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Girls and bad drag only!

The scenes are long enough that I actually lose interest. However, despite the cons, I think this DVD is well worth it and I enjoyed it more than I have others. So I recommend it based on the plot, the elegance, and the comedic aspect.
Comedy, plot, elegant scenes.
Couch scene, girls screaming too loud, scenes are really long.
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Content / Genre / Audience

Girl talk is a comedy porn that has a plot to go with it. The idea behind this film was that the boys would infiltrate the girls' party to see what they talk about and to better get an understanding of Kayden, the star. Mick wants to date Kayden and show her he's the perfect man for her. The one main thing I'd like to throw out there that I found about this movie is the star Kayden Kross. She gives blowjobs as if she's trying to make love with her mouth. It's pretty epic. I've never seen a blowjob look that sensual. I feel that the sound quality might be TOO good if that makes sense, you can hear a ton of noise from whatever they have sex on throughout the movie. The worst one was the couch in the last scene. I was highly annoyed by the end of it. This film was enjoyable alone, and I think couples would like it too. It's not quite hardcore but will satisfy those with a slightly rougher taste than typical porn.

Scene 1: Kayden & Tony have a sex scene. It's pretty cut and dry, blowjob, 69, and vaginal sex. Tony ends with a stomach shot. This is a pretty sensual scene for the beginning of the movie. The room is elegant and the bed is a soft white, much of the room is white. The music playing is piano and fits the sensuality of the scene, it doesn't play the whole time though. The lighting is really good. I feel like DP does an amazing job on lighting. The sound quality is amazing too. A few complaints: the amount of closeups, the screaming Kayden does, and the length of the scene. It gets boring. Otherwise this is a nice scene. A little too sensual for my tastes, though. Towards the end, the roommate (Mick) is tossing and turning, trying to sleep, and is clearly annoyed at the loudness of the sex going on. Tony leaves the house quickly after finishing sex, and Mick and Kayden discuss that it was just sex, and she's looking for "the one."

Scene 2: Scott enters, and talks to Mick. Kayden tells them to leave because it will be a girls only day. The plot begins here - the boys decide to go in drag and pretend to be girls to get the scoop on them. Mick tells Kayden they're leaving, but his sister and her friend are coming into town, and asks if they can hang with her. Scott then shows up with their drag outfits and they get dressed.

The boys arrive shortly before the other girls arrive and they all sit down to talk for a few. One of the girls puts on a sexy outfit in front of everyone and is going to try to get her pizza in exchange for a fuck. She attempts to look sexy and pose before the pizza guy comes in. They have a scene together, in a front room on a table. The entire house is very elegant so the scenes themselves come off as elegant to me. This scene is a little rougher than the first one, which I liked more. Pizza guy gives her oral, and tries to get her outfit off but appears to be having trouble. The scene literally jumps to her naked. So obviously they had trouble getting the outfit off. This scene then becomes another cut/dry scene. Blowjob, vaginal sex. There're a lot of closeups again which irritates me. You can see the razor burn on the girl's pussy from shaving; maybe they shouldn't go THAT close up. This scene ends with facial shot.

Scene 3: The girls hire a male stripper, Charles. He hands out his card, and then wants to try with the boys first, one of the girls stands up and demands to be first, saving the boys from being caught. This time they start out with a lot of groping, which I find to be better in scenes. I like the foreplay. This scene has blowjobs, boob sex, and vaginal sex. They go through more of a variety in positions during sex in this scene, which I like. This scene isn't as elegant. For some reason, Mick's room isn't as nice as the rest of the house is. This is just a bedroom fuck scene to me. The lighting isn't as bright as it has been throughout the rest of the scenes but you can still see everything fine. The bed makes a ton of noise in this scene, and that's really annoying. They end with Charles finishing on her face.

Scene 4: One of the girls approaches Scott and says she's horny, it then pans to Mick and Kayden, talking about the "right guy."

