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33 reviews

Whilst the plot is silly and truly laughable Girl's Talk is a fun and entertaining porn flick. High production standards and well performing actors make it a film most hetero people should enjoy watching be it alone or as a couple.

If you like straight, vanilla porn then you will love this. The production quality is high and the actors are really into it. If you are like me and standard porno fare just doesn't really do it for you, this probably isn't your cup of tea.

Girl Talk is just okay. It has some funny moments, but the sex just isn't all that great. I appreciate the choking and spanking at some points, but the rest of it is forgettable.

All in all, I wouldn't miss it if I hadn't seen it. Sure, the story is pretty humorous and cute, and the cast is good, with good chemistry, but, even if you had an all-star cast with the best chemistry in the world, but boring sex, it makes it dull.

It's time for Kayden's girls night in, and she's throwing her male roomie out of the house for it. He and his friend are planning to dress up so they can learn what kinds of secrets the girls talk about. They both learn a lot more than they expected.

This is a pretty typical porn title, with a light plot and restrained (yet hot!) sex scenes. It's great for those who like a bit of plot and plain vanilla M/F sex.

Girl Talk is a playful movie that manages to integrate a silly plot with some good quality, couples-friendly porn. The sex was more aggressive and more vocal than most mainstream porn movies, but we found it to be very stimulating and entertaining.

Girl Talk is a fairly humorous full length feature where two guys dress up as women to infiltrate a girls’ night party. The sex is standard, although the chemistry between couples is quite good. Good for couples who enjoy a plot and some comedy along with hardcore action.

Girl Talk is a cute and funny porn that doesn't skimp on the hot and sexy scenes. From the opening blow job all the way to the last scene, you'll find plenty of hot sex.

Since when did Girl Talk become miscellaneous girl/guy couples having sex? Where were the cute pyjamas and pillow fights? I was definitely hoping for something I didn't get with the DVD. I am a fan of Digital Playground but there wasn't anything compelling for me here.

Girl Talk by Digital Playground is an amusing, playful movie that is satisfying and at the same time kind of sweet. The sex is all very vanilla and stock porn movie sex but the actors seem to have great chemistry.

This adult film just didn't do anything for me. It annoyed me scene after scene until I really was just annoyed that I had to watch it at all. It has basic scenes that are repeated exactly time and time again just with different actors.

This one is for all those lovers of sex and humor rolled into one. It does tend to have the vanilla sex scenes but I didn't find this one disappointed me as much as past ones have. The girls are slim and attractive while the guys are more on the average side – which doesn't bother me too much. My filthy eyes were focused on what's further south and none of the guys failed me there!

All in all, not one of my favorites. I thought the plot was scattered and unbelievable, even for a porn. Get this is you want something light and funny, and if you don't really care for porn with plot. The sex scenes were decently hot, but I have to say I would probably only watch it again for the first scene, the rest I could take them or leave them.

Digital Playground failed to hit the mark with this one. It wasn't funny or playful as the trailer led me to believe.

Girl Talk is a porno ripe with fantasy. Both men and women will have a chance to see some common fantasies played out in this sexy and comedic portrayal of what could happen when two guys sneak into an organized all girls day. Unfortunately, contrary to what you might be thinking given the title, you won't find any girl on girl action in this film... well not really.

This movie was a comedic story about a man who is in love with his roommate. Though she has no clue until the end, the chemistry between them all was amazing. Though you had scenes that were long and drawn out, you also had great scenes and chemistry between the actors. Overall the cast was a good choice for this DVD.

The plot is fun and hilarious. The setting looks mostly elegant and classy and the acting is incredible for a porno. The sex scenes are hot, but a tad repetitive. Every scene goes from oral to vaginal penetration and back to oral between position changes and ends with a facial. I got bored and by the time it got to Kayden and Mick’s scene, I had lost interest. In some parts of the movie the background noises were loud and distracting. Overall, it was enjoyable, and I'm likely to watch it again.

My ending point for this movie would have to be, if you like the run of the mill vanilla sex then you would love this movie. I usually tend to go more towards the fantasy love scenes. I do recommend watching this movie, it will give you something to think about.

The scenes are long enough that I actually lose interest. However, despite the cons, I think this DVD is well worth it and I enjoyed it more than I have others. So I recommend it based on the plot, the elegance, and the comedic aspect.

Girl, you are a man wearing a dress. Intrigued yet? Even outside of this film's attractive actors, beautiful sets, and fun variety in their sex there is some humor thrown in to tickle your funny bone and absolutely hilarious quotes to remember long after your horniness subsides! I have to say this porn really impressed me and was almost perfect.

Girl Talk is a silly adult movie. There are lots of good scenes, and it can satisfy even those with a taste for more hardcore smut. Plus, you get a Blue Ray along with your traditional DVD

If you a looking for a whimsical slightly silly film that happens to have sex scenes in it, Girl Talk is a great choice especially for couples. My partner and I were amused but not aroused all that much by this. It was still worth watching though.

I found this DVD bland and predictable, but if you are just looking for some straight-up, lots-of-sex movies, then you might enjoy this one. Kayden Kross is beautiful and honestly seems to enjoy sex, but she can't overcome the scene that goes on forever and the irritating moaning another female star does.

In my opinion, every Digital Playground movie is worth watching. If you want some hot sex and men in dresses, then you have picked the right movie. Girl Talk offers several couples getting it on, not just one girl fucking everyone. AND there's men in dresses, need I say more?

If you love porn which makes you laugh then Girl Talk is for you. Dive into the world of the unknown as two brave men dress as women and find out what really happens on those girls nights. Sex with pizza delivery men, escorts, and of course your friends who just happen to be men posing as women. Brilliant.

It is the night for the girls to hang out. The guys have a plan to infiltrate it. They will dress as girls and play it off to try and get the inside scoop on these girls and their private night.

Girl Talk is a high quality production featuring an outrageous storyline of two guys dressing in drag to crash "girls night." The actors all deliver over the top performances that successfully add to the comedic nature of the plot. The sex is good but features just oral and PIV, so don't expect to find any kink here.

Girl Talk has an unbelievable but quite entertaining story line. The pretense of men masquerading as women to find out more about the lead female adds comical elements, but most of this movie is sex. The sex is good and offers a bit more variety than the vanilla sex you often see in porn, but just a bit more.

This movie was funny, in Bosom Buddies fashion! This must be what boys think girls do when we have sleepovers! Cute movie, but needs more kink to turn me on.

This movie makes you want to get together with your friends and have a “girls only day”. Girl Talk has a nice combination of control/force, and submission to make for a great sex scene; without it being classified as a BDSM type of film. The sex seems real and not forced, which is good, and also everyone seems to have a great time as well. (No Spoilers Included :))

For a mainstream porn, "Girl Talk" does a great job. The scenes (aside from the first one) are perfect in length, the acting is believable, and the picture quality is great. The mixture between plot and sex scenes is great too.

This film features not only some of the hottest talent in the industry but also some of the funniest comedic moments in Adult film. While this there is no indication on the front or back cover that this is a comedy, it surly provides a lot of laughs. Girl's Talk certainly does not disappoint.

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