Flight - sex toy by Fleshlight - review by T&A1987

Mini Flight, Mini Thrills.

While the size is far superior to the normal sized Fleshlight, except for someone with a massive penis, the overall quality is severely lacking. Granted it’s better than most small sleeves, but it’s not worth $50.00 a maven or super head honcho gets more enjoyment per dollar. For those who want a Fleshlight, pay the extr $20.00 or so and buy a full sized Fleshlight.
Good sensation
Difficult to clean
Not as enjoyable as other Sleeves
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The Fleshlight Flight is for anyone who would like a Fleshlight, but think it’s just too unwieldy or expensive. Check out the design section to get a better idea of what that means, but basically this a more compact Fleshlight. It can be better transported, hidden, held, stored and positioned by all types of users, but primarily masturbating men.

The one type of user this isn’t for is people who enjoy freestanding toys. The Flight simply wasn’t built for freestanding, it’s curved at the bottom which makes standing up difficult and the shell is too fragile to sustain continued penetration. Freestanding enthusiasts should spend the extra twenty and buy a regularly
sized Fleshlight.

Also, spoiler alert, the Fleshlight is for a penis.
    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only

Material / Texture

After using a lot of sleeves, the attributes of different patterns shapes and sizes of nubbles have started to become apparent. For example, spirals are more intense, but also more abrasive and powerful, nubbles are softer and wider openings are less pleasurable. Modules and lines, while rare, are wonderful, if accentuated with nubbles, which is common with Fleshlights. The interior texture can actually explain a lot about how a sleeve will feel, without ever needing to try it.

This is a regular Fleshlight.

Notice the small sized nubbles, the thin lines and the light modules (it’s a little hard to see because they’re so faint). Smaller nubbles means the feelings will be less intense, but less painful. More nubbles are able to encompass more of the penis and having them closer together means the greatest amount of penis surface area will be stimulated. The thin lines also encompass most of the penis, providing ample sensation.

This is an Ultimate Jerkoff Sleeve, with numerous large nubbles.

The longer length of the nubbles means it’s more intense, but also the strokes and climaxes are more painful. These are good for occasional use, but become more painful over time.

Spirals (of which I don’t have a picture available) are like large nubbles on steroids. Powerful, but painful.

Now here’s the Fleshlight Flight’s interior.

Try to imagine how it feels and I’ll explain it at the last section of the review.

It’s also worth noting that the material is a mixture of plastic and Superskin a custom material designed by Fleshlight to be realistic. Only water soluble lube is usable with Superskin and lube is necessary, otherwise it’s coarse, difficult to penetrate and painful. Neither material has a smell, a taste or any other problems to it.

There is a litany of cleaning issues involved with Superskin, but that will be discussed in the care and maintenance section.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The design, aside from the lack of hands free use, is superior to that of a normal sized Fleshlight. The plastic case is designed to fit the natural curvature of the hand, making stroking with it in the case much easier than the normal sized Fleshlight. To get an idea why, take a quick comparison.

The regularly sized Fleshlight is about 10 inches long and three inches wide at its peak, making it quite the monster to try to use to stroke with one hand. In comparison, the Flight is 8 inches long and 2 wide, it doesn’t seem like much, but as demonstrated, those changes makes a tremendous difference.

Of course, with all Fleshlights, the sensation of the sleeve is far superior outside the case, than inside. When removed, the sleeve of a normal sized Fleshlight works far worse than the Flight. Whereas the Flight perfectly fits all but the longest penises, a normal sized one flops over the side, spilling out lube and semen.

The only complaints are that when removed from the sleeve, it’s easy for lube to leak from the sleeve onto the hand during use and this is exacerbated by the large hole in the back of the sleeve. This makes stroking slippery and thus more difficult, not to mention the mess it makes around the area of masturbation. Still, these are minor problems so it doesn’t detract much from the overall quality of the product.

The Flight is more discrete than a normal Fleshlight; it actually looks like a flashlight. However, that still doesn’t make it discrete or easy to transport, just more so than a normal sized one. The Fleshlight insignia is still on the lid, just more difficult to notice and it’s not as clearly a sex toy, but if someone opens it, the jig is clearly up.

A few quick notes. To begin, this is clearly not a realistic sleeve, the opening isn't even designed to look like an orifice, it's just a place to stick a penis, so anyone who enjoys realistic toys should look elsewhere. Further, compared to smaller sleeves, it's a heck of a lot sturdier and far less likely to break, tear or rip, but for $20-30 more than the average sleeve, it should be sturdier.
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Tight fitting

Functions / Performance / Controls

If traveling or just storing, keep it in another bag or container if concerned about privacy.

In regards to shower/tub use.
1. Water based lube.
2. Washes off in shower.
3. Open ended, so even worse for showers or baths because lube seeps out or water in.
4. This is basically the same for ALL sleeves.
    • Easy to use
    • Feels realistic

Care and Maintenance

Ah yes, care and maintenance, where fun goes to die. This section turns Fleshlights, one of the most wonderful sex toys there is, into a grueling chore. First, the Fleshlight is made of Superskin, as mentioned, and requires a laundry list of cleaning rules.

Once it’s been used, wash immediately, by turning it insideout and running it under a faucet of hot water. While it can be swished around in a pool of water, soap CANNOT be used, otherwise it will deteriorate the quality of the sleeve. Further, avoid boiling use a little isopropyl alcohol if it really needs a deep cleaning.

After cleaning comes the fun part, covering it in a fine powder of corn starch and then shake it to remove the excess powder. Baby and talcum powder may be carcinogenic although the data is still inconclusive, so it should be avoided either way. Oh, and the fun part was a lie, it’s tedious, annoying and gets powder everywhere, but must be done or the sleeve becomes sticky.


The packaging is superior to normal sized Fleshlights. Instead of a gigantic tin, there’s just a small little box to hold the plastic case. While it does have the Fleshlight insignia, it’s not as prominent, in fact the “Flight” is much more prominent than the Fleshlight. The sides however are quite revealing, so hide it just the same if privacy is desired.

    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

Throughout this review it probably seems like this toy is an improvement over the original Fleshlight. More compact, easier to use, not as noticeably a sex toy, doesn’t flop over, all improvements over the full sized Fleshlight. Yet it pales in comparison and not because of its lack of freestanding capabilities.

It just doesn’t feel as good. The sensation, while soft and comfortable isn’t as strong or encompassing as a normal Fleshlight because the nubbles are too large, scarce and far apart. The climaxes meanwhile are equally lackluster, without any of the strength or duration of those from a normal sized Fleshlight. Also I’m not sure what these

large nubbles in the middle are, but they don’t add much and the sleeve would have felt much better with just a small packet of tiny nubbles. The Flight just doesn't take off compared to the regular Fleshlights or even smaller sleeves.
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