Kayden comes back from talking to Mick to find everyone gone from the living room. She goes off to find them and walks in on Scott and the girl having sex, and realizes that Michelle is actually Mick. This scene stays with the couple though. Scott gives oral sex first, which is the first real oral scene the movie has. And he spits, which I'm not a fan of. I feel like they are starting to vary the scenes up by this point and it's less bland. This scene has oral, vaginal, and blowjobs. They are in a bathroom with light coming in from a window, so there's shadows in this scene. It ends with another facial shot (they need some more variety there...).

Scene 5: Kayden and Mick discuss him dressing up just to learn about her. They finally fall for each other and have sex. This is the main scene I have issues with. The leather couch is ridiculously loud and completely a nuisance. Anyway, there is oral, and vaginal sex in this scene. This scene is the final and if the leather couch wasn't involved, it would be my favorite. Mick finishes on Kayden's face.


Kayden Kross, Lily LaBeau, Loni Evans, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Robby D., Toni Ribas, Scott Nails, Sara Stone, and Charles Dera

I of course enjoyed the movie despite my complaints about some things. I did think the acting was believable, it's just that I'm not a fan of girls screaming their lungs out, that's a personal hang up. So the acting of everyone involved was great, and I am a huge fan of Kayden now.
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Good presentation

DVD Features

- Behind the Scenes
- Chapter Selections
- Interactive Menus
- Photo Gallery
- Slide Show
- Trailers
- Widescreen 16:9
- Free BlueRay disk

These are listed in the DVD information. They are pretty standard in all the porn DVDs I've seen, so it's nothing particularly special in my opinion. The packaging isn't discreet. The DVD is clearly a porno and all the pictures on it show that. You won't be able to disguise this one. However, I felt the case had a very pretty design to it and looked nice. It doesn't have that typical porno look to it that most do.
    • Attractive design
    • Not very discreet packaging
    • Scene selection

Personal comments

I'm giving this 4 stars, because despite the flaws I picked out of it, I really did enjoy it more than the other pornos I've watched. I'm typically very picky with my porn too.

My main complaints were the amount of closeups that just seemed excessive, the amount of screaming that the girls did, which I felt was a bit further fetched than other DVDs I've watched, and the sound quality in the last scene. The quality was so good you could hear EVERY noise the couch made. It was beyond ridiculous. It was annoying and just killed the mood for me.

I felt like they needed more variety in the ends of the sex scenes, pretty much all but one ended with facials.

I liked the comedic aspect of the movie and thought it was cool that they did film it to be like a movie. I always enjoy some plot in my porn and this one didn't fail there. So as I said, despite the complaints it gets 4 stars because DP is one of my favorite producers.


I noticed the guys don't give a lot of oral sex to the girls in this movie, it was just something I noted, since it seems a lot of porn does. I was also happy to observe that they don't constantly spit on each other in this movie. It does happen a couple times but it's not like, ridiculously constant. I think spitting on your partner is icky so it turns me off. I'm glad DP avoided that in Girl Talk. I think some of the angles could've been better. There was a few cowgirl position shots that actually just showed the back of the girls head/shoulders. I felt like there could have been a better angle for that position, but I tend to pick at my DVDs so that's why I point all this stuff out. That wasn't bad enough for me to consider it a complaint though.

I also observed a lot of asphyxiation play, or at least an attempt to mimic it. Several guys have their hands on the girls throat, and appear to be putting pressure on them. I'm neutral to this type of play, but it might be something you'd like to know if you're into or not into it. They don't make a huge deal of it however.
Follow-up commentary
I still cycle this one through the porn that I watch, and I enjoy it. I'm a big Kayden fan, so I can watch this one again and not be bored. I don't watch it like, 3 times a week or anything. But I can watch it once a month (I have an extensive collection, it takes that long for me to watch and cycle them all through for me to get back to this one) and still get aroused. Definitely a plus!
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