOwwwwnnnnnnnnn)

2. A high, fast pulsing. Like someone tapping hard against your clit.

3. One very long pulse followed by (I think) 3 or 4 very quick pulses.

Unfortunately you have to cycle through all the speeds and functions to turn off the toy. This can be an issue for campus living, or living at home with your parents. I live with my husband so I don't really care, but for those of you who still have mom walking in the room at night, this toy isn't for you.

The fact that I am able to cycle through the settings, for me, is a plus. I love toys that let you cycle - especially when you don't really know what you like yet.

As far as the power goes, this toy isn't my favorite. The highest setting sits at 3 vrooms and although it brought me to orgasm, the orgasm was a weaker one. This will probably work a lot better for a beginner.

This vibe is a little loud. About a 2 as far as bees go. You can't hear it past the door but you can hear it through the blankets. Not a problem for me, but may be a problem for those on campus, at home with mom and dad, etc.
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

Antibacterial toy cleansing wipes are the best way to clean this toy. Using water could potentially cause some leakage into the battery compartment, which then would break the vibe altogether. You can use hot water and antibacterial soap, but you'll want to take care and hold the vibe so that no water touches the base.

Storing this toy is simple. Take the batteries out (of course), and put it wherever you damn well please. Leaving the toy out exposed to light will help the button glow at night, so you may want to keep it exposed for a while if you are blind as a bat like myself.

Plastic is compatible with oil, silicone, and water-based lubricants. Choose whichever works best for you.

The Doc Johnson Slim Smooth Delight is powered by 2 AAA batteries, so be sure to keep those in stock. This is not a battery guzzler, and you'll get about two hours of use out of this thing, but you still want to keep some batteries handy as the vibrations start to get low.


This toy came packaged in nothing but bubble wrap with a sticker that said "Made in Japan". There were no instructions, no batteries included, no anything. At least the packaging was minimal, recyclable, and could potentially be reused as storage.
    • Minimal

Personal comments

My husband and I prefer our Doc Johnson Slim Smooth Delights as anal toys. We don't go too far past the second bulge but we love the way it feels inside. We both prefer use with a partner because that just makes using this one easier for us.


This toy is a lot of fun for foreplay, anal play, and fun for a clit tease. As I mentioned, the orgasms I got from this one were weak and nothing to rave about. So I will definitely keep this solely an anal toy or a teaser. That way I can bring out the big guns for my big finish.
Follow-up commentary
This toy totally died out and just stopped working. I don't really care about it enough to get it replaced, and it was somewhat of a joy to have around, but it's not like I miss it a whole lot. It was fun while it lasted but I'm not running to get it back.
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  • Ryuson
    Thanks for the great review! I'm glad that you found a use for this toy; I haven't touched it since I had to review it!
  • TheSexista
    I love the design, it looks really sleek. Sorry it did not work well for you but I can see it being a great anal toy.
  • frisky069
    I was thinking about getting this as a free gift, either this or the shirt! i still haven't decided yet! It does seem like a nice toy though! great review!
  • sweet seduction
    Thanks for the review!
  • Sunshineamine
    Thanks for the review. I keep choosing something else as a gift and not this, I don't think I will either. I never thought of it as an anal toy though. hmmm...
  • ToyGurl
    Thanks for the comments and votes I'm glad the review could be helpful!
  • Miss Anonymous
    I have one of these. I personally really didn't like it lol I'm suprised and gald that you liked it even in the least bit lol hahahah

    Otherwise, awesome review... Like always
  • ToyGurl
    Thank you I'm surprised I liked it too. For an inner vaginal vibe it wasn't all that amazing, as I mentioned. But for an anal toy it was fun because of the tip. Not something I would recommend to the world but it was nice and it was FREE
  • sweet seduction
    Thanks for the review
  • oldhippy
    I got one free but haven't played with it much yet. Thanks for the ideas.
  • ToyGurl
    No problem. If you have any questions let me know. I would limit your play with it since mine burned out.
  • Zinzai
  • Mistress Jezebel
    Great review Thanks!!
  • Missmarc
    Great review, thank you!
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