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A touch of plot, a lot of action

Girl Talk has an unbelievable but quite entertaining story line. The pretense of men masquerading as women to find out more about the lead female adds comical elements, but most of this movie is sex. The sex is good and offers a bit more variety than the vanilla sex you often see in porn, but just a bit more.
Quality sets and camera work, amusing story line.
Continuous moaning of the women during sex scenes
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There is far more plot in Girl Talk than is usually found in porn movies, but still the vast majority of the movie is the sex scenes.

This movie differs from other porn movies in that there is a bit more variety in the body types of the women. They don't all have breast implants. One is thicker than the others. One has small breasts.

The star, Kayden, appeared to be super sweet all the time. Its possible that that's the way she is in real life, but it struck me as somewhat fake.

The quality of the sets and camera work was excellent. Only in the scene with Sara and Charles did I sometimes think that the camera's focus was not what I wanted. The house where the entire movie takes place is spacious and quite luxurious. No condoms were used in this movie.

The movie was enjoyable to watch. I just wish that one time I could watch a sex scene with the volume on - that the women wouldn't vocalize constantly and annoyingly throughout their scenes. Alas, that wish is not to be in Girl Talk.


The movie begins with the star, Kayden Kross, giving Tony Ribas, a blow job. They then progress through a variety of sexual positions and activities. During this we see brief glimpses of her roommate, Mick Blue, in another room. Mick hears their interaction and is bothered by the sounds. The first 17 minutes of the movie is their sex scene.

Over breakfast Kayden relays to Mick that the man she was just with is just another "test drive" and that she's still looking for Mr Right, someone who understands her.

Mick’s friend Scott Nails joins Mick at the table. Mick confesses that the he wants a relationship with Kayden but doesn’t know how to make that happen.

Kayden then enters and announces that its the second Saturday, a 'girl talk' day and therefore they must leave. Mick and Scott plan to infiltrate the gathering to gain the information they need for Mick to start a relationship with Kayden. Mick tells Kayden that his sister and a friend will be in town and proposes that they go to the girl's day event.

They arrive in ridiculous and comical costumes that don't disguise their gender at all, complete with 5 o’clock shadows, but the women appear to be completely fooled. Even Scott’s distinctive sleeve tattoo and the fact that in every other sentence they lapse back into their male voices don’t give them away. Its not believable but highly entertaining. They look incredibly hot in these costumes, but I'm a sucker for men in women's clothing.

Once the women are all gathered, one, Lily LaBeau, takes a teddy out of a gift bag to show the other women and quickly strips to put it on and model it for them. I'm thrilled to report she has visible labia that extend beyond her labia majora. I consider it a triumph for women everywhere with voluptuous labia that this was shown in a porn movie.

Scott asks if the teddy is for someone special and Lily reveals that its for the pizza delivery boy, Manuel Ferrara. Manuel is hilariously unobservant about her outfit and misses all of her sexy hints that she wants him, even when she pulls her top down. She has to tell him directly before he understands. He talks to her during their session, but we can't hear what he says once the pizza boxes are down. She moans annoyingly throughout their session.

Next a male stripper, Charles Dara, enters. Kayden relays to the new 'girls' that the 'girl talk' days are far from all girl. They just tell their boyfriends that they are. Charles tries to start with the 'new ladies' but is pulled away by one of the regulars, Sara Stone, who takes him into another room for sex. She has beautiful big natural breasts that she doesn't often restrain from movement. Their scene was fun to watch except for her constant yelling out. Charles slaps her bottom, pulls her hair and chokes her. I was glad to see a slight variation from straight vanilla sex in their scene. At one point when he pulls out of her, we see that her vagina gapes open, which I found surprising. Their scene ends with him spurting very thick white ejaculate onto her face.
Next Kayden walks in on Scott and one of the girls, Loni Evans, where she learns that both new 'girls' are men. Scott takes Loni on a bathroom counter. Her head is propped up against the mirror in a position that can't be comfortable, but you wouldn't know that from the sounds you hear from her. Even when its all over Loni continues to moan.

Finally Mick has a chance to talk to Kayden alone. She is impressed that he wants so badly to know all he can about her. The inevitable happens. The expressions on his face as she blows him and while he's in her are priceless. There is just a bit of pretend choking, otherwise their scene is vanilla sex. One brief moment where he's giving her oral while he jacks off is quite hot. The movie ends at the conclusion of their scene.

Behind the Scenes (11 minutes): Behind the Scenes shows the actors giving blow jobs and having sex for fun, plus lots of talking and joking around and a few brief interviews. The camera person interviewing Lily, who sits commando in a short skirt with her legs apart, mentions that her pussy is 'meaty.' This seems to please her. She asks "Is that good?" The cameraman responds "Yes" but what else can he say? Still, I'm thrilled that a woman with more than the usually tiny porn star labia is in this film.

Gallery - a series of posed photos of the actors separately and while having sex.

Slide Show - the same photos as in the Gallery, but here, they auto-advance.

Trailers - Trailers for six other digital playground movies: Pirates, Island Fever 4, Nurses, Body Heat, Cheater, Family Matters, Fly Girls and Pirates, Stagnetti's Revenge.

The CD only lists the names of the female actors, as though the men aren't important.
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  • Jobthingy
    LOL! I could not look away at Mick's expressions with Kayden. I am glad I am not the only one that noticed them
  • namelesschaos
    Good review. The poor disguise sound hilarious.
  • Waterfall
    Thanks for the review
  • Kayla
    This was a pretty cute movie. I actually kinda liked it. Good review.
  • Redboxbaby
    Great review.
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the review. It sounds like it would be fun to watch.
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