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Fly me to outer space

I love to stroke my flight! It's nice and smooth and easy to hold, until my orgasm rocks my body that is. It is a great size and cheaper than the others, but just as nice. I will continue to fly my flight for a long long time, but it won't totally replace my Fleshlight STU.
Smaller than normal, clear material, great texture
Fleshlight mount difficult to use, extra sticky material
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Why or why didn't I have one of these back in college? This would have been so much better than my hand. And it would have been better than the normal Fleshlight, since this is so much smaller, and it doesn't even say Fleshlight on the container. Quite discreet and easy to hide, especially when you have limited dorm room space.

This is my 3rd Fleshlight, and probably my favorite so far. I have liked each one so far, but they just keep getting better and better. The beauty of a Fleshlight is that they come in their own storage container, are a little more discreet than just a floppy "vagina" sitting around, and are easy to hold and clean. Their super secret Superskin is also great for maintaining temperatures, and simulating your favorite orifice. And they offer multiple orifices and colors and even your choice of model. Do you want Stoya's pussy? You can have it! Do you want Jenna Haze's ass? You can take it! Or do you want Jenna's mouth instead? You can shove it in and shut her up! Or do you want a blue alien to take your penis? Do what? It is still an option.

Material / Texture

The Flight is made out of Superskin, a soft, semi-realistic feeling material that is great for a masturbator. They won't share what it is made out of, but they will tell you that it is not silicone, it is non-allergenic, and it is latex and phthalate free. They recommend against using soap on the material, and recommend only using water based lubes. Compared to Jenna Haze Forbidden and the STU, this material feels about the same, and instead of being pink, it is a clear white material. It is nice to look at, but doesn't feel any different on the outside, at least initially. The second time I used this, when I pulled it out, it was strangely sticky. Once I put lube on, I was able to insert without being grabbed, but when I touched non-lubed parts, it grabbed my skin. For some reason, this clear material appears to need to be corn starched after cleaning it to keep it nice and soft.

On the inside though, it is a totally different texture. First off, most of the other Fleshlights have a somewhat closed opening which you must "open" with your cock, whereas the flight sits slightly open on its own. Looking at the opening surrounding, it is a frosty finish which is not see through. But the rest if you remove the sleeve is clear. The opening is small and features some small balls, before opening to a small ball sized chamber, with pointed nubs aimed at the penis. Then another constriction, before opening to the last bit of texture. This is all a straight tube at this point, with first more nubs pointed at the penis, then rings to finish the texture.

    • Flexible
    • Somewhat porous
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Flight is designed to be smaller that a standard Fleshlight, and when out of the box, it definitely is. I was a little surprised by it once I had it in my hands. Instead of a flat bottom to allow it to stand upright, or be on a nice display with others, the bottom is cut at an angle, and the only way to stand it up is on the lips end. The case is also smaller, measuring only 8 inches tall instead of 9.5 inches, but is still long enough for the average penis at 6 inches of insertable pussy. Because it is smaller, it will be easier to conceal, but will still draw attention to itself if it is let out in the open.

From left to right, the Flight, the STU Vagina, Jenna Haze Forbidden, and a 3D Tenga.

Also for those without a Fleshlight wondering about its size, here is a photo of the Flight next to a Vixskin Johnny.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls for the Flight are the exact same as the other Fleshlights. It comes in a total of 4 pieces; the bottom cap, the top cap, the hard case, and the sleeve. The bottom cap adjusts just as easy to change suction, but the top cap is slightly more difficult to get on and off for some reason. To adjust suction, you rotate the bottom cap. When fully closed, the suction is the strongest, and when you loosen it, the suction also decreases. As you change the suction, the amount on noise because of air escaping the bottom also changes.
    • Easy to use
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

Because of the delicate nature of the Superskin material, Fleshlight recommends against using soap to clean this, except if you use their own special soap. They recommend that you just rinse it out with warm water, then pat dry or let the sleeve air dry. I have been doing this method of cleaning for a year and a half, and it has been working just fine. If your sleeve becomes sticky, you can rub some cornstarch on it to soften it to your touch.

Typically after I am done, I try to keep the sleeve level as I walk into the bathroom to prevent the cum from going to the bottom. Then after I remove my penis from the Fleshlight, I remove the sleeve, and take it to the bathtub and rinse out the sleeve. I then (if I remember to grab one) use a paper towel to dry off the outer part of the sleeve, and place it back inside the case almost all of the way with the caps off to air dry it for about 24 hours. I will usually place the larger cap under the sleeve to catch any dripping water.

Usually holding it level prevents the cum from shooting all the way through the sleeve, but the first time using this, even though I was laying down on my back when I orgasmed, it didn't matter. It could have been that I hadn't orgasmed in a week, but most likely it was because of how much shorter the Flight is, but all of my cum was pooled in the bottom cap.

And as I said earlier, it was extremely sticky after the first cleaning when I pulled it out to use it again, and none of my other Fleshlights have done this. I will try the cornstarch to see if it decreases the stickiness, and report back in my follow-up review.
    • Easy to clean


The packaging was very different from the other two Fleshlights that I have received. The other ones came in a graphic large tin, with the Fleshlight case inside, and a protective tube inside of the sleeve for shipping. This came in a blue box, with a window in the front to view the case. It was secured shut by 3 pieces of tape, but this was easy to get through. Inside was the Flight along with a small book of information. The Flight's top was secured shut to the case with two pieces of round tape, which I didn't see until they ripped when attempting to open it. This left an annoying bit of stickiness on the case, but nothing too horrible. I'm sure some soap and water to the case only would get this off. The small book featured a large photo of the Fleshlight girls who have their private parts modeled, other Fleshlights available, and cleaning and care instructions.

Personal comments

I used my Fleshlight mount today, and it was semi-successful. While it fit in the mount and was held decent enough, after I was done and went to pull out the Flight I had some difficulties. My thrusting had pushed it in just far enough where I couldn't really get a hold of the black case. I was able to eventually work it out without having to cut anything apart, but I don't know if I will try it again.


The first time I used this was with my wife. Since she was on her period, she wouldn't let me near her, but luckily she was willing to satisfy me with the new Flight. The smaller size made it very easy for her to hold, and it was just the right amount of pressure where I was able to orgasm about when I wanted it. Not in 20 seconds after starting, nor after 20 minutes. When I did orgasm, the pressure was also perfect where she was able to continue stroking it, while it maintained that perfect feeling. This is my 3rd Fleshlight, and each one I have enjoyed more than the last.

I also used my Fleshlight mount once, and it was semi-successful. While it fit in the mount and was held decent enough, after I was done and went to pull out the Flight I had some difficulties. My thrusting had pushed it in just far enough where I couldn't really get a hold of the black case, and this was also more difficult because the case is smoother than the others. I was able to eventually work it out without having to cut anything apart, but I don't know if I will try it again.
Follow-up commentary
When I first wrote this review, I really thought that I loved the Flight, and it was going to be my new favorite. But as I continued to use it, I found small problems with it compared to just a regular Fleshlight. The fact that it has a slanted bottom means I have to store it on its top which is opposite of what I do normally. The extra sticky material is not a big deal, but it is an annoyance during cleaning and use. The top cap is more difficult to get on and off as well, and the Flight doesn't work in the Fleshlight mounts, because it easily gets pushed too far in. Add all of these small annoyances up, and I would drop off another star from my rating. I currently have 4 different Fleshlights, and the one I enjoy most is the plain old no frills Fleshlight STU.
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