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30 reviews

With unbelievable texture and suction, you can’t go wrong with the Flight. This toy is great to use solo, but if your partner joins in, it only gets better. While the company should consider re-designing the slanted cap, I would still recommend this toy to all my friends.

Using the Flight has been a great experience for us both. My partner tells me he has to TRY not to use the Flight when he's alone so that he can still savor the joys of manual masturbation. Not only does he love the Flight, but I have a lot of fun using it on him, too. The slanted end cap issue makes the toy difficult to stand up on its own, but otherwise, this toy is a complete win for us. Like my partner exclaimed during our first use of the Flight, "FIVE STARS!"

Altogether I could not be happier with the Flight. I have used it many times now both solo and with a partner and have had positive experiences every time. As stated above, my only "con" is the required cleaning after use, but this is really true for any male masurbator of the kind. I can not recommend this product enough to any guy that is looking for something to introduce into their sex life.

If you're a man on the go or a lonely Joe, this product is perfect for you! It is an economical and simple option.

The Flight feels like a smart and sophisticated advancement in the realm of Fleshlights. It is much more compact and sleek than any other Fleshlight, without skimping out on the quality of texture. Instead, this is one of the most intense and pleasurable Fleshlights available.

Without question, the Flight is one of my all-time best purchases on Eden. The sleeve's textures feel wonderful, the case is comfortable to hold, and clean up is a breeze. My one real qualm about the Flight is the angled bottom cap, which makes it more difficult to stand the toy upright. Overall though, the many pros more than make up for that one con. Whether you're new to the world of masturbators or a seasoned sex toy pro, the Flight is undoubtedly one of the best toys on the market.

This was the best use of my EF points I have ever made! My fiance was so happy about this gift, and I know it'll be sure to please anyone who gives it a try!

This Fleshlight, as compared to others, is highly advantageous in it's smaller design, which makes it tighter and the textures more reachable by average length individuals. It's also very low cost, compared to other Fleshlights. Highly recommended!

Overall, I am satisfied with the product. I couldn't ask for, and at a great price. This toy works wonders and shows what adult products bring to the table. This shows perfection in male toys. This is a must-buy product!

This toy is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone looks for a male masturbator. It feels great, is well built and is easy to clean. It is a perfect size for travel or just for a lighter, easier toy.

For significantly less money than most other Fleshlights, the Flight offers Fleshlight's most enjoyable texture in their most discreet design. It does require a bit more care than other masturbators - but not THAT much more. In my opinion, it's well worth the effort.

While the size is far superior to the normal sized Fleshlight, except for someone with a massive penis, the overall quality is severely lacking. Granted it’s better than most small sleeves, but it’s not worth $50.00 a maven or super head honcho gets more enjoyment per dollar. For those who want a Fleshlight, pay the extr $20.00 or so and buy a full sized Fleshlight.

If you're looking for a toy that closely mimics the feel of penetrative intercourse, keep looking. If you're looking for a toy that offers a departure from the norm, a wide variety of sensations, intense stimulation, and a ton of fun, you've come to the right place!

The Fleshlight Flight's much more manageable size is better suited for the average male than most of the original Fleshlights. With it's texture-intense feel that Fleshlight is known for, the Fleshlight Flight is very pleasurable to use. I question their case design and their choice to use a stickier material, but overall, it still stands as a pleasurable and enjoyable Fleshlight to use.

A great product that comes in at a relatively low price and discreet case. The textured sleeve is extremely pleasurable, and the product is fairly easy to clean, though it developed a sticky coating after use.

It's about time you treated yourself...you work too hard and don't get enough sex. Spend a little money and time on pleasing you.

I love to stroke my flight! It's nice and smooth and easy to hold, until my orgasm rocks my body that is. It is a great size and cheaper than the others, but just as nice. I will continue to fly my flight for a long long time, but it won't totally replace my Fleshlight STU.

Overall, I'd recommend this toy to anyone; but especially those who are looking for their first masturbator experience. It's a great standard for solo or couple play. Be sure to use plenty of water-based lubricant.

Being a first purchase of a product of this type, I would have to say that it completely exceeded my expectations. The design and quality of the Flight blew me away. The material and inner texture provide a close to life-like experience that would be hard to beat. With easy cleaning and maintenance I believe this product will last a long time.

If you are looking for a good quality masturbator, you can't beat the price for this one. The toys is very well made and provides different internal textures for stimulation. This model is shorter and lighter than the typical Fleshlight, which I find to be a good thing. If you're looking for some intense textures, check the Flight out.

If you're a fairly average guy, I highly recommend this product. It beats any of the sex-in-a-can lines and is much smaller than a regular fleshlight. It's sleek and feels like Fleshlight 2.0. I think this is the only fleshlight that can rival the sleek and discreet look of the tenga flip hole products.

The Fleshlight Flight is a great toy to be used by both beginners and advanced users alike. The suction is controlled by the end cap.

I think this product is a great addition to the series with its new design and clear sleeve. It's probably one of the most discrete looking Fleshlight products to date, and the texture is intense as well. It's not tight, so I suggest going for something else if you want a tight sleeve.

The Flight is a smaller, sleeker, redesigned version of the famous Fleshlight making it easier to maneuver and grip, as well as tighter (without being too tight). It has a nice varied internal texture and the best suction performance of any Fleshlight I’ve tried. It can have no suction, just right suction or so tight it become more of a tug job. The biggest con is the clear internal sleeve is tackier than the colored ones and there is no clear case option you so can’t take full advantage of it.

I felt like I was missing a truly travel size fleshlight from my collection so I got the Flight. For the most part I think I'll stick to keeping it as a travel companion. It doesn't meet up to par as some of the more expensive models in the fleshlight line.

The new Flight is one hell of a great addition to the Fleshlight line. The smaller case is more comfortable in hand which makes it easier for my wife to use on me. Plus this also means a tighter feel, when you add the wonderful texture this quickly became my favorite Fleshlight. Book your Flight now, this is sure to be a fast moving Flight.

This is hands down the best masturbation sleeve I have ever tried and it is perfect for opportunities when the Mrs. is not available for sex. It, however, is no match for the real thing.

The Flight is a perhaps one of the best toys Fleshlight has come out with to date. The Flight offers one of the best experiences of any hand held stroker style device. The sensations are wonderful and intense, due to the complex nature of the texture. Adding the smaller price tag, you get a truly magical experience.

The Flight is a wonderful addition to the Fleshlight range, with its mind-blowing internal texture and sleek outer case. It's definitely my favourite Fleshlight to date.

This one could very well become one of my favorite FleshLights. It was pretty stimulating and as long as I don't get pissed about trying to line up the cap to close it to the point I throw it across the room and smash it on the wall, then I'm sure it will provide a lot of pleasure to me.

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