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Girl Talk-I Used to LOVE that Game!

If you a looking for a whimsical slightly silly film that happens to have sex scenes in it, Girl Talk is a great choice especially for couples. My partner and I were amused but not aroused all that much by this. It was still worth watching though.
Funny story line, pretty good cast
Vocals from some women, camera angles, same boring endings every damn time!
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Content / Genre / Audience

I could not help but think of the young teen, girl's game of Girl Talk when I saw the title of this film! Girl Talk was so much fun to play and so I had high expectations for this!

Girl Talk is a comedic porn/erotic film directed and produced by Robby D. and presented by Digital Playground. I would say this film is aimed at heterosexual couples with open minds and a good sense of silly humor. There is a lot or oral and male-female sex. If you don't like oral cum shots...especially on the face, you will likely hate this. My partner and I enjoyed some sexual parts of this more than others, but we did find it humorous and had a good laugh.


Girl Talk has a very unrealistic, but fun storyline. Basically two house mates live together. The guy has a large crush on his female housemate but doesn't have the courage to tell her. Him and his buddy come up with a plan to figure out how to land the girl and get her to notice the guy. They decide to get inside info by dressing up as girls, pretending to be the guy's sister and her friend, and attending the girl housemates girl night. Hilarity ensues as they dress up as women and attend "Girl Talk".
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    • Hetero
    • Mild
    • Oral


*Scores are based on their sexual performance + appearance (out of 5)*


1. Kayden Kross: ***
Scenes: #1, 5
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2. Lily LaBeau: **
Scenes: #2
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3. Loni Evans ***
Scenes: #4
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4. Sara Stone **
Scenes: #3
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1. Manuel Ferrara *
Scenes: #2
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2. Mick Blue ***
Scenes: #5
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3. Toni Ribas **
Scenes: #1
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4. Scott Nails *****
Scenes: #4
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5. Charles Dera ****
Scenes: #3
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    • Decent acting/chemistry
    • Female/male cast
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

This product has a neat feature. It comes with both the DVD disc and the Blue-Ray disc in the same Blu-Ray case! It is great for those lovely plasma wide-screens because it is shot in wide-screen (16:9). While some sex scenes felt too long, the overall length of the film for a good: 1 hour 48 minutes.

- Behind the Scenes
- Chapter Selections
- Photo Gallery/slide show
- Other porn trailers

The packaging is great. It comes in a Blue-Ray case. There is a lovely matte sleeve that goes over this as well, but it can be thrown away. The front is much more discreet than many porns, but will likely still draw attention since there are plenty of boobs. The back has lot of little graphically nude thumbs. The side is totally safe to have amongst other DVDs. There is no graphic nudity.
    • Attractive design
    • Scene selection
    • Special features / bonus included


*His/Hers scores are from my boyfriend and my points of view (out of 5)*

Sex scenes:

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#1: The first scene open up quite abruptly with some very sensual head. I can;t stand Kayden Kross's auditory skills and neither can my partner, but she remains semi quiet when she has something in her mouth. They do 69, but you can't see anything! Her hair is blocking the shot and the angles are horrible. The female is also way too vocal in a bad way. The cuts were weird too. All of a sudden it cuts to sex with more weird angles. The female also does a lot of strange whispering. We assumed she told the guy to choke her, in which he does. This ruined the lovely sensuality of the scene for us. I did enjoy that there is a lot of female oral and the guy seemed very willing to please the woman just as much. This is rare in porn.

The scene felt entirely too long. BUT, I am taking a guess here, that the director perhaps was going for a more "natural" sex scene instead of a gonzo type scene. If this is true, he did a very good job because it felt like we were spying on a couple. It didn't turn us on much though. We wanted to skip to the end because it was too long. He finishes on his stomach as she gives him oral.

Him: **
Pros: female is attractive
Cons: too long, boring, annoying sounds, undesirable genital appearance (looked in pain)

Her: **
Pro: sensual oral
Cons: angles and shots horrible, too long, boring

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#2: This scene was also very random. One of the girls at the part tries to get out of paying for their pizza by offering her body for $22.50. This also has horrible camera angles and close up of things we don't want to see. There also is no background music, so you even hear things you don't want to hear! There is a bit of anal rimming in this scene which is unique from the first. They exchange oral, but the genitals on both parties are less than appealing to us. Plus the gagging in the oral and the sex that sometimes looks painful, this scene was FAIL for us. It ends with him cumming on her face. How original. NOT! By boyfriend has now decided that he will never spend money on a porn if he knows the guys are uncut.

His: *
Pros: not anything to mention, funny situation though
Cons: male genital apperance

Hers: *
Pros: anal rimming
Cons: disgusting gagging and everything else, male genitals

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#3: Charles, who apparently a male prostitute shows up at the party. He goes to have sex with one of the girls. this scene has weird cuts and shots too. This girl had very large boobs with was nice to see for a change, but overall we were not attracted to her. She was really wet which turned us on though. There is a lot of oral (and gagging). This scene has something new-titty fucking! The middle of this scene was much better and I was able to finish from it, but my boyfriend wasn't even aroused. Again, he cums on her face. The scene was too long and it even had a pretty hilarious zoom in.

His: **
Pros: none to mention
Cons: cast not arousing

Hers: ***
Pros: titty fucking, she is really wet, spanking
Cons: tan lines, annoying noises

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#4: One of the "guys" is getting hit on by a girl. The female housemate finds her female friend fucking this guy in a backroom. He gives the girl oral but his head is blocking the action. We again, were frustrated by the camera work. And were again, turned off by the pussy looking red as if it was already round six or something. The girl was distracting because of her hyena like sounds. This is another one that we found to be much better muted. Her oral skills were good though and the sex was decent. BUT AGAIN, the scene ends with him cumming on her face.

His: ***
Pro: different looking girl, tats
Con: chest hair, annoying noises

Her: ***
Pro: oral skills, nice vagina
Con: camera angles, same boring ending, girl sometimes looked bored herself

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#5: This scene involves the two house mates. They start to makeout on the couch, which is very loud! It is very sensual which was quite enjoyable, but eventually needed muting because of the female vocalization. They have some great chemistry and awesome positions. The camera work is much better on this scene. While neither of us finished during this, we were still aroused. The predictable cum on the face ending was disappointing though.

His: ***
Pro: attractive girl, good positions
Con: vocals, couch

Her: ***
Pro: chemistry
Con: same boring ending

So overall, we agreed on this film and gave it three stars overall. It was funny, original for a story, but unoriginal in the sex scenes. Some were more win than others, but we were never blown away.
Follow-up commentary
My partner and I enjoyed this for a one time view but had no desire to keep it in our growing collection. We passed it on to someone else.
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  • Redboxbaby
    I am so glad that I was not the only one whom felt the sex boring in this movie. I was really surprised, for both movies it is nearly identical, just different characters. I really have high hopes for a few of the other Digital Playground movies that I saw trailers for, but now I am getting worried they will be much the same.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Crap, I have to re-do the last picture. That is was two people KISSING!

    @Red. I totally agree. They were way too alike. I was dissapointed since the Pirates porn was awesome!
  • Redboxbaby
    My thoughts exactly. I loved Pirates!
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the review. I agree with you, it is going old seeing the same old cumshot on the end.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Indeed. Is there some rule in porn that states that 90% of all scenes in a film must end with a cum shot to the girl's face?
    Great review!
  • JE011
    Thanks for the review,
  • sbon
    Fantastic review
  • ~LaUr3n~
    UGH! I'm with ya selective!

    Thanks everyone!
  • Crystal1
    Great review! Love the his/hers opinions.
  • ~LaUr3n~
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